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Our Adventure to Hart Square in Newton NC

CovesNC_Hart_Square_North_CarolinaOn the fourth Saturday of every October, residents of The Coves Mountain River Club in Lenoir rent a bus and head for Vale, where the Hart Square Festival presents more than 300 artisans and docents sharing their knowledge and demonstrating the craftsmanship of the area’s pioneers.

All of the mountain towns in North Carolina have a rich history, and this popular event brings much of it together at one location. From flax-making and tinsmithing to cotton baling and old time music, it’s like taking a trip back to the 1800s. Between all that and the many things to do in Hickory North Carolina, which is just a few miles away, it’s easy to see why so many people flock to the Hart Square festival every year.

It’s been presented since 1986 and runs from ten in the morning till five in the afternoon. Tickets are available on the first working day of October at the Catawba County Museum of History in Newton. You can buy them in person or call (828) 465-0393 to order by phone. For more details, contact the Hart Square Foundation Executive Director, Rebecca Anne Hart, at

The Hart Square Festival evolved from Dr. Robert Hart’s efforts to rescue and preserve artifacts of 19th century Carolina life. Starting with a hundred acres of land he purchased in the early 1970s, where he developed lakes for the use of wood ducks and other native water fowl, he began accumulating original log structures in various states of disrepair, restoring them, and – over time – creating an actual village from them on his property. Now there are more than ninety, ranging from corn cribs and barns to houses and chapels and even a few outhouses.

Bob and Becky Hart have been recognized for their efforts by publications such as Foxfire, Homestead, Off Hours, Our State, Early American Life and many newspapers. A documentary, “Hart Square – The 1840 Carolina Village” was produced in 1997 and received an Aurora Gold Award. It continues to air on public television. Preservation North Carolina presented their Gertrude S. Carraway Award of Merit to them in 1997, and Bob was honored by the local chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution with their National Conservation Medal the following year.

History buffs are right at home in the mountain towns in North Carolina. There’s so much to learn and see, and luckily the people behind events like the Hart Square Festival work hard to educate new generations regarding the vibrant history of the area. When you’re looking at Western North Carolina land for sale, it’s interesting to know what nearby events may have shaped the events of those early days.

Be sure to check out things to do in Hickory North Carolina, and the surrounding area, if you’re planning a trip in late October. It’s the height of the foliage season, so be sure to plan well in advance for your accommodations. With the mild fall weather and the panorama of color on full display, is there any better time to visit?

At The Coves Mountain River Club, we know the value of living in the foothills, where life is filled with unique opportunities to take advantage of all that’s good about the present while respecting the elegant beauty of our natural surroundings and the efforts of all those who came before us. We’d love for you to visit when you’re nearby.

Whether you want to stay as active as possible or just take it easy in one of the most beautiful locales in this part of the country, retirees seeking Western North Carolina land for sale have found that The Coves Mountain River Club is one of the best bargains around. We think you’ll agree.

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