The Coves Introduces New Mountain Cottages

mountain cottages

When you’re looking for NC mountain homes for sale, what could be better than a River Club Cottage with the highest views of The Coves’ idyllic landscape?  Three cottage models are available with four floor plans to accommodate your every new home desire and provide you with a range of square footage.  These plans have been created to maximize your mountain home’s space, with a master on the main floor, airy and open living spaces and finishes that will stand the test of time.

After you’ve searched out the perfect NC mountain homes for sale and selected the ideal lot for your River Club Cottage—you can choose from the Table Rock, Hawksbill or Wilson Creek plan.   Then it’s time to fine tune your interior design from the floors and countertops, to the cabinets and the colors you envision.  Your cottage will take a mere six months for completion…just enough time to wrap up any loose ends in your old home.

Table Rock Cottage is available in a variety of finishes, mountain accents and two split floor plans with 2,026 square feet–starting at $402,000:

Table Rock Cottage at a Glance:

  • Master suite with spacious private bath, walk-in closet and generous deck overlooking 100-mile mountain view
  • Second bedroom on first floor
  • Single-car garage
  • Large entry foyer
  • Bonus room
  • Laundry room with utility sink
  • Large living, dining and kitchen with walk-in pantry
  • Bedroom and office on second floor with shared bathroom
  • Third bath adjacent to great room and kitchen area
  • 2,026 square feet
  • Three bedrooms
  • Three baths
  • Stone-clad fireplace
  • Solid interior doors
  • Semi-seamless glass enclosed showers
  • Attractive ceramic tile
  • Large closets
  • Expansive windows
  • Wide hallways

Hawksbill Cottage is available in a variety of finishes, and mountain embellishments with plenty of elbow room–1,395 square feet, starting at $369,000:

Hawksbill Cottage at a Glance:

  • One level
  • Two bedrooms
  • Two baths
  • Nine-foot ceilings
  • Classic Mountain and Craftsman architecture
  • Spacious kitchen oversized California island with seating
  • Stone-clad fireplace
  • Solid interior doors
  • Semi-seamless glass enclosed showers
  • Attractive ceramic tile
  • Large closets
  • Expansive windows

Wilson Creek Cottage is available in a variety of finishes, and mountain accents with 2,346 square feet–starting at $439,000:

Wilson Creek Cottage at a Glance:

  • Three bedrooms
  • Three bathrooms
  • Large master suite with private bath on main level
  • Guest bedroom and bath adjacent to kitchen
  • Large living area on second level
  • Spacious guest bedroom and bath on second level
  • Stone-clad fireplace
  • Solid interior doors
  • Semi-seamless glass enclosed showers
  • Attractive ceramic tile
  • Large closets
  • Expansive windows

These three charming River Club Cottages can be found at The Coves, a rare community situated in Lenoir, a charming and welcoming town in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains.  The High Country is where folks can kick back and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds them.  There’s no end to the outdoor recreation that this gorgeous landscape provides—kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, skiing, trout fishing in Wilson Creek and the Johns River, or some off-road driving—a lotta something for everyone!

Visit The Coves and stop by to see these cozy cottages that are just a short stroll from the Pisgah Lodge where you can swim and work out while soaking in the picturesque vistas that surround you.  The Mountain Cottage Collection is one more reason to make The Coves your home.  Your search for NC mountain homes for sale will surely be satisfied by The Coves.

Call us at 828.754.0700 to tour our new mountain homes!

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Bathroom Tile Designs for Your Mountain Home

mountain bathrooms

Remember when choosing the tiles for your new or remodeled bathroom was pretty much a matter of functionality?  As long as they were water-resistant, durable and low maintenance, you just went with whatever color you liked.

Now, when you’re building a mountain home at The Coves Mountain River Club, you’re presented with so many tile options that it’s easy to imprint your own style aesthetic on a bathroom.  Design, shape and texture are just as important as color.  Manufacturers compete to create products that meet the needs of customers seeking to break away from the norm and find a look that’s uniquely theirs.

If you haven’t shopped for tile recently, you may not be aware of trends that are sweeping the market in 2019.

Intricate graphic patterns have quickly grown in popularity.  You see them mostly on encaustic ceramic tiles, but porcelain styles are now becoming available as well.  Whether you choose soft, subtle hues or bold, contrasting colors, you’ll be part of this year’s biggest trend.

Matte finish tiles will continue to hold their own against the more traditional glossy look and texture.  And both have their advantages. 

A matte finish projects an earthy, elegant image – soft and powerful but not overwhelming.  From a practical standpoint, matte tiles are less likely to reveal smudges and water marks and are easier to maintain.  Because they don’t reflect light, it’s important that your bathroom have sufficient natural and artificial illumination.

