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Heat Saving Design Ideas in Western North Carolina

North Carolina mountain homes

As the brilliant colors of fall light up the mountains and the clear crisp air settles in, it’s time to plan for our winter season in our North Carolina mountain homes.  Whether you’re new to the region, just now building a mountain home, or if you’re already settled into your dream house in one of the perfect gated communities near Asheville NC,  there are many effective ways to save as you heat your cozy place before a light blanket of snow falls outside your door.

Ways to Conserve Energy

Even though the snow may melt not long after it’s fallen, the winter season is still the time to ensure our North Carolina mountain homes are kept warm without unnecessary cost.  Here are some easy and effective ways to conserve energy and protect your savings if your home is already completed, or you’ve begun the amazing journey of building a mountain home:

  close shades and curtains at night but let the sunlight in during the day, especially the windows that get direct southern light

  purchase energy-efficient window treatments

• tightly install plastic sheeting inside window frames

• program your thermostat comfortably low during the day, and at night turn it down 10 degrees to save at least 10% on your fuel bill.  Remember for every degree your thermostat is lowered, you will save a percent off your bill

  change air filters once a month to allow better flow and require less effort from the furnace for cleaner air and better efficiency– as well as protecting your furnace

• keep hot water heater set at 120 degrees

• seal the leaks in your home with caulk and weather stripping—around doors, unfinished spaces, windows, pipes, chimneys, wires, and vents to save up to 20%

• add insulation from the ground floor up–to keep warm air in and cold air outside where it belongs

• make sure all heating ducts are properly sealed and insulated to save 10% on your heating bills

• choose LED holiday lights to illuminate your home in the gated communities near Asheville NC

  use space heaters in bedrooms after you’ve turned down the thermostat for just the right amount of warmth when you’re sleeping

• use humidifiers; the moisture in the air will retain the warmth and keep your skin from getting dry

• maintain or program a moderate setting on your heat pump

• install an air vent booster or fan for problematic rooms that run too hot or cold

• explore air sealing—both when building or in your existing home

• schedule yearly service of your heating system

• regularly clean wood and pellet-burning heaters

• keep damper closed on the fireplace when not in use; lower thermostat to 50-55 degrees when you light a fire and consider glass doors and a system to circulate the hot air around the room.

Making Your Coves Home Energy Efficient

For those who live in gated communities near Asheville NC, or who are building a mountain home, these simple practices will help you save while being environmentally-minded.  Lucky folks in the process of building North Carolina mountain homes at The Coves have all the guidance and support they need to construct a house that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also cost-efficient and helps them save on heating bills.  And that leaves plenty of cash for fun around The Coves–no matter the season! 

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84-page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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