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If cooking is “love made visible” then the kitchen is the place where all that love gets passed around to those you care about most. It’s the hub of the home around which everything revolves. Your friends and neighbors know it as the gathering spot where everyone gravitates when there’s a party. You know it as the heart and soul of family gatherings.

If you enjoy riverfront living in a beautiful NC mountain community like The Coves Mountain River Club, the kitchen is where you and your better half grill up the fresh catch of the day. When it’s holiday season, it’s where you bake your holiday ham, brew a seasonal cider, and decorate dozens of cookies with the kids. During those quieter times, it’s where you fire up your inner gourmet and prepare a romantic dinner for just the two of you. Your kitchen is where you host those cherished family meals that are cooked with care and seasoned with memories that last a lifetime.

There’s no denying it, your kitchen is the hardest-working room in your home. And, let’s face it, it’s probably time to give this faithful focal-point some fabulous new features the whole family can enjoy. It’s always the hardest working ones that get overlooked when it comes to pampering (sound familiar?) so why not treat your always-dependable kitchen to a spiffy new make-over!

Not sure where to begin? Allow us to throw out a few ideas we found while checking out some of the hottest trends in kitchen design in the latest North Carolina mountain homes for sale. (Hint: Touring homes on the market is a great way to pick up design ideas for your own custom-built dream house or for renovating an already-built, loved, or lived-in model.)

Take a peek at this collection of our favorite kitchen designs and features. We bet you’ll find at least one or two tips you can use for your own kitchen remodeling project.

Modern Appeal

The vote is in. When it comes to kitchen design preferences, most home owners lean toward the classic kitchen with modern appeal. For most, that means beautiful design details (like handcrafted kitchen cabinetry, tile backsplashes, gas-log fireplaces) that blend seamlessly with high-tech appliances. To add a splash of high-tech to your cozy kitchen, consider these trending concepts:

·        Form & Function – Design elements can be both smart and savvy. We love these features that we’ve seen in some of the hottest kitchens around. And by hot, we mean fabulous!

   Stainless steel kitchen countertops (We were surprised too, but they’re all the rage! Stylish and durable.)

   Open floor plans that extend into dining spaces

   A corner of the kitchen reserved for an integrated coffee bar

   Cabinets in a variety of different finishes (think ombre) that add color to your kitchen

   Countertops of varying colors and materials for a more dynamic look and feel

   Specialty knob handles (for cabinets and even stovetop ranges) that add a pop of color and creativity

   Framed artwork and other well-placed wall-hangings that reflect your personal style

   Hanging storage and spice racks

   Pocket doors that pull out to create a kitchen partition, and slide back in for easy hide-away

   Energy-efficient appliances that add both kitchen glam and earth-friendly features

   Docking and charging stations for your 21st-century kitchen (Keep that smartphone charged so you can Instagram snaps of your perfectly plated cuisine! #foodie #delicious #foodart)

   Incorporated pet stations, including pull-out feeding stations, food storage, and built-in beds and crates for your four-legged besties

·        Disappearing Act – Don’t you love those kitchens with the hidden refrigerators? It’s the perfect way to feature both classic and modern in the same space. Why not integrate your refrigerator with your cabinetry for a sleek and beautiful aesthetic? But there’s no need to stop at the refrigerator. To keep your kitchen looking truly tailored, consider the many ways you can make all your appliances disappear into the woodwork, including microwave drawers, built-in dishwashers and trash receptacles, paneled appliances, and undermount sinks. Poof! You’ve just made magic in your own kitchen!

·        Bright Idea  –  An often overlooked kitchen design is none other than lighting. You can switch up the entire look of your kitchen with a fabulous chandelier, an artsy linear suspension light, task lights with targeted illumination, interior cabinet or drawer lighting (try LED), under-cabinet lighting, or recessed lighting. And don’t forget the dimmer switch!

Farmhouse Flair

When you think of the perfect farmhouse-style kitchen, what comes to mind? Hardwood floors, exposed beams, open shelving, beautifully accented with pots of fresh herbs and mason jars filled with colorful wildflowers. Then there are the bigger design elements that pull it all together in true farmhouse fashion:

·       Apron sink –  These beauties are wider and deeper than your standard kitchen sink. Popular in 17th Century Britain, they’ve made a stylish comeback in the 21st century by offering the same great ergonomic benefits but with even more pizzazz. An apron sink enhances the room with a feel of rustic elegance while offering tons of room for washing those large pots and masses of post-party dishes.

