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7 Reasons Why Lenoir is a Smarter Choice Than Asheville

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There’s no surprise that Lenoir, NC, located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is a popular spot not only to visit and but also to happily settle down. Here’s what we see.

Lenoir’s draw is multi-faceted, but one of the more obvious reasons is aesthetics, and for those who are searching for their next idyllic home in the mountain towns in North Carolina, or perhaps even for a special vacation home, Lenoir outshines many of the other mountain towns.  No wonder Lenoir received an All American City Award and Lenoir NC real estate continues to soar.

Researching potential towns and communities is an essential part of making the right choice of where to relocate or where to retire.  There are so many things to consider–recreation, traffic, pollution, and community spirit, just to name a few.  Here’s a simple comparison of Lenoir and Asheville that will make your homework a little less daunting if you’re considering the gated communities near Asheville NC.

If you’re unfamiliar with the quaint mountain towns in North Carolina, about 70 miles separate gorgeous Lenoir from Asheville NC, traveling southwest.   Take a ride along these scenic roads and see for yourself some of striking differences that make Lenoir outshine other towns:

• Traffic

Those who live in Lenoir appreciate a relaxed pace and simplified life that this charming town affords without a lot of stress maneuvering on crowded roads that plague other towns.  After all, when you’re in the mood for a little fine dining, shopping, or outdoor recreation, no one wants to waste precious time in stand-still traffic.  This lack of congestion on the roads is definitely one of the perks of Lenoir NC real estate.  Making the most of a slower pace is cherished in Lenoir, but that doesn’t mean we want to crawl along in bumper to bumper traffic, and thank goodness we don’t need to!

Asheville, on the other hand, is sandwiched by two busy interstates, I-40 and I-26, with four lanes, and with plans for expansion, it’s due to become even more congested.  This can be tiresome and time consuming for those who live in gated communities near Asheville NC.  Those who live in Asheville have to account for extra travel time—frustration we can all do without.

  Authentic versus Commercial

Lenoir is known for it’s genuine feel—a historic, home-grown community with a pride in its heritage that is reflected in every fine aspect of the town.  Stroll through the downtown and you’ll be seeped in its rich history of craftsmanship and the arts, enhanced by a spirit of innovation.  The folks who live in the mountain towns in North Carolina, pour their hearts and souls into Lenoir, maintaining its authenticity while fostering new growth.  Enjoy the craft breweries, the amazing eateries, and after your appetite is satisfied, visit the local galleries and shops.  There’s nothing that can beat a charming and real town like Lenoir.

Asheville on the other hand has grown large and over saturated.  Instead of a quaint downtown like Lenoir, it has the sprawling sports bar vibe, where visitors come for a good ol’ time.  Growth is essential, but it needs to happen hand in hand with a conscientious community at the helm.  This is the only way the cherished history of our mountain towns can be maintained.  A commercial vibe means something authentic has fallen by the wayside and Asheville is an example of what Lenoir seeks to avoid.

  Community versus Controversy

Lenoir is all about folks pulling together from the gated communities of Asheville NC.  Those who have lived here for generations, live side by side with new comers, and they all have a common goal as described on the Lenoir story website —“Now, thanks in part to this growth, Lenoir’s historic, homegrown, hard-working culture of craftsmanship and innovation is gaining momentum and inspiring a new class of entrepreneurs, tech-savvy millennials, and active retirees looking for an upbeat, small-town community to call home.”  Since the focus is on history and new creative endeavors, there’s not much time for focusing on differences or controversy.

Asheville’s diversity and size mean many protests that flavor the downtown—politics rule, from topless protests, to conflicts between political parties, you will find it here while you’re just looking to share a quiet and romantic evening.  Pack Square is where a lot of the controversy takes place and there’s always an issue that attracts a large protesting crowd.

• Pollution

If you’ve done your research you’ll know Lenoir NC real estate is sought after due to its clean environment, especially for those of us who want to spend a great deal of time outdoors, taking advantage of the gorgeous mountain recreation.  Whether you’re skiing, kayaking, hiking, fishing or swimming, you want to be in a healthy environment.  The foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains are prime real estate for clean living.  We have amazing rivers and hiking trails to feed your body and soul.

However, news in March of 2018 revealed radioactivity found in Asheville’s Lake Julian.   The EPA’s reports claimed levels were 38 times higher than what they deem to be safe.  What this will mean for the Asheville community remains to be seen.  This is hardly the place anyone would want to vacation, let alone buy.  Who would cast their fishing rod into radioactive water?

  Clean Water

Lenoir’s pristine environment also beats out Asheville when it comes to other waterways. You won’t find any scary EPA reports about Wilson Creek or the Johns River, the perfect spots to fish, white water raft or picnic.

Unfortunately for Asheville, the French Broad River is threatened by toxic waste due to the Duke Energy coal-fired power plant. The coal ash mixes with water and the end result is a toxic brew no one would want to put a big toe in let alone catch any trout for dinner.

  Outdoor Recreation

Lenoir is also blessed by its proximity to plenty of ski resorts with slopes that can accommodate the entire family.  Whether you want to experience the rush of down hill, or slow down the pace for a little cross country or snow shoeing, The Coves will satisfy your every winter whim.  Scoot on over to Blowing Rock, Boone or Banner Elk, and you’ll soon see there are not enough hours in a winter’s day to fit in all the area has to offer!

Asheville does not share Lenoir’s convenient location to these amazing mountains.  There’s more travel time involved if you live in Asheville, and who wants to spend time in the car that could be spent zipping on the slopes?  The beauty of The Coves is the ease of hitting the mountain and then returning to your cozy cabin by night fall for a home-cooked meal.

• Peace and Quiet

Lenoir’s old time charm is accentuated by its peace and quiet.  If you find yourself lounging on the deck of your mountain cabin in the evening, you’ll be lulled by the sound of nature, not the drone of noise pollution.

Asheville is proud of its expanded airport that boasts five airlines, but with that convenience comes some obvious… or not so obvious (until you’ve moved in!) disturbances.  Flight patterns are an important consideration when you’re selecting your home.  It’s one thing to have a tiny private airport nearby, but it’s quite another when daily commercial flights are roaring over head.

Consider the natural beauty and quiet splendor of The Coves Mountain River Club and be sure to come and visit soon to see why this region is so far above and beyond any other.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 70 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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