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Designing the Ultimate Man Cave at The Coves

man cave designs

The term “man cave” popped up around the mid 1990’s likely from the book ‘Men are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. A book attempting to define the differences between men and woman which include home designs. It’s hard to disagree with how most women love a gorgeous kitchen far more than a man.

Men dig a well appointed-garage or high-tech entertainment room far more then a woman, space in the home often nicknamed the man cave. Today’s man cave is whatever a man wants it to be. Individual tastes and needs will dictate the form it takes, but in essence it’s a refuge – a place a man can call his own. A place for his Harley, train collection, sports memorabilia or bourbon and cigar bar.

Popular culture may conjure images of sports events on large screen TVs, ultra-comfy lounge chairs and a well-stocked bar, but what if your personal passion is woodworking, car or motorcycle restoration or some other activity that warrants organized tool storage and a dedicated work space?  Fortunately, building a mountain home affords one the opportunity to design and create your tailor-made personal man cave in the natural splendor of the Western North Carolina foothills.

Gated communities near Asheville NC, such as The Coves Mountain River Club, are known for their wide and diverse options for enjoying outdoor activities in year-round mild weather.  Hiking, boating, fishing, golf, exploring and more greatly enhance the lives of our active residents.  But sometimes a man wants to focus on more leisurely pursuits, whether they be hobbies or just pastimes that serve to refresh the mind and spirit.

Some of the best man caves are in finished basements, but they can also be smaller spaces, double garages and even sheds converted for that purpose.  North Carolina mountain homes are as diverse as the people who own them, so let’s explore some options so you can begin to picture your own perfect private space.

If entertainment is the goal, your man cave will need to include audio and video.  When you plan, take into account the requirement for protection from outside noise and light sources.  And larger spaces may require specific lighting choices for multiple uses that might include such games as cards, foosball and pool.

Media room seating should be comfortable and positioned so that everyone in the room can see your video screen.  Sectional sofas are great for smaller environments, but plush recliners are a nice option as well.  Wall-mounted TV works best for creating space.  Go for the biggest affordable screen and perhaps build a movie collection with all the classics.  Surround sound is recommended for full enjoyment of sound effects and to get the best out of your video gaming experience.

If you opt for cabinetry, it should allow easy access to all components while keeping cables and connectors out of sight.   A nice basket is great for organizing remote controls and keeping them close at hand.

Personalizing a man cave can be one of the most enjoyable parts of building a mountain home.  Have we stoked your imagination?  Here are some more ideas:

A bar or general beverage area should have a refrigerator, a good liquor selection, glasses and bar stools.  You can install a ‘kegerator’ near the sitting area for constant beer on tap.  If your fitness regimen warrants a home gym, mirrors, proper flooring and natural light can create a professional atmosphere.

Like other neighborhoods, gated communities near Asheville NC have plenty of devoted sports fans.  So it’s not uncommon to encounter man caves decorated in a team motif with posters and memorabilia.  Whatever design scheme you come up with should reflect your own interests and personality.

And let’s not forget to include a sign at the entrance.  You can get creative with neon lights or mixed wood work to declare that this is a place you can call your own. A sign that clearly proclaims the man cave is essential at its entrance. Use neon lights or mixed wood work to create a sign at the doorway or just inside the room. Add a coat hanger nearby to hold coats or hats. To make a man cave more comfortable, install a huge framed or angular hammock either in a corner or beside a window. Optionally, set giant bean bags randomly around the room for lounging or just pile a bunch of pillows on the floor in a corner.

Take a peek at over a dozen builder floor plans where it’s easy to include your ‘man cave’.

If you’re looking at North Carolina mountain homes for now or in the future, be sure to see our friendly neighborhood in Lenoir.  Nestled on five miles of picturesque Johns River riverfront, we offer ideal access to everything the area has to offer including nearby Wilson Creek.  You’ll never be at a loss for something to do or see or experience.  And we’re convenient to all the shopping, dining, medical and education venues you need to be part of your life.

Our design team can help you create the ideal home that encompasses an ideal man cave and any other special features that will help to make your life here the very best it can be.

Call us at 828.754.0700 to schedule a tour.

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