National Trails and Hikes Near Asheville NC

hikes near Asheville NC

Did you participate in National Trails Day last month?   From volunteering at a service project to being part of an individual or organized cleanup effort, people take this opportunity each year to pledge their time and energy to a nationwide movement to sustain and preserve America’s trails system for the benefit of future generations.

Anyone who hikes near Asheville NC knows the value of these great natural resources.  And residents of The Coves Mountain River Club are fortunate enough to have easy access to miles of the nation’s most popular and scenic hiking and horse trails, right within our 3600-acre community near the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Western part of the state.

You don’t have to be a trained athlete to enjoy the experience.  From less taxing walks along the bank of the Johns River to a real workout climbing up to Davis Knob’s 1700 feet of elevation, anyone who wants to spend time in our breathtaking surroundings has plenty of opportunities to do so.

Here’s a guide to some of the highlights:

  • Switchback Trail – Three-and-a-half miles in length, it crosses over several streams and brings you to the bottom of the lodge, by the old gold mine and along Mila Cascading Falls.
  • Spine Trail –  Another three-and-a-half-mile trail that takes you through the pasture property alongside the stock fishing pond, past the wildlife viewing area and over several beautiful streams.
  • Winding River Trail –  You’ll follow the Johns River tor two miles, passing Coves River Park, the community gardens and stables leading to Coleton’s Swimming Hole.
  • Magnolia Trail –  This one-and-a-half-mile trail starts down near the pasture and then climbs in elevation about 100 feet, where it overlooks the river.  Then you’ll go deep into the woods and back down to Coleton’s Swimming Hole.
  • Tranquility Vineyard Trail – Hike a one-mile trail deep into woods and along several small streams down to the vineyard.
  • Little Waterfall Trail – It starts at Table View Lane and takes you three quarters of a mile, passing several waterfalls and tying into Waterfall Trail.
  • Cedar Cove Trail – It’s a half-mile hike that brings you to the Waterfall Trail and eventually the community gardens and stables.
  • Waterfall Trail – Take this trail a half mile down to Waterfall Park and into the community gardens.
  • Hawks Nest Trail – This is another half-mile hike that brings you from Waterfall Lane down along a spring-fed stream and into the Waterfall Trail leading to the community gardens and stable.

You won’t want to miss our four cascading waterfalls of Western North Carolina:

  • Grandfather Gorge Falls – a fifty-foot triple-tier waterfall over large boulders that plunges into a pool.
  • Mila Cascading Falls – a dramatic, stairway-like waterfall into the Johns River at Mila Park.
  • Highland River Falls – tumbles down a mountain hollow into the Johns River
  • Penelope Cascading Falls – a forty-foot layered waterfall with splash areas, with easy access near the Coves River Park

Hikes near Asheville NC are a treat for all the senses.  You’ll see wildlife in its native habitat, dramatic foliage at every turn and spectacular views of the natural wonders that make life at The Coves Mountain River Club rewarding on so many levels.  Whether it’s a  short day hike or a full day’s adventure, it all awaits you right outside your mountain home. Please come by The Coves Mountain River Club and see all we have to offer.  Our hiking and horse trails are wide and well-marked, and they lead to scenic outlooks, picnic areas, and community parks.  Be sure to bring your camera! 

And, of course, our fresh, clean mountain air and year-round mild weather create the perfect environment for hiking and all the other outdoor activities that make living here in the foothills one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Call 828.754.0700 to schedule a visit!

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Pretty in Pink – Spring Flowers Have Arrived in Western North Carolina

Asheville Biltmore Spring Flowers

Spring has arrived in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and the folks who live in the gated communities near Asheville NC are surrounded by a palette of colors found only in nature.  What better way to celebrate spring than wandering through a vibrant sea of blooms? You may find the only challenge is deciding which gorgeous landscape to visit this spring, but put the Biltmore Estate on the top of your list to usher in this region’s glorious season.

If you haven’t yet visited the Biltmore, you will find an immense and grand estate with impeccable landscaping and gardens, and a winery and restaurants where you can enjoy some fine fare. There are reasons to journey to the Biltmore in every season of the year, but right now you’ll discover Biltmore Blooms—Tulips and Spring Flowers–an ongoing event that spans well more than a month from April 1-May 23, 2019.  With 100,000 bulbs planted on the Biltmore grounds, a profusion of tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths bloom from the main entrance, to the walled garden.  Tropical plants and flowers also are grown inside the Biltmore House.  This is a tradition in honor of Frederick Law Olmsted and his stunning final project, the gardens at Biltmore.  To help you plan your Biltmore House excursion, here’s a bloom timeline:

Early April—the Spring Garden is lit up by towering forsythia; the Walled Garden is jam packed with 15,000 colorful daffodils and early tulips; other varieties to admire—flowering shrubs and trees like spirea and sweet flowering cherries.