If you want a more dramatic, attention-grabbing look, glossy tiles are the better choice because of their highly polished appearance and feel.  Because they reflect so much light, they tend to make small bathrooms appear larger.  But remember that they need more maintenance.  And the fact that they can be a slip hazard makes their use more appropriate for walls or on floors that are low-traffic.

Building a mountain home, we tend to lean toward incorporating the subtle hues of nature rather than bright, dramatic colors.  This is in line with most contemporary thinking, where grey, cream and beige continue to dominate as preferred choices for tile.  That’s not to say that white is no longer in vogue.  In fact, it’s perfect for bathrooms that need a little more brightness.  Neutral colors can be layered in to bring the design together and create a calming, sanctuary effect.

At The Coves Mountain River Club, we’re seeing homeowners mixing and matching tile patterns or textures and even shapes in new and exciting ways.  The hexagon is coming back, in various sizes, colors and textures, mostly on shower floors.  Subway tiles are getting thicker and longer, with new pattern variations such as dome, beveled, arched, and sculptural.

You’ll find realistic porcelain wood-grained tiles that mimic oak, maple, and cherry, and they can be distressed, weathered, or whitewashed in appearance.  They can both provide stain and water resistance and enhance the organic feel of the bathroom space.

Marble has also come into fashion, with a huge variety of color and veining patterns to choose from.  It’s a high-end material that works especially well in bathrooms that feature the softer tones of neutral finishes.  And the classic look of marble is available in porcelain tiles that resemble the real thing in nearly every way.

Three-dimensional and textured field tiles add variation, depth of color and surface interest.  The effect can be either subtle or pronounced, depending upon how you want to use them.

You may be surprised to learn that the next big trend in bathroom tile may be metallic.  It’s shiny, reflective, edgy and dramatic.  Time will tell if its appeal is long-lasting.

Having so many options can be overwhelming.  Building a mountain home involves making a lot of small decisions as you create a living space that’s a perfect fit for your needs and desires.

Luckily, help is available. Our design professionals at The Coves Mountain River Club are experts at bringing dreams to life.

Stop by and talk with us today!

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Collecting Rainwater for Your Mountain Home

mountain cistern

Most of us tend to take potable water for granted. Getting it is just a matter of turning a faucet handle or buying bottles at the store.  So it’s easy to imagine that there’s no end to the supply. 

Over time, however, some have begun to wonder whether might be fooling ourselves. 

More and more, we hear about pollution, waste, extended droughts and the increased usage that comes with population growth and realize that someday we might need to seek alternatives.

Here in the Blue Ridge foothills, the solution’s been around for a very long time:  collecting rainwater.  And now, with more sophisticated methods available, it’s starting to regain popularity.

You may be thinking of a simple rain barrel, and that’s still part of the equation.  But so are complex and sophisticated irrigation systems. 

For a lot of good reasons, using rainwater to supplement or replace other sources is an idea whose time has come – again.  And harvesting features such as roof pitches, gutters and water tanks can be incorporated into the plan when you’re building a mountain home.

The quality is often superior to that of surface water.  There’s no system maintenance involved, other than regular cleaning and inspections.  And, of course, you save money.  Collecting rainwater reduces pollutant runoff and contamination.  In low-lying areas, it minimizes flooding in low lying areas and helps to control erosion and foundation damage.  Watering gardens and planters can be done freely without impacting the public water supply.

It’s important to be aware of certain important guidelines that make rainwater collection safe and viable, especially if human consumption will be involved.  One of the major advantages of building a mountain home at The Coves Mountain River Club is having the opportunity to consult with our design experts.  They have the knowledge and experience to incorporate the features you want, while being attentive to the unique setting and natural environment in which your unique house will be constructed.

A basic collection system can consist of a properly pitched roof that routes the water into storm pipes leading to a large underground cistern for storage and later use.  More sophisticated installations may also include filtration and UV treatment components.

Building a mountain home affords you the opportunity to have things your way.  Maybe you’ve spent much of your adult life in cookie-cutter structures built for the masses, where cost-cutting is the norm and neighborhoods look alike, for the most part.

At The Coves Mountain River Club, our job is to bring your dreams to life.  Write down all those ideas you’ve had for the house you’d build if you could.  Tell us what’s important to you – what kind of lifestyle you’ll have now that you’re finally free to choose. Whether it’s a full-size home, a cabin, a cottage or even a tiny house, we can make it work for you.

Settling into such spectacular surroundings, with all this beauty and splendor right at your doorstep, you can’t help but think more about how our choices can impact the world we live in.  The use of environmentally-friendly materials, minimal disturbance to the land we build on, conscientious care of common areas, and encouraging our residents to conserve water and other precious resources – these are some of the ways The Coves Mountain River Club has become such a popular choice for buyers who understand that nature is there to be enjoyed and not destroyed.

