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Bathroom Tile Designs for Your Mountain Home

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Remember when choosing the tiles for your new or remodeled bathroom was pretty much a matter of functionality?  As long as they were water-resistant, durable, and low maintenance, you just went with whatever color you liked.

Now, when you’re building a mountain home at The Coves Mountain River Club, you’re presented with so many tile options that it’s easy to imprint your own style aesthetic on a bathroom.  Design, shape, and texture are just as important as color.  Manufacturers compete to create products that meet the needs of customers seeking to break away from the norm and find a look that’s uniquely theirs.

If you haven’t shopped for tile recently, you may not be aware of trends that are sweeping the market in 2019.

Tile Trends of 2019

Intricate graphic patterns have quickly grown in popularity.  You see them mostly on encaustic ceramic tiles, but porcelain styles are now becoming available as well.  Whether you choose soft, subtle hues or bold, contrasting colors, you’ll be part of this year’s biggest trend.

Matte finish tiles will continue to hold their own against the more traditional glossy look and texture.  And both have their advantages. 

A matte finish projects an earthy, elegant image – soft and powerful but not overwhelming.  From a practical standpoint, matte tiles are less likely to reveal smudges and watermarks and are easier to maintain.  Because they don’t reflect light, it’s important that your bathroom has sufficient natural and artificial illumination.

If you want a more dramatic, attention-grabbing look, glossy tiles are the better choice because of their highly polished appearance and feel.  Because they reflect so much light, they tend to make small bathrooms appear larger.  But remember that they need more maintenance.  And the fact that they can be a slip hazard makes their use more appropriate for walls or on floors that are low-traffic.

Building a mountain home, we tend to lean toward incorporating the subtle hues of nature rather than bright, dramatic colors.  This is in line with most contemporary thinking, where grey, cream, and beige continue to dominate as preferred choices for tile.  That’s not to say that white is no longer in vogue.  In fact, it’s perfect for bathrooms that need a little more brightness.  Neutral colors can be layered in to bring the design together and create a calming, sanctuary effect.

At The Coves Mountain River Club, we’re seeing homeowners mixing and matching tile patterns or textures and even shapes in new and exciting ways.  The hexagon is coming back, in various sizes, colors, and textures, mostly on shower floors.  Subway tiles are getting thicker and longer, with new pattern variations such as dome, beveled, arched, and sculptural.

You’ll find realistic porcelain wood-grained tiles that mimic oak, maple, and cherry, and they can be distressed, weathered, or whitewashed in appearance.  They can both provide stain and water resistance and enhance the organic feel of the bathroom space.

Marble has also come into fashion, with a huge variety of colors and veining patterns to choose from.  It’s a high-end material that works especially well in bathrooms that feature the softer tones of neutral finishes.  And the classic look of marble is available in porcelain tiles that resemble the real thing in nearly every way.

Three-dimensional and textured field tiles add variation, depth of color, and surface interest.  The effect can be either subtle or pronounced, depending upon how you want to use them.

You may be surprised to learn that the next big trend in bathroom tile may be metallic.  It’s shiny, reflective, edgy, and dramatic.  Time will tell if its appeal is long-lasting.

Having so many options can be overwhelming.  Building a mountain home involves making a lot of small decisions as you create a living space that’s a perfect fit for your needs and desires.

Luckily, help is available. Our design professionals at The Coves Mountain River Club are experts at bringing dreams to life.

Stop by and talk with us today!

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