Choosing Paint Colors That Compliment Your Mountain Home

paint colors

For those folks who have completed building a mountain home in the NC mountain communities, you may still have one last fun and creative journey ahead of you–selecting the perfect exterior and interior color schemes. If you are feeling overwhelmed or indecisive, there are simple ways to ensure your house reflects the natural beauty surrounding you. So don’t despair as you sift through those color swatches! Just remember with a little expertise, your house will soon be perfectly completed both inside and out.

Choosing to live in the NC mountain communities has made this process so much easier.  Your home’s architectural style is enhanced by the gorgeous landscape of the Blue Ridge Mountains, so selecting a color palette that reflects nature, as well as your personal taste, is the way to go. 

For example, natural earth tones can harmonize with the majestic beauty of the region.   

Envision your new home in the four amazing seasons that we enjoy in the NC mountain communities, and this will help your idyllic color scheme to materialize.   Is your home surrounded by woods with hues of greens in spring and summer, and vibrant reds, oranges and yellows in the fall?  Maybe you’ve built your mountain home high atop a vast green pasture where your horses roam.

Let nature steer you. And keep in mind that the paint swatch can look different beneath the florescent bulbs of a store than it will in the bright sunlight of North Carolina.  To be sure before committing to your color scheme, bring home samples and try them out.   

For the exterior, be sure to choose two to three colors when you’re in the final phase of building a mountain home.  With a stone or brick house, you will only need two colors, but a home with wooden siding will mean three colors are in order—the main color for the siding, a complimentary color for all trim, and a color that pops a bit for accenting.  Shutters and doors are an ideal place for a splash of color to reflect your personality. Don’t forget to take note of your roof!  You will want your roofing colors to compliment your color scheme, whether it’s slate grey, or chestnut brown.    

Now what about bringing the scenic beauty that’s just outside your home inside?  After building a mountain home, it’s finally time to get down to those fun aesthetic touches, like your indoor color scheme.  What palettes work? Warm and natural tones can transform your house into a home whether you adore taupes, or deeper shades of grey. These natural colors will enhance but not compete with the outdoors. If you have a lot of windows with views that mesmerize, let the colors outside guide you.

Neutral colors in deep, warm tones can enhance your view without distracting—like chocolate browns or rich greys or greens. You can also pick a softer shade than your landscape to compliment without competing. Keep in mind, cooler and crisper colors will make spaces feel more vibrant. You can reserve the neutrals and warmer tones for bedrooms and studies to encourage downtime.

Don’t forget to take a stroll through the peaceful neighborhoods in The Coves and take notes or photos of the houses that appeal to you most—especially houses that may be of a same architectural style.  The homes in The Coves, whether a charming cottage, a handsome Craftsman, or a tiny house, are enhanced by their exterior painting.

Your neighbors, who have already settled into their cozy mountain homes at The Coves, may give you some inspiration.  Maybe you adore the warm sage that accents a front door, or a creamy taupe on someone’s shutters. You just may have a hard time deciding which color scheme you love most—the olive house with red brick accent and warm beige trim, or the deep khaki grey with natural wood and warm green accent.  Whether you go traditional or contemporary with your paint, your new home in The Coves will be a stunning addition to the neighborhood. 

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Heat Saving Design Ideas in Western North Carolina

North Carolina mountain homes

As the brilliant colors of fall light up the mountains and the clear crisp air settles in, it’s time to plan for our winter season in our North Carolina mountain homes.  Whether you’re new to the region, just now building a mountain home, or if you’re already settled into your dream house in one of the perfect gated communities near Asheville NC,  there are many effective ways to save as you heat your cozy place before a light blanket of snow falls outside your door.

