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Welcome to your own private corner of paradise. Drink in the crisp mountain air, inhale a bouquet of sweet wildflowers and thank your lucky stars in the clear North Carolina sky because you’ve found a vibrant mountain community that truly is a homegrown paradise. Welcome to The Coves. Not any NC mountain real estate development could be this idyllic unless it is developed by someone with a genuine love of mountain living. Someone who understands a perfect balance between rustic comfort and endless activities set against a vibrant picturesque landscape. The visionary with a desire to bring all of this together for you is The Coves development manager, Tim Ritch and his Jacksonville, Florida based Development Team. Inspired by fond childhood memories of vacationing in his beloved Blue Ridge – where his family vacationed each year to escape the Florida humidity and enjoy cooler mountain climates – Tim was determined to recreate that feeling of sheer bliss and share it with a new generation of mountain lovers.

After college, he moved his family to Charlotte. It was an ideal location for giving his kids the gift of mountain living, while still having access to a large metropolitan city where he grew his early career. Within two years, Ritch’s family built their first home in the mountains near the Blue Ridge Parkway, where they spent much of their time enjoying the great outdoors, with abundant natural wonders, national parks, and attractions in their own backyard.

Life has as many twists and turns as the Blue Ridge Parkway itself. After six years in Charlotte, Ritch’s family made the move back to Florida to be closer to his parents and start a development company. He may have been living in The Sunshine State, but a piece of his heart still belonged to the mountains. He started laying a plan for someday returning to the Blue Ridge by the perfect mountain community.

The development team was introduced to an individual who owned one of the parent parcels which formed the core of The Coves in 2004. By early 2007, he had assembled over 10 different land parcels that make up The Coves Mountain River Club as it is known today. The first home site closings took place in late 2007. But, just as the development team was starting to get a momentum going, the rug was pulled out from under them by way of the Great Real Estate Recession.

During this period, challenges mounted. There were unexpected delays due to the recession as well as plan cancellations because of government limitations. But Ritch and his team persevered. This was a childhood dream coming true, and the group was determined to see it through. With a personal drive to succeed and the development’s owner having admirable patience, Ritch and his team delivered on the promise of developing a top-notch gated community that would attract mountain lovers from far and wide.

Today, The Coves Mountain River Club flag flies proudly in the mountain breeze, and the community is growing strong. With almost 150 mountain homes built to date, the curb appeal is unmatched, the population keeps growing, and the reputation keeps glowing. Residents of The Coves take pride in their homegrown gated community, and with good reason.

Ritch and his development team have built something special. This is a one-of-a-kind community, rooted in a mountain-inspired childhood dream, realized by a team with a drive to see it through. Offering million-dollar mountain views (but without the price tag), The Coves is a paradise created just for you. Come on by for a visit and say hello. Or better yet, come to find a home of your own and join The Coves Mountain River Club family.

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