Mid-April—peak tulip season mostly in the Walled Garden (74,000 blooms!)  Of course the Dogwoods and redbuds add to the scenic display.

Late April—the tulips keep on blooming in the Walled Garden as early azaleas and flowering shrubs burst open.  A stroll beneath the wisteria pergola is a sight you won’t soon forget.

Early May—peak azalea time!  20 acres of pink, white, purple, orange and red blossoms—the full spectrum will surround you, and be sure to meander along the walking trails…for the blooms continue!

Late May—this is the time for summer perennials and annuals in the Walled Garden; stand among the rose blossoms, take a deep breath, and you’ll never want to leave.

The Biltmore has many incredible Spring offers, promos, deals and discount tickets.  Once you’re at the Biltmore, you can visit the Winery, Antler Hill Village, Farm and Barnyard, gift shops and restaurants at no extra charge.  There are 8,000 acres of mountain to explore while you’re visiting the Biltmore.

When you’ve settled into one of the gated communities near Asheville NC, amazing opportunities to explore the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains are plentiful.   Those with mountain homes at The Coves are among the lucky locals who can spend their days in the great outdoors, breathing in that healthy mountain air while reveling in the stunning scenery.  Wildflowers abound in this region, with a wide array of flowering plants that can be seen along the Blue Ridge Parkway or in Pisgah National Forest or other protected parks. 

We are fortunate to have flowers blooming pretty much all year long—wildflowers in spring, berries in summer and fall and winter bring their own spectacular varieties of plants and flowers.  The colors of our landscape vary with the season and the profusion of blooms.  At The Coves, residents have the best of both worlds—surrounded by nature and all the flowers and trees that grace our landscape, as well as being able to enjoy Isabel’s Garden, where vegetables and flowers grow by the Johns River.  The growing season has already begun at Isabel’s Garden, and spring blooms are bringing bright color to the English-style community flower beds.

If it’s time for you to explore idyllic places for a vacation mountain home, or to retire, The Coves Mountain River Club is one of the gates communities near Asheville NC you need to discover.  Visit this spring, take a walk along The Coves’ trails, take in all the wild life, and the spectacular flora and fauna,  and you’ll know exactly where your next home should be.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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Chasing Waterfalls Near Asheville Western North Carolina

waterfalls in Western NC

There’s nothing like a natural waterfall to soothe our senses. No wonder folks who adore setting out on invigorating hikes near Asheville NC, search for cascading falls throughout the region.  Waterfalls are as individual as snowflakes–no two are alike, and their beauty is undeniable.  Whether the water takes the form of running rapids, or a gentle stream flow, the waterfalls of Western North Carolina are among the state’s glorious natural features. 

Have you ever noticed the calming effect when you stand by the ocean’s shore, lost in the salty spray while the pounding surf is all you can hear? For the same reason we love the sound of the ocean, indoor waterfalls have become a popular fixture in our homes. This is because the sound of cascading water, just like the sound of the ocean’s waves, is soothing to our senses.

We are incredibly fortunate in this region to be able to step from our mountain view cottages and take hikes near Asheville NC to any number of these uplifting waterfalls where we can experience the glorious sight, sound and mist in person. The spray from a waterfall is cooling and pure as the spray from the sea, and the sound of a natural waterfall is something you cannot buy.

Here are a few waterfalls of Western North Carolina to put on your list when planning your next hikes near Asheville NC:

Looking Glass Falls is named after nearby Looking Glass Rock; located off US 276 between Waynesville and Brevard, this is an easy 50-foot waterfall you can admire from the parking lot.  There’s a short flight of stairs if you’d like a closer peek.  This is a great excursion for little kids or the elderly who are unable to handle a longer hike.  Swimming in the pool beneath the falls is amazing fun and safe even for little ones.

Soco Falls is located off Highway 19 of the Blue Ridge Parkway between Maggie Valley and Cherokee.  This waterfall is known for being tucked away as well as being two falls in one!  Soco Falls is the perfect backdrop for your family photos.

Dry Falls also has easy access from the highway and is located in the Nantahala National Forest.  This waterfall joins a group along the Cullasaja River in an 8-mile stretch.  Visitors can stay somewhat dry while walking behind the falls but don’t count on that—the refreshing mist from Dry Falls can make London seem arid!