Even though the snow may melt not long after it’s fallen, the winter season is still the time to ensure our North Carolina mountain homes are kept warm without unnecessary cost.  Here are some easy and effective ways to conserve energy and protect your savings if your home is already completed, or you’ve begun the amazing journey of building a mountain home:

  close shades and curtains at night but let the sunlight in during the day, especially the windows that get direct southern light

  purchase energy efficient window treatments

• tightly install plastic sheeting inside window frames

• program your thermostat comfortably low during the day, and at night turn it down 10 degrees to save at least 10% on your fuel bill.  Remember for every degree your thermostat is lowered, you will save a percent off your bill

  change air filters once a month to allow better flow and require less effort from the furnace for cleaner air and better efficiency– as well as protecting your furnace

• keep hot water heater set at 120 degrees

• seal the leaks in your home with caulk and weather stripping—around doors, unfinished spaces, windows, pipes, chimneys, wires and vents to save up to 20%

• add insulation from the ground floor up–to keep warm air in and cold air outside where it belongs

• make sure all heating ducts are properly sealed and insulated to save 10% on your heating bills

• choose LED holiday lights to illuminate your home in the gated communities near Asheville NC

  use space heaters in bedrooms after you’ve turned down the thermostat for just the right amount of warmth when you’re sleeping

• use humidifiers; the moisture in the air will retain the warmth and keep your skin from getting dry

• maintain or program a moderate setting on your heat pump

• install an air vent booster or fan for problematic rooms that run too hot or cold

• explore air sealing—both when building or in your existing home

• schedule yearly service of your heating system

• regularly clean wood and pellet burning heaters

• keep damper closed on fireplace when not in use; lower thermostat to 50-55 degrees when you light a fire, and consider glass doors and a system to circulate the hot air around the room

For those who live in gated communities near Asheville NC, or who are building a mountain home, these simple practices will help you save while being environmentally-minded.  Lucky folks in the process of building North Carolina mountain homes at The Coves have all the guidance and support they need to construct a house that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also cost efficient and helps them save on heating bills.  And that leaves plenty of cash for fun around The Coves–no matter the season! 

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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Fabulous Landscape Lighting and Outdoor Audio Systems

North Carolina mountain homes

Building a mountain home in one of the gated communities near Asheville NC affords you the opportunity to enhance both the structure and its surroundings with carefully chosen lighting features that blend with the scenic beauty.

The idea behind landscape lighting is to create a treat for the eyes. It’s smart to highlight your home and property in a way that presents an attractive and interesting picture to people driving by.

There’s a huge gap between what the average person tries to do and a well thought out, professional approach to lighting installed outdoors.  And it all boils down to a few simple principles.

Lets start with path lighting. That’s something we rarely do well.  The availability of inexpensive solar-powered lights prompts many people to illuminate the approaches to their front doors for the sake of additional safety and enhanced appearance.  Unfortunately, almost everyone installs more lights than are aesthetically pleasing and ends up replicating the look of an airport landing strip.

This is definitely a case in which “less is more”.  What you want to do – especially with our North Carolina mountain homes that are nestled in such interesting natural settings – is provide just enough artificial illumination to guide your eye.  Keep the lights relatively far apart, and even use different styles for variety.  Some can be right on the path, while others may simply cast light onto it.  Remember that there will be moonlight to help, as well.  Check occasionally for burned-out bulbs and new plant growth that may be in the way.  And consider that uplighting trees and downlighting your house may be sufficient to illuminate the walkway as well.  As a rule of thumb, don’t overdo the use of path lights.

Another concept you might want to embrace is “moonlighting”.  Install lights 30 or 40 feet high in the trees on your property.  That provides the dual benefits of keeping the fixtures hidden from view and augmenting the “woodsy” feel we want to maintain when building a mountain home.  And using a blue filter will intensify the green of the foliage.  Moonlighting eliminates the “on stage” effect of ground-level illumination and produces a much more intimate ambiance for you and your guests.

Hardscape features such as outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, hot tubs, walls, etc., are perfect for the application of LED tape, which is encased in silicone to prevent moisture intrusion.  It’s a subtle, indirect lighting product with uses that are limited only by your imagination. 

