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New Year’s Meal Brings Plenty of Luck, Happiness and Prosperity to North Carolina

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Bringing in the New Year in the mountains of North Carolina, whether we’re here on our vacation or have just settled into our new retirement home, is a joyous time of year.  There is a true sense of community in the Blue Ridge Mountains region, bolstered by fond traditions and strong heritage that enhance the holidays and help usher in the promising New Year. 

Each family passes on traditions from generation to generation, mountain towns in North Carolina, towns like Lenoir, there is also a shared ritual that revolves around our New Year’s Day dinner.  If you’re new to the region, perhaps searching for that NC mountain land for sale to build your dream home, you may not have tasted the incredible holiday fare renowned in the Blue Ridge Mountains that does so much more than satiate your hearty appetite. 

If you’re from North Carolina, you have more than likely heard the lore past down from older generations.  We believe our traditional meal of collard greens, alongside black-eyed peas, ham, and cornbread, are the magical combination to guarantee a phenomenally lucky year ahead. But why did these traditions take root and what is their significance?   

There is no definitive answer to the origins of this cherished celebration, but it is agreed that financial good fortune follows savoring these dishes each and every year.  Some believe this is because the collard greens reflect paper money and the peas bear resemblance to coins—together symbolic of prosperity. Historically, collard greens and black-eyed peas were essential during the Civil War, when southern soldiers were attempting to survive the winter.  Many families in their homes for the New Year hold fast to the ritual of each person stirring the pot of black-eyed peas, sharing in meal preparation, as well as sharing a meal with those you love.  And for others, good health follows good fortune, as the nutritional value of black-eyed peas and collard greens is high.  

Ham, or pork, is also considered a dish symbolic of prosperity, some say because pigs root forward—moving forward and looking forward are admirable habits we all benefit from practicing year to year. And don’t forget the cornbread–as well as being delicious and a true comfort food, it represents gold—or wealth and fortune.  Local farmer’s markets, mills, and farms can supply all the ingredients necessary for this fresh and nutritious dinner in the mountain towns of North Carolina. 

For those of us who have found NC mountain land for sale and plan to build our dream home, now that the holidays are behind us, there’s nothing better than stepping outside with a home builder to capture ideas of how to maximize the beauty of the mountains.

One of the benefits of exploring Carolina mountain properties in the winter months is the lack of foliage on the trees exposing long range view potentials. Here’s 7 reasons to buy land in the winter months. No need to wait until the spring to finalize you’re search.

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