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Fascinating Local Libraries in the Foothills

things to do Lenoir NC

At The Coves Mountain River Club, we’re fortunate to have the advantage of Caldwell County’s excellent library system.  Spending time at the main location is one of the popular things to do in Lenoir NC, and there are excellent branches in Hudson and Granite Falls, as well.

Some people may believe that with easy access to so much online information there’s no longer any need for the services libraries have to offer.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  A well-run library still maintains a number of clear advantages for patrons of all ages.

If you’ve ever tried researching a topic in depth on the web, you know that the sources are limited and often of questionable value.  Local libraries purchase materials and subscriptions that provide excellent proprietary resources you can’t find online.  No matter what area of study or discipline you pursue, at Caldwell County’s local facilities, you’re far more likely to find data of substance that’s supported by strong evidence.  And it’s likely to be much easier to use.

Many residents of the gated communities near Asheville NC may be retired, but we know a thirst for learning has not abated.  The libraries’ NC LIVE service offers free electronic access to information on a wide range of subjects from careers, business, and investing, to health, history, and genealogy.  You can enjoy Ebooks, audiobooks, videos, magazines, newspapers, journals, language-learning tools, and other materials.

Here are some examples of monthly activities at the Caldwell County Public Library:

  • Fiction Book Club
  • Non-fiction Book Club
  • Book Recommendation and Discussion Club
  • A Classic Movie Viewing with Mike
  • Mike’s Movies Blog

Because our mountain homes near Asheville NC enjoy mild weather all year round, quite a few residents like to grow some of their own food in home gardens.  The Caldwell County Public Library’s non-profit, volunteer-run “Seed Library” program provides free seed and support in an effort to help foster resilience, self-reliance, and a culture of community and sharing.  The concept is simple:  you let some of your new tomatoes, lettuce, beans, peas and peppers go to seed and then return some of those next generation seeds for others to borrow.  There are free classes on gardening and seed saving and, of course, you can also borrow books on these topics.

You’ll find computers available for both adults and children, a Summer Reading Program, and story times designed to engage youngsters, toddlers and even babies.

When we think of things to do in Lenoir NC and nearby towns, our three wonderful libraries are high on the list:

  • Caldwell County Public Library
    120 Hospital Avenue
    Lenoir, NC 28645
  • Granite Falls Branch Library
    24 South Main Street
    Granite Falls, NC 28630
  • Hudson Branch Library
    530 Central Street
    Hudson, NC 28638

If you’re interested in lending assistance to their programs, activities and daily operations, be sure to  become a member of Friends of the Library.  Everyone is welcome to join.

Moving to one of the gated communities near Asheville NC such as ours certainly doesn’t mean giving up opportunities for continuing education or intellectual stimulation.  What you’ll soon discover is that living in the Blue Ridge foothills offers a remarkable and pleasant balance of the contemporary and the traditional.  And you can partake of each according to your needs and desires.

Retirees love their mountain homes near Asheville NC.  For many, it’s the first time in their lives that they’ve had the chance to design their own living environment.  When you factor in the majestic beauty of our surroundings and the wealth of discoveries to be made and activities in which to participate, this really is a great place to live in Western North Carolina.

When you’re visiting our area, stop by, take a tour and we’ll share more of our favorite local treasures.

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