If you have a water feature on your land, take into account the entire view when deciding how to highlight it.  Keep in mind that water found in nature is never illuminated from within.  Here, soft downlighting is your best option.

Balance is paramount when you’re lighting the exterior of your home. Illuminating trees behind the house helps to avoid the “shoebox effect” you get by putting all of your efforts into the structure itself.  Uplighting trees and statuary can add depth and softness.  Here again, moderation and the overall look you want to create should guide your decisions.  And don’t forget that shadow can be as interesting as light.

Some of the gated communities near Asheville NC are blessed with year-round mild weather, and that means folks at places like The Coves can spend a lot of time outside.  And state-of-the-art technology allows us not only to take our music out of the house but to do so in a way that offers breathtaking, audiophile-level performance that can fill nearly any space. 

We’ve come a long way from the days of simply hanging up a few speakers.  North Carolina mountain homes can now have 10” and 12” below-ground subwoofers that, when coupled with an array of smaller satellite units, deliver a jaw-dropping, smooth blanket of sound directed exactly where you want it.

When looking at outdoor audio, take into account what kinds of music you enjoy.  Will you be playing it at near top volume, or is a background effect more your style?  You’ll want to get some professional advice before deciding what to install.

Your home at The Coves Mountain River Club will be a virtual palette for design ideas.  Like most of us, you may have developed mental lists of what you didn’t like about where you lived before and what you would do if you had the chance to start from scratch.  Here, your property’s beautiful features will spur your imagination.  You’ll see what others have done and start to think in terms of “what if”.

From creating your dream home to deciding how to spend today, tomorrow and the next day, life here in the foothills is rich with possibilities.

Just stop by The Coves Mountain River Club when you’re in the area and let us show you examples of fantastic outdoor light and designs.

Call 828.754.0700 to schedule a tour!

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Five Reasons to Live in a Private Mountain Community

Coves gated entrance

Have you seen beautiful pictures of a private mountain community – or maybe even visited one – and wondered if you’d be a good fit for the lifestyle it has to offer?

The gated communities near Asheville NC are full of residents who asked the themselves that very same question.  In many ways, moving here can be a change from what they were accustomed to. And it’s normal to take comfort in the familiar and be somewhat wary of jumping into anything so far outside of our comfort zones.

Merriam-Webster’s definition of “community” includes the words “the people with common interests living in a particular area”.  It’s important to remember that though the others buying mountain homes near Asheville come from different backgrounds and situations, their hopes, dreams and goals are much the same as yours.  And that is what creates the rich community environment those of us who live here cherish.

Here are some benefits to consider:

We love the wide range of events and activities available to us. It’s so easy to make friends when you’re pursuing a new interest or spending more time with a long-standing hobby.  Whether you’re ready to get out and explore your new surroundings, challenge yourself with more physical activities, enroll in continuing education, or dive into the local culture, you’ll have no shortage of neighbors who will want to share that experience.

A “private mountain community” provides the peace-of-mind that comes with secure gated access.  You can leave your doors unlocked when you’re not home.  But don’t confuse it with what you may see where you’re living now.  There’s nothing bland or sterile or “cookie cutter” about the gated communities near Asheville NC.  We settled here because we love the splendor of the Blue Ridge foothills, and everything we build or do is in harmony with this very special environment and does nothing to diminish its beauty.

The views are nothing short of breathtaking.  Once you leave the city, a vast new world appears – one of open spaces, star-filled skies, majestic mountains, brilliant foliage hues, and refreshingly clean air.  Mountain homes near Asheville are nestled in some of Nature’s most spectacular scenery.  And our year-round mild weather means you can spend a lot more time outside.

A commitment to architectural harmony, such as you’ll find at The Coves Mountain River Club, allows for individualized home designs while upholding important construction and land utilization standards that enhance the feeling of community and ensure the long-term value of your investment. 

