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Come See The Blowing Rock Mile of Flowers

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This is the sixth year of Blowing Rock’s Mile of Flowers celebration, a self-guided tour of private gardens in glorious bloom on June 28, 9:30 am until 4 in the afternoon.  Flower lovers, and those who adore Blowing Rock real estate, will be welcomed at the quaint Rotary Gazebo, 1036 Main Street, and given a wrist band to gain entry into the private gardens, as well as a map for guidance.  The tour is relaxed, allowing participants to linger in local gardens and appreciate incredibly artful and vibrant settings.  It’s an opportunity to socialize with other gardeners and share a cup of tea while learning a few horticultural tips.

Don’t forget to take some photographs to inspire ideas for the flower beds that brighten your Carolina mountain properties. A boutique in the afternoon at Rumple Memorial Presbyterian Church affords the opportunity to purchase hand-crafted items, plants, and garden-themed products.  The afternoon tea is held in the American Legion Hall and is accompanied by an auction of hand-painted rocks by local artists.  Guides will be available to provide gardening information, and an entrance fee of $30 covers the tea as well as the tour.  A shuttle bus will be available although most of the gardens are easily walkable.  This popular event is an opportunity for the community to come together and share their gardening passion.

This region is renowned for its stunning beauty and there’s no question that the flowers and plants that adorn our Blowing Rock real estate contribute to its natural allure.  This beauty echoes beyond our own yards.  As locals and visitors experience the many majestic hikes near Asheville–some through Pisgah National Forest, an incredible lush expanse close to Black Mountain, and running alongside the Blue Ridge Parkway to the south of Blowing Rock—they are able to take in the inspiring landscape.

In addition to Pisgah’s 192,000 acres, Grandfather Mountain provides the highest vantage point of the Blue Ridge region.  Blowing Rock has been a sightseeing attraction for the better part of a century due to Grandfather Mountain, Hawksbill and Table Rock—all popular spots for those with Carolina mountain properties who never take the beauty of western North Carolina for granted.  Our homes are tucked into a natural expanse that provides us with top-notch recreation, amazing wildlife, and views that make us pause and truly embrace the moment.

Blowing Rock’s name was born from the landscape.  This rock formation perches 1,500 feet over the John River Gorge, and causes the wind to gust upwards, carrying leaves and petals up into the North Carolina sky.  Glen Burney Falls and Glen Marie Falls are also worth visiting in this gorgeous region.  This is the time of year to visit, while setting out on your hikes near Asheville, as it’s open daily through December.

And for those with horses who are living in their Carolina mountain properties, the Blowing Rock Equestrian Preserve allows riders a secure place to board their horses convenient to the trails that drift on for miles through the mountains.  Twenty-five miles of horse trails are groomed and waiting for enthusiastic riders.

Blowing Rock was recognized by the national non-profit, America in Bloom, for its spectacular community flowers.  The Coves Mountain River Club is also graced by residents who truly care about the natural beauty of the landscape that surrounds them–as well as growing healthy produce and developing gardening techniques.  From their carefully-tended properties and flourishing gardens, to Isabel’s Garden, a community project that brings folks together over vegetable and flower beds, The Coves’ residents share a passion for the simple and natural life.

When you are setting out for your hikes near Asheville, stop by and visit The Coves’ gorgeous Isabel’s Gardens.   And if you are searching for BlowingRock real estate, The Coves may just be the perfect place for you to build or buy your mountain dream home.

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