Linville Falls is closest to The Coves and is part of the National Park Service and boasts three waterfalls, two upper and one beneath with a forty-five foot drop.  This falls is right off the parkway at milepost 316.  There are a variety of trails to hike for all levels of endurance and a picnic area to enjoy after you work up that hearty appetite.

There are hundreds of waterfalls of Western North Carolina to visit.  Did you know we have four waterfalls at The Coves?

Those who live in mountain view cottages at The Coves Mountain River Club, know the ease and simplicity of stepping out of their front doors to explore the four cascading waterfalls along the gated community’s impeccably-groomed trails.

Grandfather Gorge Falls is a 50-foot-triple-tier falls with water that plunges down tremendous boulders and into a stunning pool.  Mila Cascading Falls is admired for its staircase effect that flows into the Johns River in the serenity of Mila Park.  Highland River Falls cascades through a hollow in the mountain, splashing into the Johns River.  And Penelope Cascading Falls is dynamically layered and 40 feet high with various splash pools. Of course these waterfalls and trails are graced with mountain laurel, azaleas, and other colorful flowers and a canopy of trees that provide shelter for many captivating birds at The Coves.

When you’re scoping out mountain view cottages, come visit us and be sure to bring your camera to capture the beauty of our waterfalls.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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7 Reasons Why Lenoir is a Smarter Choice Than Asheville

smart Lenoir NC real estate

There’s no surprise that Lenoir, NC, located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is a popular spot not only to visit and but also to happily settle down. Here’s what we see.

Lenoir’s draw is multi-faceted, but one of the more obvious reasons is aesthetics, and for those who are searching for their next idyllic home in the mountain towns in North Carolina, or perhaps even for a special vacation home, Lenoir outshines many of the other mountain towns.  No wonder Lenoir received an All American City Award and Lenoir NC real estate continues to soar.

Researching potential towns and communities is an essential part of making the right choice of where to relocate or where to retire.  There are so many things to consider–recreation, traffic, pollution, and community spirit, just to name a few.  Here’s a simple comparison of Lenoir and Asheville that will make your homework a little less daunting if you’re considering the gated communities near Asheville NC.

If you’re unfamiliar with the quaint mountain towns in North Carolina, about 70 miles separate gorgeous Lenoir from Asheville NC, traveling southwest.   Take a ride along these scenic roads and see for yourself some of striking differences that make Lenoir outshine other towns:

• Traffic

Those who live in Lenoir appreciate a relaxed pace and simplified life that this charming town affords without a lot of stress maneuvering on crowded roads that plague other towns.  After all, when you’re in the mood for a little fine dining, shopping, or outdoor recreation, no one wants to waste precious time in stand-still traffic.  This lack of congestion on the roads is definitely one of the perks of Lenoir NC real estate.  Making the most of a slower pace is cherished in Lenoir, but that doesn’t mean we want to crawl along in bumper to bumper traffic, and thank goodness we don’t need to!

Asheville, on the other hand, is sandwiched by two busy interstates, I-40 and I-26, with four lanes, and with plans for expansion, it’s due to become even more congested.  This can be tiresome and time consuming for those who live in gated communities near Asheville NC.  Those who live in Asheville have to account for extra travel time—frustration we can all do without.

  Authentic versus Commercial

Lenoir is known for it’s genuine feel—a historic, home-grown community with a pride in its heritage that is reflected in every fine aspect of the town.  Stroll through the downtown and you’ll be seeped in its rich history of craftsmanship and the arts, enhanced by a spirit of innovation.  The folks who live in the mountain towns in North Carolina, pour their hearts and souls into Lenoir, maintaining its authenticity while fostering new growth.  Enjoy the craft breweries, the amazing eateries, and after your appetite is satisfied, visit the local galleries and shops.  There’s nothing that can beat a charming and real town like Lenoir.

Asheville on the other hand has grown large and over saturated.  Instead of a quaint downtown like Lenoir, it has the sprawling sports bar vibe, where visitors come for a good ol’ time.  Growth is essential, but it needs to happen hand in hand with a conscientious community at the helm.  This is the only way the cherished history of our mountain towns can be maintained.  A commercial vibe means something authentic has fallen by the wayside and Asheville is an example of what Lenoir seeks to avoid.