You can rest assured that infrastructure maintenance is high on our list of priorities.  Streets and amenities are always kept in good condition, and nothing is allowed to fall into disrepair.  We understand that our residents expect and deserve not to have to concern themselves with this type of issue.  Just enjoy your exciting new life here, and leave the rest to us.

Of course, there are many other attractive aspects to living at The Coves Mountain River Club.  Our ideal location on the Johns River at Wilson Creek means you’ll have endless opportunities for fishing, boating and other water activities.  Miles of hiking and biking trails invite you to discover waterfalls, magnificent vistas and flowering plants that thrive at higher altitudes.  And you’ll find yourself drawn to the unique charm of the area’s small towns and historic legacy.

We’d love to show you more of what The Coves Mountain River Club has to offer.  When you’re in the area, come to see us in Lenoir and take a free tour.  Talk to our design team and see how easy it will be to make your retirement dreams come true.

Is mountain home living right for you?  The answer is “yes”.  We’re sure of it.

Call us now at 828.754.0700 to schedule a visit!

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New Cozy Mountain View Cottages in WNC

mountain view cottages 4

There’s a mantra in our culture that tells us “bigger is better” in terms of building a house.  We’ve all seen the garish “McMansions” that pop up in otherwise stylish neighborhoods, often serving primarily as oversize status symbols that offer little in the way of practicality.  But in recent years, there’s been a refreshing change in outlook that’s leading many to investigate a more sensible option.

From empty-nesters to first-time homeowners on a budget to buyers just wanting to downsize and simplify their lives, people are discovering the unique charm and benefits of cottages. 

There’s no denying their “curb appeal”. The small dimensions attract the eye, and they’re certainly photogenic.  But from an economic standpoint, less square footage also means they yield big savings in the costs of construction, utilities and furnishings. And, of course, a cottage is more manageable than a bigger home. The idea of having more time available for gardening and other pursuits is very attractive. It can be said that living in a smaller space in some ways makes your life larger.

For your cottage, you can utilize most of the same features and materials you would select for a standard structure. You don’t have to cut corners or make sacrifices in terms of creativity.  Exposed joists, high ceilings and porches and decks can make your living space feel larger.  Building a home in the mountains is always a fun experience. Unlike in an urban subdivision, you have the opportunity to let the lay of the land, the magnificent setting and your lot’s natural features lead you to the perfect design.

If you’re looking at smaller NC mountain homes, we invite you to visit The Coves Mountain River Club.  Perched on one of the highest ridges in the community, our River Club Cottages are available to the first twelve families that take advantage of the best views in the Coves.  You’ll have a range of square footage and floor plans to choose from. All of them include the master bedroom on the main floor, open living spaces and timeless finishes.

One of the best features of these mountain view cottages is that they’re just a short walk from our mountaintop lodge. Whether you want to enjoy a day at the pool, get in a quick workout in the fitness center or enjoy any of the scheduled activities, it’s all virtually at your back door.

Building a home in the mountains at The Coves includes a complimentary four-hour consultation for your interior selections.  Everything will be engineered to meet or exceed our strict North Carolina Building Code.  And, if you’re out of town, you can relax knowing that a construction supervisor will oversee every detail of the project. 

Your mountain cottage will include HardiePlank TM cementitious siding with ColorPlus Technology, Pella windows and doors that carry a limited lifetime warranty, an energy-efficient gas tankless water heater, a concrete driveway, and AT&T fiberoptic cable.  You’ll have a Carrier air-to-air heat pump system, which is ideal for our year-round mild weather.  The insulation package features R-13 or R-19 for exterior living space walls and R-38 blown-in for the attic space.  And you’ll have a wealth of décor options to reflect your personal style.

The NC mountain homes at the Coves Mountain River Club draw people from all over the country to surround themselves with the natural beauty of our Blue Ridge foothills. There’s so much to do here, with boundless outdoor adventures, intriguing local culture and special events that celebrate the area’s rich history.

