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Tips on Building a Mountain Home in Western North Carolina

Mountain Home Building TipsHomebuilding in the mountains can be tricky and sometimes, even the best of builders building in Caldwell County real estate developments overlook the principles of fundamental home design. To begin, it’s smart to choose carefully selected durable materials that are sourced and produced locally. The result is a design that is in harmony with the environment and cost-effective to build.  Equally important is designing a home to fit the mountain terrain.

Time and again people select floor plans that are meant for a flat subdivision lot. It may work on paper but it doesn’t take into consideration the expense of excavation, foundation, and retaining walls. Try not to change the topography of the lot to fit a design but rather plan a home that will fit your Carolina mountain property.  By cooperating and harmonizing with the mountain, one can maximize views and avoid undue costs and headaches.

Historically, mountain homes evoke images of shelter, warmth, and protection. The traditional thought was to create an indoor space that embraces the natural surroundings by utilizing them as primary building materials.  Too often this would translate into dark rooms with heavy textures. Today designers are bringing the outdoors into the home through the use of floor-to-ceiling windows allowing them to utilize more current, fashionable materials on the interior while still embracing the surrounding natural environment.

Increasingly the theme in the mountain construction is to focus on quality over quantity. People would rather build a smaller home in exchange for better quality. Floor plans have evolved from formal living rooms to larger kitchens that flow into great rooms that incorporate dining areas.   

Outdoor living spaces should merge seamlessly with indoor living space and are essential to compliment the beauty and lure of mountain living. We find ultimately, people building a custom or semi-custom home in the mountains are looking to make their home unique and want it to express their own individuality.


These three simple steps will help you navigate through the process of building your home in the mountains at The Coves Mountain River Club Caldwell County real estate development:

Design your Carolina mountain property with the end in mind. Have your designer inspect your property and consider the direction of the view, where the sun will be shining when it is cold and when it is hot. How steep is the property is, where is the driveway access, utility access, and which trees you want to be saved? These are questions to discuss with your designer before you go to contract with a builder. Planning ahead will cost you much less to build and maintain over the long run, and reduce your home energy costs. But most importantly, you and your family will be far happier with the results.

What is your budget? Generally, the cost to build a home can be broken down to the design fee, site excavation work, the construction of your home, utilities (well and septic), and landscaping. Make sure you discuss item by item with your designer upfront, to avoid the disheartening blow of a designing a dream house you can’t afford. Ask for a written estimate as soon as you’ve chosen the design to make sure you’re on the right track.

Your home should be designed to fit your lifestyle. All families have unique tastes and considerations.  Do you like to entertain? Is your home a primary residence or a vacation second home? Will it be a home for two or ten?  If your home is designed to satisfy your specific needs, more can be accomplished without going over-budget when building on your Carolina mountain property.

Planning carefully before you build is the key to a better, more energy-efficient and affordable house. Remember the goal to building in the mountains is not to beat the mountain but to match your nature with Nature. 

We’re here to streamline the process and make your home building experience at The Coves Mountain River Club stress-free. Learn more about our Caldwell County real estate development and mountain towns in the area by requesting our complimentary 84-page Coves Magazine.

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