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Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute

Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute

The “lifelong learning” concept has been around for nearly four decades, but now that members of the baby boomer generation are reaching retirement age, the interest and opportunities are exploding.

Years ago, when folks retired, they headed for the nearest recliner and spent much of the day watching television when they were not enjoying the antics of the grandchildren play at their North Carolina riverfront property. We can still do those things, of course – but today’s retirees want a lot more from life now that they’re finally free from the dual pressures of work and family obligations. After many test out retirement, they find they’re not ready to slow down to a turtle’s pace.

Recognizing the need, Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute (CCC&TI), with campuses in both Hudson and Boone, two mountain towns in North Carolina. The campuses offer buyers of real estate in Lenoir NC, a schedule of exciting courses (both degree and non-credit) that are tailor-made for pursuit of their individual interests, hobbies and unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Here’s just a sample of what’s currently available in the CCC&TI “General Interest” category alone:

Bluegrass Guitar: Learn the basics of playing bluegrass on the acoustic guitar.

Beekeeping: An introduction to the basics of beekeeping as a hobby.

Spring Plant Propagation

Basic Rider Course – Motorcycle: Designed for the student with little or no motorcycle riding experience.

Craft Brewing 101: Brewing beer in small quantities for non-commercial use.

Culinary Classes: Italian, Creole, sushi, cake decorating and more.

Language Classes: Conversational Spanish and French, sign language and more.

Lifelong learning courses provide an opportunity to brush up on our skills, learn some new techniques and meet new like-minded people as we enter this rewarding and exciting stage of your life.

Those who want to continue working, or may need to be re-certified, will find plenty of continuing education courses available at Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute as well.

Just because folks have settled into retirement on a beautiful North Carolina riverfront property at The Coves Mountain River Club, enveloped by the area’s natural splendor, doesn’t mean we can’t still follow our passion for additional learning.

A primary benefit of lifelong learning, of course, is the opportunity to increase our knowledge of subjects we’re already familiar with and others we would like to know more about. But it’s also vital to our continued mental and physical health, because when we attend a class, we’re making important social connections with others who share our experiences and interests.

Unlike what we may remember from our previous school experience, the students in adult education are not trying to satisfy a degree requirement. They are there by choice and are enthusiastic. Many programs have no books or tests, and the atmosphere is informal. And folks can miss a class or even drop a course without repercussion.

Many residents are surprised to find this kind of opportunity available in such small mountain towns in North Carolina. It’s another testament to the richness of life in the Lenoir area, where folks are a world away from the stress of the city but still close enough to take advantage of continuing education at CCC&TI. When we own real estate in Lenoir NC, we quickly realize we have it all.

Living on North Carolina riverfront property at The Coves means we’re esituated between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Brushy Mountains, surrounded by tall hardwood forests. It’s a prime location on the Johns River for those who enjoy fishing or boating, and its proximity to the Catawba River, Rhodiss and Hickory Lake and Wilson Creek.

Folks who live here are in the prime spot for watching when the fall foliage change in the mountain towns in North Carolina. It’s hard to express how much it enriches the soul to watch Nature’s grand weather change. The foothills is where you’ll find mild four season Lenoir weather and lifelong learning courses year round.

We invite you to visit The Coves Mountain River Club to see some of the finest North Carolina riverfront property, views of Grandfather and Table Rock Mountain and real estate in Lenoir NC.

Call us at 828.754.0700 to schedule a tour.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 70 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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