Come take a look at the new mountain view cottages under construction.

Call 828.754.0700 now!

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Buffalo Mercantile Company – Circa 1897

Lenoir NC Restaurants

When you’re in the market for North Carolina mountain homes for sale, you need to explore the Blue Ridge Mountain region and discover first-hand how enchanting life can be.  There are a host of vibrant towns filled with caring communities to entice you to make the move you’ve long imagined become a reality.

For those who live in the gated communities near Asheville, The Buffalo Mercantile Company is surely on their list of local favorite restaurants.  And if your family has enjoyed life going back generations in this gorgeous region of North Carolina, then they are familiar with the rich history of this local treasure.

Lenoir NC restaurants are just one of the undeniable draws to living in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and this historic landmark is reflective of all that matters to those who decide to make Western North Carolina their permanent home—love of tradition, culture, community, fine food, and gatherings with those you care most about.

The Buffalo Mercantile Company has had its roots here since 1897 when it was opened to provide all the basic necessities to local folks.  In 1924 John C. Todd and his wife Pearl purchased the store and named it Todd’s Place, running it until the mid 1980s.  Their daughter took their place over, added a kitchen and dining area, and kept it open until she retired.

That’s when Tom Kassab, a frequent visitor to the gorgeous region for two decades, saw the store for sale, and made an offer.  He understood the importance of this old-time establishment to the gated communities near Asheville.

Tom decided to restore its original name, and to carry on the country store tradition while making the necessary improvements, ensuring The Buffalo Mercantile Company’s success alongside other fabulous Lenoir NC restaurants.

Now it’s the perfect blend of past and present.  There are hundreds of nostalgic products in the store to browse, and when you settle down with a cup of fresh coffee, Wi-Fi will fulfill your modern-day needs.

You and your friends can gather around the fire on the gorgeous stone patio, or stroll over the bridge that spans the creek.  Spend a little more time and take in some of the local entertainment–like legendary Doc Watson.  The  motto of The Buffalo Mercantile Company is “Join us, step back in time, it’s a destination worth the drive!”

When you’re traveling to the region to search for North Carolina mountain homes for sale, here are some of the menu’s savory highlights made from the finest and freshest ingredients:

  • assortment of starters to kick start your appetite
  • handmade pizza created with the finest and freshest ingredients; endless toppings anddeep dish too!   Your choice—red or white, thin or thick!
  • burgers—1/3 lb. ground steak
  • specialty subs
  • meatball or Italian sausage calzones
  • selections for “Little Buffalos”
  • hand-dipped ice cream

“The Buffalo Mercantile Company and Cafe offers General Store Merchandise, Coffee Shop, Candy Store, Ice Cream Parlor, Cafe with outdoor seating/entertaining along the rushing creek complete with large fire-pit. This Restaurant is Ranked #1 On TripAdvisor!”

Here’s where to find it and business hours:

Buffalo Mercantile Company

6353 Buffalo Cove Road

Lenoir NC

Hours—Closed Mondays

Open 11-8 Tuesday-Saturday


Call (828) 758-9879

Come visit our charming towns in Western North Carolina where you’ll find a welcoming haven for those of us who appreciate a relaxed pace within a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, artists, and professionals.

Lenoir NC restaurants are just one of the many perks of living in the region that add genuine southern hospitality and of course incredible culinary fare.

Why not make The Coves Mountain River Club your first destination when you are ready to select a home near the gated communities of Asheville NC?  Whether you build a new mountain home, choose a new home package, or find the ideal resale, The Coves will inspire you to embark on your idyllic next chapter.

What could be better than waking up by the Johns River surrounded a frame of majestic mountains?  The Coves has a number of stunning North Carolina mountain homes for sale within easy access to all the quaint and happening towns.  Take a life-changing journey and come visit us at The Coves.

Call us at 828.754.0700 to schedule a visit. 

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