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10 Reasons Why Tiny Houses are Big with Buyers

tiny houses in the mountains

If you’ve heard or read about the tiny house movement, as you’re searching for North Carolina mountain cabins for sale, it’s no surprise.  Typically any home with a living space less than 500 square feet is considered a tiny home.  Now there are even tiny house villages!   Magazines, television, film and online websites have given this international, architectural phenomenon extensive coverage… and for many tangible reasons.

So what exactly are some of these reasons?  Economic gain is top on the list.  Tiny houses cost less than bigger homes and your tremendous savings begin with building costs.  First off, when you’re building a mountain home that’s small in scale, you certainly don’t need a vast plot of land.  Next, your building costs themselves will be substantially lower and the time it takes to be built is by far less. Once you’ve moved into your tiny home, it will become apparent that your monthly maintenance and repair costs are greatly reduced, including both heating and cooling bills. 

The next pleasant surprise comes along when your taxes are due.  Who knew taxes could ever be this low?  Many who live in tiny houses quickly end up with no mortgage, and when you own your home your funds can be channeled elsewhere.

Of course these savings are beneficial for all of us, but especially those who are in retirement mode without the buffer of a generous retirement account.  Those who downsize to tiny houses after searching for North Carolina mountain cabins for sale come to love a much more simple life that gives the gift of freedom and all the sweeter parts of life—family, friends, recreation, hobbies and connecting with the splendor of the mountains in our gorgeous region–no matter the season.

The Coves provides the ideal environment and professional expertise to create the plans and build idyllic tiny houses for those of you who are considering building a mountain home in North Carolina.  The tiny house movement has been gaining popularity steadily, perhaps beginning with the financial crisis a decade ago. 

One of the challenges for many who desire a tiny home is finding the place to build.  Even if you found the location that seems perfect for building a mountain home, zoning can run some serious interference.  Our dedicated and highly-informed professionals take away all the confusion and angst and leave nothing but the joy of planning your own tiny home in the scenic mountains. 

We understand the importance of design when it comes to building tiny houses.  Some of the considerations revolve around multi-functional spaces and the furniture you will choose, hidden storage spaces, state of the art technology in appliances, the value of making the most of vertical space, the beauty of a porch or deck that creates an optional sleep space and more room for entertaining, the importance of natural light, expandable walls, all while providing you with the features you just can’t live without—a fireplace, high ceilings, those customized windows to allow your precious home to blend with nature outside while making your home feel more open and spacious.  Whether you desire a vividly-colored quaint cottage, or a woodsy cabin with minimalist design, The Coves can create the plans of your dreams.

When you and your family take the time out to explore North Carolina mountain cabins for sale, visit The Coves and discover just how incredible your new life can be.  A tiny house could make an attractive second home as well as your primary residence.  Tiny houses are available in as many styles as larger homes while allowing you to life a simpler life and save for your future.

Call us at 828.754.0700 to schedule a tour of our tiny houses!

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