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When you’re looking to stay connected to Lenoir NC events, as well as the arts in the Blue Ridge Mountains, The Lenoir Voice is just a click away.   This media social enterprise is co-owned and operated by Abigail Taylor and Michael Barrick and is a sister publication of The Appalachian Chronicle.  The mission of this creative duo is to serve the community of Lenoir and be the “Independent Voice of North Carolina.”  Their goal is not profit but simply a connection to the community.  And we all know how essential community is to the mountain towns of our region.

The clean, simple website design, enhanced by black and white and colored photos, makes a morning read over coffee a pure delight.  Taylor and Barrick have created an easy to navigate website to discover all the latest Lenoir NC events.

Originally launched March 8, 2016, The Lenoir Voice had a broader focus that included politics, news, and religion, but now Taylor and Barrick have shifted to a narrower and harmonious portrayal of the arts in Lenoir.  What you will find moving forward is coverage of Folk and Americana art, music, storytelling, poetry and so much more diverse Blue Ridge culture.

Some recent and noteworthy posts:  “Keeping It Positive Through Music;” fourth in a series about the 21st Annual Caldwell Traditional Musicians’ Showcase, and “Choosing Lenoir,” how newcomers, like the Indiana natives who moved to this warm-spirited community and established the Liquid Roots Brewing Project, are welcomed.  Also be sure to check out “A Good Roots Man” that profiles J.J. Hipps who works tirelessly to “stay true to the blues,”  and “Gathering ‘Round the Open Mic.” There is most definitely a close-knit community in Lenoir that holds tight to its strong musical roots.

Be sure to follow The Lenoir Voice on Instagram.  It’s easy to be connected and share your photos online—just tag The Lenoir Voice.  And don’t forget to subscribe and stay current regarding all the culture and Lenoir NC events.

Those who live at The Coves Mountain River Club love nothing more than taking in the gorgeous scenery that surrounds their dream homes while they catch up on a little cultural news, like where to find an American Folk Art show.

The Coves is perfectly situated to enjoy the best of both worlds—the serenity of your mountain home, with vistas that remain extraordinary season to season, as well as all the cultural happenings in Lenoir from the artistic to the musical to the historic.  Come and visit The Coves and discover just how perfect life can be.

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