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Back to School Kicks Off Lifelong Learning Fun at Caldwell Community College


Just because you’ve settled into retirement at The Coves Mountain River Club, one of the more beautiful gated communities near Asheville NC, doesn’t mean you can’t still follow your passion for additional learning. In fact, that’s what many of our residents do!

Like most of today’s more active and youthful-minded seniors, you’ll probably be looking for more from life now that you’re free from the pressures of work and family obligations.  You’re still not ready to slow down.

That’s why Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute (CCC&TI), with campuses in both Hudson and Boone, offers a schedule of courses (both degree and non-credit) that allow you to pursue your individual interests and hobbies – now that you have the time to enjoy them.

The concept of “lifelong learning” isn’t new, of course.  It’s been around for nearly forty years.  But as members of the baby boomer generation have begun to reach retirement age, it’s become quite a bit more popular.

CCC&TI is an excellent learning institution.  It offers a wealth of opportunities for you to increase your knowledge of subjects you’re already familiar with and others you would like to learn more about.  If you think in terms of your previous school experience, you’ll be delighted to find that the atmosphere is much more informal.  That’s because students in adult education are not working to satisfy a degree requirement.  Like you, they’ll be there by choice.  Some programs don’t even have books or tests, and you can miss a class or drop a course if you wish without repercussions.

Continuing education is a great way to develop new friendships with like-minded people who are close to your age.  It’s also beneficial to your continued mental and physical health, because when you attend a class you’re making important social connections with others who share your experiences and interests.

Why not brush up on your skills, learn some fresh techniques and have some fun as you enter this rewarding and exciting stage of your life?  As we all know, the key to maintaining a sharp mind well into your golden years is regular mental stimulation, much as exercise works to maintain the body’s flexibility.

From sign language to Spanish and beekeeping to motorcycle safety, Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute offers adults a diverse and exciting array of classes, whether they’re seeking specific occupation-related training or just the fun of learning something new.  Anyone who wants to continue working or may need to be re-certified will find plenty of continuing education courses available as well.

Residents of popular gated communities near Asheville NC such as The Coves Mountain River Club in Lenoir never run out of things to do out in the fresh air.  We’re surrounded by natural splendor, and the year-round mild weather allows us to enjoy hiking and biking on mountain trails, exploring Pisgah National Forest, boating and fishing on local lakes and rivers and, of course, plenty of time on the golf course.  And it’s an added blessing to have such easy access to things that stimulate the mind, like local culture, the arts and excellent education options. Be sure to check out the college’s website to explore all of the lifelong learning courses this year.

We do look forward to having you stop by for a visit while you’re in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Did you know we’re on the Johns River at Wilson’s Creek in Lenoir? The Johns River originates at Grandfather Mountain and is a popular kayaking and fishing stream.

Owning a home here will provide you the kind of rich, rewarding senior years you’ve always dreamed you’d have. Take a tour, see the gorgeous surroundings and the many amenities and talk to some of the residents.  You’ll see that there’s really no better choice than The Coves Mountain River Club for living the good life in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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