If you’re in the Lenoir area, please take the opportunity to come by and let us give you a tour.  We’ll show you how others like you have incorporated imaginative touches such as recycled timber, local stone, re-purposed antique pieces, rainwater collection systems and more as they worked with us to create their own unique dream homes.

Let us show you around. Call 828.754.0700 to schedule a tour!

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Farmhouse Decor for Cozy Mountain Living

farmhouse decor

Moving into gated communities near Asheville NC, like The Coves Mountain River Club, new homeowners find creative ways to blend distinctive elements of country life with their state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly designs and mountain construction.

It’s a way of reminding yourself that you’re not in the city anymore.  You’re living in surroundings rich with heritage – a place that moves at a different pace.  The rustic charm of a vintage farmhouse carries with it a certain warmth and soul.  Life in the country’s about the simpler things.  And when you tastefully mix the old and new, suddenly you have the best of both worlds.

Start with incorporating recycled materials like worn, reclaimed woods (especially from barns) and oil-rubbed metals as decorative touches, both inside and on the exterior.  Drive through one of the gated communities near Asheville NC and you’ll see countless examples of how creative use of such repurposed items can establish a look for a house that’s both unique and reflective of the owner’s personality.

When you see your mountain home as a blank canvas, and you’re looking for ways to develop your own farmhouse décor, you’ll find that there’s no shortage of items to choose from.  Much of the fun lies in finding them, and you’re right where you need to be to start looking.  Local flea markets and yard sales are a treasure trove of vintage wood-burning stoves, old lanterns and hammered metal sconces, mason jar lights, iron or wooden chandeliers, rustic wood pendants, old baskets and all sorts of copper and brass pieces bearing the patina of age.  You can find them online as well.  Carefully chosen, these disparate things will come together in a way that feels both nostalgic and familiar.

The modern farmhouse look works especially well in bathrooms.  You’ll see an abundance of brass, from cabinet pulls and faucets to lighting and furniture  to mirrors and wall sconces – especially with brushed or matte finishes.  The black metal panes of an industrial shower door can add definition and complement the softer colors and woods in the room.

Toss the old “rules” about lighting out the window.  In this setting, modern glass globes in a chandelier

work just fine in conjunction with the antique look of sconces.  Everything works together to form a cohesive image.

Perhaps nothing says “farmhouse bathroom” better than a freestanding tub.  Paint the feet black or a color of your choice to blend with the rest of your décor.  You can get a tub faucet, towel bars and rings and toilet paper holder in black matte finish that will contrast nicely with white walls.

Don’t be afraid to use different tile styles in your bathroom to define each space and add visual interest.  For example, subway tile on the shower wall, pebbled shower floor and wood-look tile throughout will make a striking statement.

Be sure to make use of open shelving wherever possible.  It makes the room seem larger, and it’s a great way to display your prettiest lotions, potions, towels and baskets.

Finally, consider covering your bathroom walls with shiplap.   It’s a wide wooden sheathing on which the edges of each board lap over adjacent boards to make a flush joint.  You can run it horizontally or vertically and create an aged look that’s long been popular in barns and historic homes.

These are just a few ideas to help get you started.  In the gated communities near Asheville NC, we like to go well beyond the stale home designs we left when we moved here.  For many of us, it’s the first time we’ve been able to build the house we really want.  The expert design team at The Coves Mountain River Club understands, and they’re ready to help bring your dreams to life.

Come by for a tour and see how others like you have made farmhouse décor work for them in new and exciting ways. 

Call 828.754.0700 to schedule a tour!

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New Mountain Homes With Touches of the Past

reclaimed building materials

Starting as a trend in certain parts of the country, the use of reclaimed and recycled materials in construction and remodeling of houses has now gone mainstream.  And nowhere has it been more popular than here in the foothills, where the unique and often rustic look of such salvaged items can so beautifully complement the natural ambience of our NC mountain real estate.

Just building a mountain home sets you apart from the crowd.  And freeing yourself from the rigid rules that control construction in metropolitan areas allows your imagination to come into play.  At The Coves Mountain River Club, our design team loves working with people to help bring their dreams to life.  Together, we can find innovative ways to blend traditional with modern to create a dramatic new look that’s uniquely and distinctively yours.  It’s a great way to add character to your NC mountain real estate and at the same time be more environmentally-friendly.

Wood has always been chosen for buildings and structures, furniture-making and other uses because of its density and strength.  In the past, it was plentiful and inexpensive.  But over the years, population growth contributed to the over-harvesting of forest land.  So using wood and other materials from older homes, factories, and warehouses came to be seen as a green solution that provides warmth, value and a bit of history.

