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Collecting Rainwater for Your Mountain Home

mountain cistern

Most of us tend to take potable water for granted. Getting it is just a matter of turning a faucet handle or buying bottles at the store.  So it’s easy to imagine that there’s no end to the supply. 

Over time, however, some have begun to wonder whether might be fooling ourselves. 

More and more, we hear about pollution, waste, extended droughts, and the increased usage that comes with population growth and realize that someday we might need to seek alternatives.

Here in the Blue Ridge foothills, the solution’s been around for a very long time:  collecting rainwater.  And now, with more sophisticated methods available, it’s starting to regain popularity.

You may be thinking of a simple rain barrel, and that’s still part of the equation.  But so are complex and sophisticated irrigation systems. 

For a lot of good reasons, using rainwater to supplement or replace other sources is an idea whose time has come – again.  And harvesting features such as roof pitches, gutters and water tanks can be incorporated into the plan when you’re building a mountain home.

The quality is often superior to that of surface water.  There’s no system maintenance involved, other than regular cleaning and inspections.  And, of course, you save money.  Collecting rainwater reduces pollutant runoff and contamination.  In low-lying areas, it minimizes flooding in low lying areas and helps to control erosion and foundation damage.  Watering gardens and planters can be done freely without impacting the public water supply.

It’s important to be aware of certain important guidelines that make rainwater collection safe and viable, especially if human consumption will be involved.  One of the major advantages of building a mountain home at The Coves Mountain River Club is having the opportunity to consult with our design experts.  They have the knowledge and experience to incorporate the features you want while being attentive to the unique setting and natural environment in which your unique house will be constructed.

A basic collection system can consist of a properly pitched roof that routes the water into storm pipes leading to a large underground cistern for storage and later uses.  More sophisticated installations may also include filtration and UV treatment components.

Building a mountain home affords you the opportunity to have things your way.  Maybe you’ve spent much of your adult life in cookie-cutter structures built for the masses, where cost-cutting is the norm and neighborhoods look alike, for the most part.

Why Choose The Coves Mountain River Club

At The Coves Mountain River Club, our job is to bring your dreams to life.  Write down all those ideas you’ve had for the house you’d build if you could.  Tell us what’s important to you – what kind of lifestyle you’ll have now that you’re finally free to choose. Whether it’s a full-size home, a cabin, a cottage or even a tiny house, we can make it work for you.

Settling into such spectacular surroundings, with all this beauty and splendor right at your doorstep, you can’t help but think more about how our choices can impact the world we live in.  The use of environmentally-friendly materials, minimal disturbance to the land we build on, conscientious care of common areas, and encouraging our residents to conserve water and other precious resources – these are some of the ways The Coves Mountain River Club has become such a popular choice for buyers who understand that nature is there to be enjoyed and not destroyed.

If you’re in the Lenoir area, please take the opportunity to come by and let us give you a tour.  We’ll show you how others like you have incorporated imaginative touches such as recycled timber, local stone, re-purposed antique pieces, rainwater collection systems and more as they worked with us to create their own unique dream homes.

Let us show you around. Call 828.754.0700 to schedule a tour!

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