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Did you know the health care in Western NC rivals that of any other region and stretches beyond the hospital system? The state-of-the-art Quest4Life Wellness Center in Lenoir owned by Caldwell UNC Health Care is a health and wellness center we’re confident you’ll be impressed with.

Located near one of the best NC mountain communities in the foothills, Quest4Life Wellness Center has a heated indoor swimming pool, basketball court, indoor walking track; massage therapy, childcare, sauna and steam room, indoor walking track, exercise equipment and fitness classes which include Thai Yoga. Member benefits include fitness assessments, individualized training sessions and educational programs that encompass diet, smoking cessation and more. 

Their proactive approach is designed to provide guidelines for improvement of health and fitness by emphasizing positive daily routines for people of all ages, backgrounds and health status. To make the most of living in one of the top retirement places in NC, it makes good sense to maintain our health at the best possible level.

A vital part of providing quality health care in Western NC is wellness education. The Health Promotion division of the Lenoir Wellness Center offers a wide variety of classes taught by highly qualified professionals. These sessions provide not just information but the support and motivation necessary to help members make fundamental lifestyle changes to improve their health.  Topics include weight management, smart food buying (including supermarket tours), healthy eating, exercise, risk reduction for heart disease, high blood pressure and some cancers, smoking cessation and many more. 

Lenoir is fortunate not only to be one of the best retirement places in NC with a low cost of living but to offer its residents the many benefits provided by easy access to a top-quality health facility such as the Quest4Life Wellness Center.

Folks who choose to live at The Coves Mountain River Club have the best of both worlds when it comes to fitness. Very few North Carolina mountain communities have their own fitness center and infinity-view swimming pool at the mountain’s summit facing the High Country mountain range.  The Coves Mountain River Club is only ten minutes from downtown Lenoir and the Quest4Life Wellness Center.

After an invigorating morning workout, our residents continue the day by enjoying fishing on the Johns River, exploring 39 miles of hiking trails, horseback riding from Round Mountain Ranch without ever leaving our gates. And living in The Coves, residents are just minutes away from both the Pisgah National Forest and Wilson Creek Gorge, a federally-designated wild and scenic river.  

We’re a social community who enjoys wellness, the year-round mild weather, breathtaking mountain views, the laid-back lifestyle. These are just some of the qualities that have lured so many people to the area.  If you’re searching for the best retirement places in NC with modern fitness centers, look no further. You’ll find them in Lenoir. 

Talk to our residents who frequent the centers, enjoy a cup of tea at sunset and imagine yourself waking up each day in the midst of some of nature’s most magnificent scenery where you’ll have high quality health care in Western NC. 

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 70 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which will provide more information about the foothills.

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