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Spring Flowers and Garden Ideas for Your Mountain Home

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This is the perfect time of year to venture outside and tend the gardens that surround our NC mountain homes. In March you can get a head start on spring by planting a variety of perennial seeds that will bloom into vibrant color before long. Perfect choices for this region abound! Columbine, hollyhock, coreopsis, daisy, phlox, Sweet William as well as your favorite variety of sweet-scented rose bushes.

If you’re like us and adore the sight of a colorful hummingbird flitting about your yard, the colors and scents of these blossoms will be a definite attraction.  Choose your flowers after checking out other gorgeous NC mountain homes.  If you’re looking for low-maintenance gardening, select annuals that will do all the work for you—petunias, marigolds and zinnias are just a few.

Keep in mind that daylilies, irises, and black-eyed Susans will return every year and give your yard a pop of color with minimum work involved.  For the budget-conscious and patient, seeds are the way to go!

If you’ve already established a well-tended flower garden, you may want to consider your very own vegetable garden.  Many of us who are searching for land for sale in the NC mountains, dream of stepping outside into our own garden bursting with fresh tomatoes or the fixings for an amazing salsa.  Mid-March is the perfect time to plant broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower.   Other vegetables to consider– beets, carrots, Chinese cabbage, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce, Swiss chard, turnips, and potatoes. Moving into April you can plant eggplant, pepper, tomato, beans, pumpkin, squash and sweet potato for an amazing casserole or pie!

Imagine a table surrounded by friends and family with your gorgeous produce as the centerpiece!  And remember a vegetable garden can be visually pleasing if it’s well cared for and planned just like your flower garden. It’s also that time of year to fertilize your asparagus and vegetable beds to ensure your produce will be delectable and worthy of a culinary photo shoot.

If you’re building a home in the mountains, and are starting the creative job of landscaping, you may want to consider what plants would flower at this time of year—saucer magnolia, Bradford pear, flowering cherry, forsythia, star magnolia, winter honeysuckle, spirea, flowering quince, Carolina Jessamine, periwinkle, thrift, violets, crocus, daffodil, hyacinths and tulips.

Remember your property is like a fresh canvas and the possibilities for our NC mountain homes are endless.  This is the season to transplant and arrange your colorful azaleas, grouping them together or scattering them about.  You can individualize your property and give it the charm and pizazz it deserves by choosing the flowering plants, shrubs, and trees that reflect your personality throughout the seasons of the year.

Don’t forget that North Carolina Arbor Day is the first Friday after March 15th, but any time this spring is the right time to plant a tree and add a little beauty to our region.  When you plant any fruit trees, grape vines or smaller fruit plants just make sure you do so before the buds break.  And if you’re just building a home in the mountains, you can create a magnificent planting plan and add fresh shrubs and ground covers this whole month.  It’s also the time to transplant shrubs or trees and lend your personal touch to your property.

We are fortunate to live in the amazing climate of this region, which is why so many are out discovering land for sale in the NC mountains.  Plant summer annuals like begonia, geranium, marigold, petunia and zinnia this month.  For those in the know, The Coves is just the place for building a home in the mountains or finding the resale of your dreams.  Community is what it’s all about at The Coves where Evelyn’s Vineyard and Isabel’s Garden bring folks together to share their love for nature, gardening and bonding with friends and neighbors.  What could be more therapeutic for the mind, body and soul than digging your hands into the North Carolina soil and producing the most delicious produce and stunning flowers—sunflowers, daffodils, tulips, and lilies galore.  Isabel’s Garden is graced by English style and is nestled along the scenic Johns River—an unbelievable haven for residents at The Coves where the growing season begins in March and ends in December!

Come visit us at The Coves and explore our land for sale in the NC mountains and discover the rare and caring community that awaits you in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 70 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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