  Community versus Controversy

Lenoir is all about folks pulling together from the gated communities of Asheville NC.  Those who have lived here for generations, live side by side with new comers, and they all have a common goal as described on the Lenoir story website —“Now, thanks in part to this growth, Lenoir’s historic, homegrown, hard-working culture of craftsmanship and innovation is gaining momentum and inspiring a new class of entrepreneurs, tech-savvy millennials, and active retirees looking for an upbeat, small-town community to call home.”  Since the focus is on history and new creative endeavors, there’s not much time for focusing on differences or controversy.

Asheville’s diversity and size mean many protests that flavor the downtown—politics rule, from topless protests, to conflicts between political parties, you will find it here while you’re just looking to share a quiet and romantic evening.  Pack Square is where a lot of the controversy takes place and there’s always an issue that attracts a large protesting crowd.

• Pollution

If you’ve done your research you’ll know Lenoir NC real estate is sought after due to its clean environment, especially for those of us who want to spend a great deal of time outdoors, taking advantage of the gorgeous mountain recreation.  Whether you’re skiing, kayaking, hiking, fishing or swimming, you want to be in a healthy environment.  The foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains are prime real estate for clean living.  We have amazing rivers and hiking trails to feed your body and soul.

However, news in March of 2018 revealed radioactivity found in Asheville’s Lake Julian.   The EPA’s reports claimed levels were 38 times higher than what they deem to be safe.  What this will mean for the Asheville community remains to be seen.  This is hardly the place anyone would want to vacation, let alone buy.  Who would cast their fishing rod into radioactive water?

  Clean Water

Lenoir’s pristine environment also beats out Asheville when it comes to other waterways. You won’t find any scary EPA reports about Wilson Creek or the Johns River, the perfect spots to fish, white water raft or picnic.

Unfortunately for Asheville, the French Broad River is threatened by toxic waste due to the Duke Energy coal-fired power plant. The coal ash mixes with water and the end result is a toxic brew no one would want to put a big toe in let alone catch any trout for dinner.

  Outdoor Recreation

Lenoir is also blessed by its proximity to plenty of ski resorts with slopes that can accommodate the entire family.  Whether you want to experience the rush of down hill, or slow down the pace for a little cross country or snow shoeing, The Coves will satisfy your every winter whim.  Scoot on over to Blowing Rock, Boone or Banner Elk, and you’ll soon see there are not enough hours in a winter’s day to fit in all the area has to offer!

Asheville does not share Lenoir’s convenient location to these amazing mountains.  There’s more travel time involved if you live in Asheville, and who wants to spend time in the car that could be spent zipping on the slopes?  The beauty of The Coves is the ease of hitting the mountain and then returning to your cozy cabin by night fall for a home-cooked meal.

• Peace and Quiet

Lenoir’s old time charm is accentuated by its peace and quiet.  If you find yourself lounging on the deck of your mountain cabin in the evening, you’ll be lulled by the sound of nature, not the drone of noise pollution.

Asheville is proud of its expanded airport that boasts five airlines, but with that convenience comes some obvious… or not so obvious (until you’ve moved in!) disturbances.  Flight patterns are an important consideration when you’re selecting your home.  It’s one thing to have a tiny private airport nearby, but it’s quite another when daily commercial flights are roaring over head.

Consider the natural beauty and quiet splendor of The Coves Mountain River Club and be sure to come and visit soon to see why this region is so far above and beyond any other.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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Asheville’s Longest Running Winter Beer Festival

best beer cities

Are you ready for a fun way to stay warm and have fun this winter season? Get ready to grab a mug and drink up. The Asheville Winter Warmer Beer Fest is Asheville’s longest running winter beer festival. This year’s 10th anniversary event will be held on Saturday, January 21 at the U.S. Cellular Center Asheville in Downtown Asheville, one of America’s best beer cities.

Patrons can taste and enjoy beer from dozens of local and regional breweries in an intimate, ‘family-like’ setting. The 2017 lineup includes Asheville Brewing, Birdsong, Lazy Hiker Brewing, New Belgium, and Sierra Nevada. This year’s guest brewery is Prairie Artisan Ales all the way from Tulsa Oklahoma.  Live music entertainment will be provided by Asheville’s very own Station Underground and The Rinaldi Flying Circus, who hail from Greensboro, NC.

The event is hosted by MountainTrue, which works to keep our forests healthy, our air and water clean, and our NC mountain communities vibrant with its various chapters throughout Western North Carolina.

The Western North Carolina region is gaining quite a reputation as one of the best beer cities in Asheville. It’s also home to one of the best NC mountain communities in the area, The Coves Mountain River Club near the High Country. What’s makes The Coves unique and better? For starters, stellar mountain top views in all directions from our Pisgah Mountain Lodge and five miles of frontage on the Johns River, a mountain fed crystal-clear river adjacent to Wilson Creek. The water is so fantastic here, we wouldn’t be surprised to see breweries open in the foothills of North Carolina. The latest brewery to open in Lenoir is Howard Brewing Company.

