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Spring 2018 – Lifelong Learning Courses in Lenoir NC

classes in Lenoir NC

For many people who are considering our mountain towns in North Carolina as a place for retirement, one of the factors affecting their final decision is the availability of adult education classes.  They’re aware that the key to maintaining a sharp mind well into their golden years is regular mental stimulation, much as exercise works to maintain the body’s flexibility, and lifetime learning after retirement affords them the time and opportunity to pursue existing interests and develop new ones. 

When you can choose the subjects you study, going to school is a lot more fun.  And, it’s a great way to develop friendships with like-minded people.  For senior citizens, attending Catawba Valley Community College has the additional benefit of providing interaction with young people, which has proven to be another way to stay engaged and mentally active.

In addition to all the things to do in Lenoir NC, a short drive to Hickory (less than 30 minutes) offers the retiree an intriguing array of class options at Catawba Valley Community College (CVCC).  There are a total of more than 100 different programs, ranging from basic reading and writing courses to specific vocational and technical training to personal enrichment through cultural studies.

Our beautiful scenic panorama here in the foothills may lead you to pursue arts or crafts in one of their many forms or hone your photography skills.  Coming from a city environment, you’ll notice right away that our sky is much more clear than what you’re accustomed to.  Living under such an awe-inspiring blanket of stars, you may want to consider learning more about astronomy at CVCC. 

And anyone who loves to cook can find a number of culinary courses to choose from.  There are also many music appreciation classes for your enjoyment.  Other popular options for retirees include beginning golf, line dancing, basic and advanced computer skills, and personal development opportunities such as yoga.

Retirees who settle into our mountain lifestyle in one of the gated communities near Asheville often find themselves developing an interest in local sports.  CVCC has competitive women’s volleyball and men’s basketball teams you may enjoy following if you live at The Coves.

Did you know, if you’re a citizen age 65 or older and a legal resident of North Carolina, you’re eligible for a waiver of tuition charges for up to six hours of credit instruction and one non-credit instruction per academic semester at community colleges? And CVCC Student Services has information for veterans who may want to use their education benefits.  You can get details about the application process and find out which programs of study are eligible. 

Visit the CVCC web site for complete details or you can call (828) 327-7000 for more information.  The Spring 2018 schedule starts soon.

The above list is just a sample of the many courses available for your lifelong learning adventure.  So rest assured that you can leave the stresses of the big city behind, move to one of the mountain towns in North Carolina and still take advantage of what a quality educational institution has to offer. 

Living at The Coves Mountain River Club, you’ll have easy access to all the things to do in Lenoir NC and the surrounding area.  We’re just a short drive from the picturesque mountain village of Blowing Rock, the magnificent Pisgah National Forest, and Wilson Creek Gorge, a federally-designated wild and scenic river.  And of course there are plenty of boating, fishing, hiking, biking and other outdoor activities to take advantage of.

With unbelievably low prices on custom-built homes, cottages, home sites and estate properties, The Coves Mountain River Club has welcomed many prospective buyers looking at gated communities near Asheville for the ideal retirement destination. 

When you’re near Lenoir, be sure to stop by for a tour.  Enjoy a free glass of wine and watch the sun set over the mountains.  In perfect moments like that, it’s easy to imagine yourself waking up each day in the midst of some of Western North Carolina’s most magnificent views.

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