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Summer Art Classes to Inspire at Frye Art Studio

Lenoir NC art classes

Summer means down time and those gorgeous long days in the Blue Ridge Mountains provide us with the extra hours needed to explore amazing things to do in Lenoir NC.  Those laid-back days give us plenty of opportunity to do what we love—whether it’s spending all day paddling down a lazy river, or finally exploring those charming antique shops and galleries.  For some of us, the dog days of summer means taking out your paints and brushes to capture the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Charlie Frye is a local and self-trained Lenoir artist with a big spirit.  His popular work is shown regularly all over the east coast.  He has an innate gift for creating the kind of heart-warming folk art that our communities in the mountain towns of Western North Carolina have cherished generation after generation.  He also understands the importance of teaching kids how to create art from their early years throughout adolescence.

Frye knows that creating art is a great way to have some plain old-fashioned fun, but it’s also essential to our children’s development.  There are many reasons parents and grandparents in Lenoir should feel great sending their kids off to the Frye Art Studio.

For starters, kids get to work on their motor skills while grasping a paint brush, and no matter our age– dexterity is essential. Creating art also helps our children develop language skills as they discuss with Frye the way an owl looks in the darkness of night, or the colors that will be used to make that owl come to life.

Creating art is also a way for our kids to work on problem-solving as they explore vibrant palettes of color, or a simple lump of clay that will be turned into a sculpture with a little imagination and Frye’s guidance. And it goes without saying that visual learning is more important now than ever as kids are immersed in hours of screen time. Spending time in the art studio gives kids a deeper perspective and draws them away from their personal devices.   Using their imaginations, inventing and creating are all part of the magic of the art classes in Frye’s studio.

Charlie Frye has the laid-back and fun personality that brings kids out of their shells and get them using all of their talents and skills–no matter the medium.   And speaking of mediums, Frye’s use of found objects shows how we can create incredible art from what’s been discarded or forgotten.

It’s clear from Frye’s own art that he has a deep affection and respect for those who have made their homes in the mountain towns.  The community comes together in his studio, and find his place to be one of the happiest to find things to do in Lenoir NC.

Here’s Frye’s Art Studio Summer Art Camps for the summer of 2019:

  • June11-13; 9-11 am; Intro toArt; ages 5-8; drawing, painting and small sculpture; $90 (snack and materials provided)
  • June 11-13; 1-3 pm; Farm to Zoo; ages 6-11; drawing, painting and small sculpture of all types of animals; $90 (snack and materials provided)
  • June 25-27; 9-11 am; Space Camp; ages 6-11; painting and sculpting a galaxy far far away plus its inhabitants; $100 (snack and materials provided)
  • June 25-27; 1-4 pm; Portrait Camp; ages 11-17; drawing and painting portraits from abstract to realism; $125 (snack and materials provided)
  • July 9-11; 9-11 am; Junkbot Camp; ages 10-17; build robots made of junk and found objects; $125 (snack and materials provided)
  • July 9-11; 1-4 pm; Wooden Sculpture; ages 12-18; build a driftwood sculpture for the Sculpture Celebration and make a small one of your own; $135 (snack and materials provided)
  • July 23-25; 9-12; Paint the Town; ages 12-18; a public space art project in conjunction with the city; $125 (snack and materials provided)
  • August 6-8; 9-11 am; Intro toArt; ages 5-8; drawing, painting and small sculpture; $90 (snack and materials provided)
  • August 6-8; 1-3 pm; Whoo Loves Owls?; ages 8-12; learn to paint owls likeCharlieFrye; $90 (snack and materials provided.

All Camps have 10 slots available; 5 slots required to hold camp; 10% discount for multiple children per household; call Charlie and Susan Frye for more info—828-320-7819

For those of us who have created amazing lives at The Coves, we have come to know Charlie Frye first-hand.  Some of us have enjoyed his work shops and all of us have seen his colorful creations throughout the mountain towns.  This region is rich in culture and art and the communities, like The Coves, come together to keep our heritage strong.

One favorite tradition is Blowing Rock’s Art in the Park.  Since 1962 Art in the Park has been gracing the downtown, and growing each and every year with visitors from near and far.  Over 90 artists now show their paintings, photography, jewelry, pottery and so many other fine crafts.   If you haven’t attended this popular event, and you’re searching for things to do in Lenoir NC, don’t miss the show this spring and summer on Park Avenue in downtown Blowing Rock.

  • May 25; 10 am-5 pm
  • June 15; 10 am-5 pm
  • July 13; 10 am-5 pm
  • August 10; 10 am-5 pm

Art in the Park continues in the fall as well—rain or shine!  Call 828-295-7851 for more information.

This is just a quick glimpse of the art classes and exhibits in and nearby Lenoir.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 70 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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