Residents love our panoramic mountain views, friendly community atmosphere, and wellness amenities. Natural amenities include waterfalls, hiking trails and community gardens. Spread across 3,600 acres, we have all types of mountain property to build your dream home. Approximately 75 homes have already been built to date.

If you’re searching for affordable NC mountain land for sale, we offer many homesite options. Our prices begin in the $40’s. To help you more, here’s 12 of the most popular builder floor plans that can work on almost any of our homesites.   

When you live in the Asheville area, you’ll not only enjoy some of the microbreweries in America, you’ll enjoy outdoor recreation second to none. Hike, bike or drive. The choice is yours. The Blue Ridge Parkway is America’s Favorite Drive and weaves from Bryson City, through the heart of Asheville and up through the High Country near The Coves. And that’s just the beginning of fun things to do surround the NC mountain communities.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills and about The Coves.

Headed our way? Call us now at 828.754.0700 to schedule a tour.

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Orvis Fly Fishing School – Asheville

North Carolina trout fishing

Living right on the Johns River at Wilson Creek NC, we at The Coves Mountain River Club are well aware of the fact that our North Carolina trout fishing is some of the best to be found in the Southeast.  So it’s no surprise that the prestigious Orvis North Carolina Fly Fishing School was established in nearby Asheville to teach the finer points of the skill to both beginners and more experienced casters.

Both one- and two-day sessions are available.  Taught at the exquisite 8000-acre Biltmore Estate, the classes provide expert instruction in fundamentals such as fly-casting techniques, essential fly fishing knots, how to choose gear and tackle, stream entomology (the science of insects), proper fly selection, how to read water and currents and how to play, land and safely release fish.  Students get hands-on experience fly fishing in both still and moving water.

Here’s what some of the attendees had to say about the Orvis experience:

“The instructors are friendly, very experienced, knowledgeable, and positive, and you receive plenty of one-on-one instruction. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and am really looking forward to fly fishing.”

“I did have some fly fishing experience but I still learned a lot and was able to get some of my bad habits corrected. All three of the instructors were extremely knowledgeable and very helpful.  No question was too dumb and all questions were answered.”

“I learned enough to go out the day after the course ended and caught my first rainbow trout on a woolly booger fly given to me by an instructor.  I just ordered a new Orvis fly rod and can’t wait to go again. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to fly fish but doesn’t know where to start.”

“This school was exactly what I needed to give me the all-around knowledge to take my fishing to the next level!”

“I went to the school as a true novice, and in two days they were able to impart a tremendous amount of fly fishing knowledge to me and give me the confidence to go out fishing on my own.”

The cost of the two-day course at the Orvis Fly Fishing School is $489, including catered lunch.  For one day, it’s just $279.

If you’re a fisherman looking at land for sale in Caldwell County and you want to learn more about the Orvis North Carolina Fly Fishing School, call (866) 531-6213.

The sparkling clean water of Wilson Creek NC, follows a winding path 23 miles down from Grandfather Mountain in the Pisgah National Forest to join the Johns River at The Coves Mountain River Club.  Our residents routinely catch rainbow and brown trout up to twenty inches in length, and the feeder streams offer even more great fly casting opportunities.  The middle section of Wilson Creek is stocked with about ten thousand trout each year.  And attending the Orvis Fly Fishing School can start you on your way to becoming an expert at North Carolina trout fishing.

When you see our more than five miles of magnificent frontage on the Johns River, it’s easy to understand why riverfront property at The Coves is a magnet for retirees who love fishing.  The fresh, clean mountain air and breathtaking scenery make this one of the best places in the country to enjoy your hobby.   And we have even more to offer, compared to other land for sale in Caldwell County.

You have a front-row seat every year when the leaves start to turn.  And the year-round mild weather here in the foothills means you can take full advantage of all the many opportunities to enjoy boating, swimming, golfing, biking, sightseeing and hiking the many nearby trails.  We’re not far from anywhere you need to go, and there’s a rich local culture to explore.

We invite you to take a tour of The Coves Mountain River Club in Lenoir.  Bring your fishing gear and try your luck.  Take a look around, and imagine yourself living year-round in a beautiful home on the Johns River, surrounded by such natural splendor.

You and your family deserve this. 

If you’re exploring Asheville and the foothills for the first time, ask for our 84 page Complimentary Magazine

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