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Woodworking Clubs and Classes in the NC Foothills

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It’s no wonder woodworking’s a popular pastime in this area. With over 20 miles of wood furniture plants and stores, Hickory is known as the “Furniture Capital of the World” and has been since the 1890’s. Among the fun things to do in Hickory NC is participating in woodworking clubs and events that attract both experienced craftsmen and beginners to get together and work on their projects.

Hickory’s is about a half hour’s drive from The Coves Mountain River Club, and we find a lot of our residents make the trip on a regular basis to pick up woodworking supplies and mingle with others who share their passion.

Many began wood carving early in life, perhaps picking up skills from a parent, other relative or mentor.  We find many happy to share their knowledge and offer suggestions for ways to do things that might not be apparent to those who are just getting started.  And they’re open to ideas from others, as well. They understand that, like any craft, woodworking is a lifelong learning process.

Some choose to take up woodworking full-time when they retire, having had little time to devote to hobbies while busy with work and raising a family.  And when they’re looking at North Carolina mountain homes for sale, these woodworkers have made sure there would be sufficient space for the hand tools and equipment they will need.

When you spend some time with anyone who does this for fun or for a living, and you’re likely to hear about the intoxicating smell of newly-cut wood, the deep satisfaction that comes with making something beautiful, and maybe the reward of using your talents to help others.  One of the benefits of joining a woodworking club is the chance to be a part of group volunteer efforts to support the needy and other worthy causes.  That can involve making wooden toys, shelves, or even furniture.  When people with various skill levels are available, there’s always someone who can solve whatever problem might arise.

The beginning woodworker should learn how to design and plan, evaluate the mechanical characteristics and artistic appeal of various woods, and understand completely the functions and necessary safety procedures for any tool used in the process.  Appalachian State University in Boone, about 30 miles northwest of The Coves Mountain River Club, teaches more advanced woodworking classes to develop your abilities.

Motives for woodworking vary according to the goals of those pursuing the craft.  Some may specialize in larger, more ornate projects, while others devote their time to creating accent pieces, art or whatever else strikes their fancy.  And still others may be focused upon the financial aspect – making things to be sold.

Woodcraft, if marketed correctly, can be a good source of income.  There are many ways to approach it, but of course it’s important that you make things people want to buy.  Items that have proved to be popular sellers include custom signs, quality wooden toys, birdhouses and unique picture frames. On a large scale, some make dining tables or carve statues out of timber.

If you’re thinking about taking up woodworking, here’s some help tips. Once you have enough inventory to start selling, look for things to do in Hickory NC and surrounding towns that bring out potential customers, such as craft shows, flea markets, folk and music festivals and similar events.   You’ll find plenty of those going on in the foothills.  A good rule of thumb for pricing is to charge four times the cost of your materials.

The internet’s another good place to market your work, whether it’s on your own web site or one or more of the popular selling sites such as eBay and Etsy.  You can see what others have done and possibly get some good ideas.  And check your local library for a book on how to start a craft business.

Lifelong learning keeps us vital, and woodworker’s know it stimulates both the mind and the body.  As a hobby, there’s no stress because you can work when you feel like it and stop whenever you want to.  And in the end, you have something you’ve made with your own hands that you can be proud of. Perhaps the next treasured family heirloom.

At The Coves Mountain River Club, many of our North Carolina mountain homes for sale and those under construction showcase woodworking craftsmanship. Situated in a forest, we have all types of wood and timber to learn about and try your hand at.

We enjoy year-round mild weather, gorgeous scenery and a wealth of opportunity for indoor and outdoor activities.  There’s always something to do! No matter what your woodworking skill level may be, living here provides you with easy access to the people and resources you need to make the most of your woodworking hobby.

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