·       Antique hutch –  A beautiful vintage piece of furniture in the kitchen can add charm for days! The extra storage and counterspace is a given. But the abundance of décor opps is endless. We like featuring vintage jars, artisanal grains, printed cans of olive oil, or beautiful copper pots as decorative accents to an already beautiful piece.

·        Bedboards –  Use them as backsplashes in your kitchen and watch the room pop with character! Bedboard backsplashes add texture and warmth in a cozy throwback style that kicks your farmhouse flair up a notch or four.

Kitchen Island Chic

Who doesn’t love a great kitchen island? It’s one of those eye-catching features that often prompts guests to say, “I’ve always wanted one of those!” And that’s not just anecdotal. According to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders, more than 70% of home buyers request a kitchen island, and of them, 50% consider it a must-have feature. And it’s no wonder! Not only does an island make for a beautiful design element, it’s also a great way to add functionality to your kitchen. Here are some of the ways a kitchen island can work for you:

·        Increase your counter space –  Spread out and enjoy your expansive island work space. Or invite a guest chef to join in the meal-prep fun. You’ve got plenty of space! You can even pull up a few chairs and serve your meal on your beautiful kitchen island countertop.

·        Store some more  –  Get rid of that clutter drawer. Add cupboards, cabinets, and drawers to your island for storing dishes, pots, utensils, and more. And don’t forget to install shelves for showcasing your hand-made pottery or beautiful cookbooks. Talk about form and function!

·        Add built-in appliances  –  Spread out the workflow of your kitchen and add to the overall functionality of the space by installing sinks or a stovetop on your island. You’ll be amazed at the improved efficiency of your kitchen.

·        Level up! – You can even add dimension by creating height variation on different levels of your island. Why not build the eating area up from the sink and prep area, and add both short and long shelves at each level? You can even use the space above your island for hanging pots, pans, or stemware. Or install a stovetop with an attractive range hood.

Stylish Storage

Storage space is the key to keeping your kitchen clutter-free, but there never seems to be enough of it. You can certainly up your storage ante by adding hutches, islands, and other beautifully crafted furniture pieces. But for that extra tidy touch, you may still need some storage ideas to catch the clutter overflow:

·        Cabinet organizers can keep your utensils (not to mention all those plastic containers and their elusive lids) organized and within easy reach. Appliance garages and rolling cabinet carts are other popular kitchen features that can help keep countertops clutter-free.

·        Custom pantries might be the answer you need if your current pantry just doesn’t cut it. Do you tend to stock up on products for the long-term? Or do need quick access to those items you reach for daily? Design a pantry to suit your specific needs with pullout baskets, pocket doors, and lots of shelf space that’s measured to fit your size and style.

·        And don’t forget to treat yourself to a kitchen mail station. We all joke about that “kitchen clutter drawer” that holds everything from coupons to sauce packets to utility bills. Why not build a mail station (complete with book shelves, mail slots, and desk space) to eliminated that midweek paper pileup and turn that clutter drawer back into a utensil drawer.

Now that your inner chef is marinating on all these great ideas, you’ll want to tour the many gorgeous homes for sale in Lenoir NC that feature this level of kitchen fabulousness. We’ve got you covered! With a choice of affordable home sites that range from charming rustic to elegant estate homes, these custom-built beauties with mountain-river views are known for their fabulous kitchen designs.

If living in a peaceful NC mountain community along a fully stocked river means you get to enjoy a fresh catch-of-the-day every day, then grilling it up in your stunning yet functional farmhouse kitchen must be heaven on earth! When you’re ready to start building your wish list of North Carolina mountain homes for sale, be sure to put The Coves right up at the top. Every property is a “site” to behold with beautifully designed floorplans, including the kitchen of your dreams!

Your perfect kitchen in your perfect home awaits you at The Coves. Stop by for a visit and we’ll show you more great home design ideas.

Call us at 828.754.0700 to schedule a home tour!

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