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The Beautiful Summer Flowers of Western North Carolina

North Carolina flowers

This is the time of year to begin your search for North Carolina mountain homes for sale when a variety of beautiful summer flowers are blooming and adding a splash of color to the region.  What’s your fancy–the wildflowers that dot the Blue Ridge Mountains, majestic golden sunflowers, or the much-adored daffodils, tulips, and lilies that thrive in our well-tended gardens?

Our region is ideal for both wild and home-grown flowers—thanks to an incredibly favorable climate and soil that’s rich in nutrients.  Whether you’ve just settled into your North Carolina mountain homes, or you have been enjoying season after season of mountain life, we can all use a few pointers for creating eye-catching flower beds for the perfect accent to our homes.  Gardening can be made easy with a little knowledge alongside your trowel.

After you have selected just the right spot for your garden, there’s a wide variety of both annual (petunias, zinnias and marigolds) and perennial (daylilies, black-eyed Susan, and iris) plants that will do extremely well.

Whether you are limited by space and need to use containers on your porch, balcony or patio, or you have a sprawling piece of property, remember to choose a spot where your plants can bask in the sun two to six hours a day.  Some plants need full sun and others do just fine with partial.   Full-sun possibilities include zinnias to create lovely borders, pentas, angelonia, portuluca and periwinkle (which don’t need a great deal of watering) and melampodium and lantana in a variety of colors (both trailing and upright); partial-sun possibilities will brighten up your gardens and patios—torenia, impatiens and begonias are some of the popular selections.

For fresh soil that has not been gardened, adding fertilizer never hurts.  Mid-May is a safe time to begin planting when there is no threat of a frost.  Some gardeners like to begin their seedlings indoors to get a little jump start on the planting season.  If planting seeds is not your preference, buying mature plants will ensure you don’t lose any time.  Don’t forget to water your flower beds, especially as the weather gets warmer.

Isabel’s Garden, set alongside the peaceful Johns River, brings the community of The Coves together.  Gorgeous English flower beds add vibrant charm and vegetable gardens provide a healthy home-grown garden-to-table fare—luscious tomatoes, crisp peppers, a variety of greens and of course sweet watermelon all thrive in Isabel’s Garden.  The herbs—rosemary, sage, basil, oregano, mint and more, provide the most savory accompaniment to your recipes.  There’s nothing more satisfying than growing your own vegetables side by side with friends and neighbors, or sharing a meal that is deliciously fresh and nutritious.  The perfect climate means the growing season is generous, from March to sometimes as late as December.

Flowers bloom throughout The Coves in the various gorgeous seasons in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  There is a strong sense of pride taken in the landscape at The Coves, from the charming homes that are carefully planned and constructed, to the impeccable gardens and trails.   All of this tended and natural beauty creates an idyllic environment for those who’ve made The Coves their home.  Come explore North Carolina mountain homes for sale at The Coves while the flowers are in full bloom.

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