There are also practical advantages to recycling vintage wood.   Having come from the tallest, straightest and largest trees in the forest, it offers a level of quality that’s hard to find in today’s lumber market.  And being already air-dried and naturally-weathered gives it rustic good looks, durability and strength.  Finally, you can select from an amazing variety of textures, patterns, grades and species of tree.

Because the concept of using reclaimed and recycled materials is now so widespread, you can find a wealth of ideas online to consider incorporating when you’re building a mountain home.  Some are more obvious, such as installing an antique farmhouse sink, vintage light fixtures, a butcher block or old handles, knobs or drawer pulls.  But there are many others you may not have considered.

At The Coves Mountain River Club, we see seasoned lumber used for cabinetry, furniture and architectural details.  But it’s particularly popular for use as siding, timbers and floorboards because it doesn’t require much maintenance.  The wood has already shrunk into a permanent form and developed a tightness of grain that makes it considerably more durable.  From a cosmetic standpoint, it’s worth noting that reclaimed beams can be sawn into wider planks.  And old fencing is valued for consistency, structural soundness and its low moisture content that minimizes the need for treatment.

It’s important that the source of your reclaimed wood be able to verify what it might have been treated with over its lifetime.  You want to avoid possible harmful off-gassing of volatile organic compounds associated with lead paint, stains and other treatments – especially when the wood will be used inside the house.

NC mountain real estate is also ideal for the use of reclaimed slate, clay or concrete roof tiles.  They’re fireproof, extremely long-lasting and environmentally-friendly.  Even with older material, the quality is likely to be very good.  They enhance the beauty of a property, adding character and style.  Little maintenance is required for a tile roof.  And they’re usually cost-effective compared to the alternatives.

So where do you find these gems from years gone by?

You can either find a company that sells them or opt to do the work yourself.  With some research, you should be able to find older buildings that are being demolished.  Salvage sites may have exactly what you’re looking for and at a very reasonable price.  Farm auctions are another good place to look.  And check the local ads or place your own, specifying what items you’re seeking.

At The Coves Mountain River Club, we make every attempt to be respectful of the magnificent place in which we’ve chosen to live, and we encourage anyone building a mountain home to consider utilizing reclaimed materials wherever possible.   

Come by soon and take a tour.  We’re sure you’ll be inspired by the ways many of our homeowners have adapted these elements of the past to make their own impressive design statements.

Call 828.754.0700 now!

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Mountain Designs Trends Still Favor Modern


Buyers of NC mountain real estate are able to design their dream homes without the restrictions and cookie-cutter designs they were used to dealing with in the old neighborhood.  And builders here are able to take full advantage of natural property features in positioning the house and also incorporate state-of-the-art technology to maximize energy efficiency and convenience.

Like many of our new residents at The Coves Mountain River Club, you may see this as your last home purchase.  So why not make it your best?  Think about how you want to live, and incorporate those features that will enhance your lifestyle when building a mountain home.  And consider the overall look.  Despite the fact that we’re nestled in the Blue Ridge foothills, many of our fine homes are no less cutting-edge than those you’ll find anywhere else.

Three independent survey sources have confirmed that the trend among new home buyers is toward modern design – both outside and inside.  What might be called traditional floor plans are falling out of favor.  We see innovative use of color to create mood, replacement of standard doors with something more ornate, and incorporation of unique and often whimsical accents that allow themes to flow from room to room.

NC mountain real estate is a perfect canvas for the implementation of reclaimed natural elements.  You’ll see old barn wood and metal roofs blended seamlessly into the most contemporary of properties to create an urban country feel.  A craftsman-style front door with sidelights can help to set the tone, while well-crafted handmade pieces and ornate fixtures provide a rural living accent in rooms painted in tones of white and warm neutral colors.  It’s a look that’s perfect for reflecting your desire to live a more balanced and slower-paced existence.

Along those lines, maybe you’ll prefer a Rustic Luxury design theme.  It’s geared toward buyers who need a personal space where they can restore energy and find balance – a place suitable for disconnecting from the constant demands of everyday life.  The focus here is on creating harmony between natural and architectural elements.  There may be sculpture pieces, along with greenery, natural wood doors and concrete benches.  The overall goal is to provide a calming antidote to fast-paced living.

If you’re one of the more than 3.4 million Americans who work from home at least half of the time, you may opt to incorporate transitional spaces that can allow for both productivity and downtime.  If so, you’ll want to consider having furniture and products that can best serve both facets of your lifestyle.

Our design team at The Coves Mountain River Club stays up to date on all of the latest trends, and we’re ready and able to incorporate your ideas into a custom home that seamlessly blends modern styling with traditional touches and personal preference.

Stop by and see us when you’re in the Lenoir area.  We’ll give you a tour and show you how very distinctive and innovative our gated mountain community is. 

You’re sure to leave with some new and exciting ideas for bringing your own dream to life!

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