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Smoking in the Foothills NC

Smoking in the Foothills NC

Coming October 2016, the mountain towns in North Carolina will witness (and taste) an amazing barbecue festival in downtown Lenoir. This is a national championship event. From beer vendors, food vendors, live music, kids’ activities, auctions and corn hole tournaments, the two-day event offers NC mountain communities a rare opportunity to explore the local heritage, which is not void of the modern creativity. The event will take place between 15th and 16th October 2016. Lenoir is a small mountain town with a big flare for art and great food. It has the largest public display of sculptured art in the country.


When it comes to fun festivals in the mountain towns in North Carolina, one cannot wish away the fun and the adventure that comes with the natural features available in North Carolina. While it’s a Kansas City Barbecue Society authorized event, it has caught the attention of the ruling authorities, following the recent proclamation by the North Carolina Governor, as a Championship event. A look at the past event gives an indication of thousands of attendees, with a possibility of a rise from the previous attendance of about 12,000 people.

While you might be thrilled by the wide variety of foods available, you cannot miss the live entertainment that features both local and international artists. You do not have to be a Pitmaster to attend the event as there will be plenty of activities to indulge.

Traditional arts and crafts bring out the local heritage that is not only informative but elegant to feature in your living room. You can not only view the stunning collections, but also buy the goodies to take home that suit your taste. Come thirsty. Wine and beer enthusiasts are treated to some of the locally brewed and international brands thanks to samples from the participating vendors.

Souvenir sales and Cornhole tournament attract a huge following while the poker run involving the red and blue Knights is entertaining. If you want to get a sense of real southern North Carolina hospitality and family fun, rest assured this is the place with engaging activities suitable for kids of ages. You can watch the play on the inflatables, drive on kids trains, as you taste the delicious barbeque, freshly cut French fries and pizza among others.


Held in the stunning foothills of North Carolina, the international barbecue competition features numerous pitmaster barbeque cooks. The cooks are out to showcase their might through the food, with the winner taking home lots of cash and trophies at different categories. Visitors, as well as residents of the NC mountain communities, will get a chance to observe world-class cooks preparing the barbecue. Unlike the previous festival, the 2016 event organizers reserve a whopping $12,700 in cash for the winners, with other prizes available for other categories.

The contest runs on set rules, designed to give a fair platform to all contestants. The presence of KCBS officials, official organizers and judges preserve the integrity of the competition, ensuring the best opponent scoops the prize. On this occasion, players will be allowed to use gas or charcoal, and turn in two types of meat; pork ribs and chicken. 


Everyone aspires to live in a serene environment in the friendly mountain towns of North Carolina. At The Coves Mountain River Club, one cannot escape the opportunity to gulp the fresh garland of wildflowers, wish upon the millions of stars and dine on the mountain top at this private paradise. Our gated community is not only idyllic but signifies the blend between mountain creativity and natural features.

We have five miles of frontage on the mountain fed Johns River connecting to Wilson Creek, a protected national wilderness widely known for hiking trails, kayaking, and some of the best fly fishing in North Carolina. Community gardens, a full service equestrian center, four waterfalls, four community parks and over 39 miles of hiking trails are located within our gates.

If you are planning for the upcoming Smoking in the Foothills festival, come see us and say hello. You’ll soon discover why almost 100 property owners choose to live year round our mountain community in the foothills of North Carolina.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 70 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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