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United Arts Council of Catawba County – Learning is Living


Now that you’re considering a move to The Coves, here’s a fun and learn something new. The United Arts Council of Catawba County is starting the year off right with a fun-filled line-up of art exhibits, science exhibits, and live performances. Catawba County is located nearby in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and is part of the Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton Metropolitan Area. Because the county is sheltered by mountains, residents enjoy mild winters and refreshing summer climates where they can enjoy the area’s lakes and rivers and the best North Carolina trout fishing.

Catawba is home to a vibrant, art-focused community that supports local artists, provides education in the arts & sciences, and has several venues that put on lifelong learning events that are fun for the whole family. The year is kicking off with a fun-filled line-up of art exhibits, science exhibits, and live performances. Here’s an overview of events near our North Carolina equestrian community:


The Hickory Museum of Art: 243 Third Ave NE, Hickory, NC 28601. Phone: 828-327-8576 | The Hickory Museum of Art houses exhibitions from local to world-renowned artists. They offer classes for kids, teens, and adults on subjects that include printmaking, portfolio building, figure drawing, and even floral workshops. 


The Green Room Theatre: 10 S Main Ave, Newton, NC 28658. Box Office Phone: 828-464-6128. Main Office Phone: 828-464-6583 | The Green Room Community Theatre is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Catawba County and surrounding communities through the preservation and growth of the dramatic arts. Their show season usually includes at least two musicals, a family show, an all-youth production, and a comedy or drama.

Hickory Community Theatre: 30 3rd St NW, Hickory, NC 28501. Box Office Phone: 828-328-2283. Main Office: 828-327-3855 | The Hickory Community Theatre is an award-winning theatre in the heart of Downtown Hickory, housed in the Old City Hall. They host a full season of plays, which include at least nine full-length shows in addition to child productions and one act plays. 


Catawba Science Center: 243 3rd Avenue NE, Hickory, NC 28603. Phone: 828-322-8169 | The Catawba Science Center is a 35,00 sq. ft. science and technology museum dedicated to changing lives and inspiring learning through science and wonder. They offer hands-on exhibits, salt and freshwater aquarium galleries, and a state-of-the-art digital planetarium theater. 


Full Circle Arts: 42-B Third Street NW, Hickory, NC 28603. Phone: 828-322-7545 | Full Circle Arts is a non-profit artist’s cooperative of regional artists whose members work together to encourage public appreciation of, and education in, the arts. They have a gallery that displays the artwork of exhibiting members, as well as a classroom that is open for courses and workshops in various artistic mediums.

The United Arts Council of Catawba County was originally formed as the Hickory Arts Council in 1960. They were re-incorporated in 1979 as the Catawba County Council for the Arts, and adopted their current name in 2006 to reflect their partnerships with vibrant cultural organizations. Each year, they conduct a United Arts Fund campaign that provides operating support for their Funded Affiliate organizations. They strive to support local youth, encourage lifelong learning, and offer many opportunities for individuals and organizations to receive funding that allows them to promote the arts, science, and history. The UCA offers grants that include support for high school theatre productions, scholarships for Catawba County youth who want to further their independent culture studies, and funding for regional artists.

As you learn more about the foothills, you’ll find The Coves Mountain River Club a vibrant mountain community surrounded by culturally rich entertainment and lifelong learning opportunities. Here our residents watch the sunrise from the mountaintop Pigsah Mountain Lodge, sip wine or stroll through Evelyn’s Vineyard, and plant their own fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers in Isabel’s Garden.

Families (and our four-legged best friends) love taking a dip in Coleton’s Swimming Hole during the summer months or kayaking the Johns River. The most adventurous days are spent hiking to one of our four waterfalls or horseback riding on the 39 miles of trails inside our gates. Residents also enjoy some of the finest North Carolina trout fishing in the state.

At our North Carolina equestrian community, equestrians board their horses at the Round Mountain Ranch, where services include veterinary services and riding lessons. The ranch is located along the shores of the mountain-fed Johns River. Our residents love the spectacular mountain views, friendly community atmosphere, and wellness amenities. We’re confident you will too.

Whether you enjoy outdoor recreation or rich cultural lifelong learning venues, the foothills of North Carolina has it all. Come take a look.

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