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Five Reasons to Live in a Private Mountain Community

Coves gated entrance

Have you seen beautiful pictures of a private mountain community – or maybe even visited one – and wondered if you’d be a good fit for the lifestyle it has to offer?

The gated communities near Asheville NC are full of residents who asked themselves that very same question.  In many ways, moving here can be a change from what they were accustomed to. And it’s normal to take comfort in the familiar and be somewhat wary of jumping into anything so far outside of our comfort zones.

Merriam-Webster’s definition of “community” includes the words “the people with common interests living in a particular area”.  It’s important to remember that though the others buying mountain homes near Asheville come from different backgrounds and situations, their hopes, dreams, and goals are much the same as yours.  And that is what creates the rich community environment those of us who live here cherish.

Benefits of Living in a Mountain Community

We love the wide range of events and activities available to us. It’s so easy to make friends when you’re pursuing a new interest or spending more time with a long-standing hobby.  Whether you’re ready to get out and explore your new surroundings, challenge yourself with more physical activities, enroll in continuing education, or dive into the local culture, you’ll have no shortage of neighbors who will want to share that experience.

A “private mountain community” provides the peace-of-mind that comes with secure gated access.  You can leave your doors unlocked when you’re not home.  But don’t confuse it with what you may see where you’re living now.  There’s nothing bland or sterile or “cookie-cutter” about the gated communities near Asheville NC.  We settled here because we love the splendor of the Blue Ridge foothills, and everything we build or do is in harmony with this very special environment and does nothing to diminish its beauty.

The views are nothing short of breathtaking.  Once you leave the city, a vast new world appears – one of the open spaces, star-filled skies, majestic mountains, brilliant foliage hues, and refreshingly clean air.  Mountain homes near Asheville are nestled in some of Nature’s most spectacular scenery.  And our year-round mild weather means you can spend a lot more time outside.

A commitment to architectural harmony such as you’ll find at The Coves Mountain River Club, allows for individualized home designs while upholding important construction and land utilization standards that enhance the feeling of community and ensure the long-term value of your investment. 

You can rest assured that infrastructure maintenance is high on our list of priorities.  Streets and amenities are always kept in good condition, and nothing is allowed to fall into disrepair.  We understand that our residents expect and deserve not to have to concern themselves with this type of issue.  Just enjoy your exciting new life here, and leave the rest to us.

Why Choose The Coves Mountain River Club

Of course, there are many other attractive aspects to living at The Coves Mountain River Club.  Our ideal location on the Johns River at Wilson Creek means you’ll have endless opportunities for fishing, boating, and other water activities.  Miles of hiking and biking trails invite you to discover waterfalls, magnificent vistas, and flowering plants that thrive at higher altitudes.  And you’ll find yourself drawn to the unique charm of the area’s small towns and historic legacy.

We’d love to show you more of what The Coves Mountain River Club has to offer.  When you’re in the area, come to see us in Lenoir and take a free tour.  Talk to our design team and see how easy it will be to make your retirement dreams come true.

Is mountain home living right for you?  The answer is “yes”.  We’re sure of it.

Call us now at 828.754.0700 to schedule a visit!

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