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El Tacorriendo – Best Restaurants in Lenoir NC Includes a Delicious Food Truck

best restaurants Lenoir NC

Lenoir NC restaurants come in all shapes, and sizes but did you know that some even have wheels?  If you’ve passed by 228 Morganton Boulevard SW, on a Thursday or Friday, then you’ve seen El Tacorriendo, a colorful red food truck that was set in motion in March of 2016 by owners Alejandro and Ashley Leon.

This married couple put in years of hard work in the Mexican food industry before trying their own hand at creating fresh Mexican cuisine. There’s no doubt that Alejandro’s Guadalajara roots lend an authenticity you just won’t find in any old restaurant. Alejandro’s mission is to provide food from his country that’s not Americanized.

The community voted in March of 2019 and El Tacorriendo won the Strange Carolina’s Best Food Truck in NC Award.  Their reviews reflect the amazing fare that’s served from this busy little truck–“easily the best authentic Mexican food around…” Fans of Lenoir NC restaurants rave about the reasonable prices, the professional service and the cuisine you’d have to travel to Mexico to enjoy.

 No wonder so many folks in Lenoir frequent this little truck when it rolls into their mountain town.  From 11-4, and 5-8, two days a week, you’ll find the festive food truck serving up friendly service and to-die for Mexican to its happy customers in Lenoir.

Here’s what you’ll find on their menu:

  • Tacos served with grilled onions and jalapeno, radishes, lime wedge, cilantro and side of salsa.  These are homemade corn tortillas with a choice of meat or shrimp.
  • Quesadillas filled and served with grilled onions and jalapeno, radishes, lime wedge, cilantro and side of salsa.  Some of the ten-inch-flour tortillas to choice from— Original, Shrimp or Cheese.
  • Tortas, a Mexican sub sandwich filled with beans, cheese, onion, cilantro and a choice of meat; served with grilled onions and jalapeno, radishes, a lime wedge and side of salsa.
  • ACP Wraps served with a grilled jalapeno and salsa; Original served in flour tortilla—filled with rice, chicken, cheese dip and grilled onions; Plus Wrap served with chorizo; ACAsada Wrap with rice, carne asada (steak), cheese dip and grilled onions; AC Shrimp Wrap with rice, shrimp, cheese dip and grilled onions; Alex’s Wrap with rice, chicken, cheese dip, fresh and grilled onions, bell peppers and cilantro; Diablo Wrap—the Original with fresh onions, cilantro and spicy salsa.
  • Burritos—flour tortilla filled with beans, cheese, cilantro, choice of meat,  grilled jalapeno and onion, fresh onion, radishes, lime wedge and side of salsa.
  • Vegetarian served with grilled onion, jalapeno, radishes, lime wedge and side of salsa; Tacos—corn tortillas filled grilled bell peppers, cheese, beans, fresh onions and cilantro; Potato Tacos with fried potatoes, onion, tomato and cilantro;  Quesadilla—flour tortilla with cheese, grilled bell peppers, fresh onions and cilantro; Burrito—flour tortilla filled with beans, cheese, grilled bell peppers, fresh onion and cilantro; Wrap; flour tortilla filled with rice, grilled bell peppers, onions and cheese dip.

Visit El Tacorriendo’s website or Facebook page for some delicious glimpses of what’s being served any given week in downtown Lenoir.  The ACP wrap is a popular choice, but do yourself a favor and try something new each time you step up to the little red truck.

The Coves gated community affords the folks who live there the simple ease of being nestled in the gorgeous mountains of the Blue Ridge conveniently close to the amazing variety of Lenoir NC restaurants. Whether it’s a fresh and local breakfast, lunch or dinner, this town has it all going on!  Ashley and Alejandro may soon be opening the doors of a restaurant where they will expand their menu for all their fans, but in the meantime look for the little red truck in downtown Lenoir.

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