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Find Your Wings Flying High in Western North Carolina

fun things to do in Lenoir NC

The beauty of Western North Carolina gives those of us who own Carolina mountain properties many reasons to celebrate each and every day, days that we have planted our feet upon the soil of this spectacular region. One of the many fun things to do in Lenoir NC is soaring in the sky like eagles. Have you ever imagined an elevated view of Grandfather, Table Rock and Hawk’s Bill Mountains? If so, why not expand your bucket list to include Thermal Valley’s tandem hang gliding over the foothills. 

Located between Lenoir and Morganton, this is an idyllic spot to make the most of Lenoir North Carolina weather.  Thermal Valley is a family-owned and family-operated business making it possible for folks to soar through the sky on a hang glider, from April through October, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons as well as when the weather permits throughout the winter months.  What a magical way to spend a weekend soaring like a hawk over the amazing landscape, a view of the Catwba River glinting below.

Larry Falls mans The Dragonfly, a special plane that tows the hang gliders for almost half the flight, while Thermal Valley co-owner, Craig Pearson, flies the glider from a double harness for himself and his lucky passenger. In their skilled hands, you can learn how to steer the glider by glancing left or right over your shoulder. The bars are also your controls to slow down or speed up through the perfect Lenoir North Carolina weather.

Thermal Valley’s setting is idyllic, placed upon the sweet foothills between charming towns where some of the best Carolina mountain properties exist.  There’s no doubt why people who live in this region, as well as frequent visitors, are so eager to perfect their hang gliding skills or embrace a brand new hobby when looking for things to do in Lenoir NC.  In a nutshell, Thermal Valley allows you to learn basic flying skills with an USHPA certified tandem flying instructor as well as to chose your desired altitude.   

The instructor allows you to fly as much as you wish until it’s time to land. Passengers can share their incredible experiences with friends and family via an HD video.  Flights are by appointment only and the capable staff at Thermal will make you feel welcome and secure.   Thermal now offers aero-towing to people with current AT rating who have aero-towed within the last several months. Larry Falls is the chief tug pilot and a top-notch aviator with experience on Naval aircraft carriers.  Craig Pearson is President, tug pilot, tandem pilot and recently added light sport CFI for airplanes.  Laura Pearson is co-owner and takes great care of the ground crew.

Thermal Valley’s January 18, 2018 blog states:  “Our 2017 season has been our best ever.  We flew more tandems, had more solo tows, and increased our staff during the busiest time.  We purchased a scooter towing system… and have purchased several ‘winch’ gliders including our newest North Wing sky surfer nicknamed ‘Jenny.’”

Here’s nore info about pricing for Tandem Discovery Flights:

• Flights to 1500 feet–$159

• Flights to 2000 feet–$199

• Mile high flights–$385

• Altitude Upgrade–$40 / 500 feet

• HD Video–$45

Weight and age restrictions apply.

We’re thrilled to have fun things to do like this in Lenoir. Our mountain community is known for spectacular 360 degree summit views towering high above the most prime Carolina mountain properties. Yet, there’s no better spot to be grounded than at The Coves, with the Johns River and cascading waterfalls setting the peaceful tone as one day coasts blissfully into the next. 

The pleasant year round Lenoir North Carolina weather is one of the obvious reasons why this region of North Carolina is so sought after but there’s so much more. Come check us out and see why you’ll never run out of things to do in Lenoir NC— whether your on terra firma or soaring through the air—you will adore either perspective all while living beneath the roof of your dream mountain home.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 70 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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