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Delightful Year Round Four Season Weather in Lenoir NC


Whether you’ve been able to enjoy a relaxing experience in the foothills, or have been able to at last, settle into your charming mountain home, Lenoir North Carolina weather provides the ideal backdrop to accent all four seasons of the year. 

After exploring NC mountain real estate all around Western North Carolina, many have chosen to relocate or retire in Lenoir to escape the harsher winters in the northeast, or leave the heat and humidity of the deep south behind. There are not too many places where you can actually have the best of all worlds, leading a healthy and active life with an assortment of outdoor opportunities that are seemingly endless which includes fantastic hikes near Asheville NC. At an elevation ranging from 1,100 to almost 2,000 feet, Lenoir is truly the sweet spot when it comes to great four season weather.

These days it’s easy enough to search the places we may want to consider spending our retirement years, or, if possible, our pre-retirement years, with just a click of our internet browser.   The Lenoir North Carolina weather shines online with all the details of its four mild seasons, which provide a year-round temperate landscape to draw you and your family outside into the healthy fresh air. 

What would you discover with a little online research?  Winter days in Lenoir are mild, with 52 degrees as the high and 28 degrees as the low, and less than five inches of snowfall.  Spring eases into Lenoir with 69 degrees as the high and 44 as the low, perfect weather for the wildflowers to bloom. 

When summer arrives, you will find a moderate 86 degree high and 64 degree low.  Fall boasts 68 degree highs and 46 degree lows, encouraging vibrant fall colors from the end of September until early November. But there’s nothing better than leaving that computer screen behind and experiencing the magic for yourself!   

Whether you adore the hikes near Asheville NC, or you prefer spending peaceful hours in your vegetable garden, the mild climate will make all of your hobbies and recreation more than just a dream or hopeful scribbles filling up your bucket list.  It’s no wonder so many have found Lenoir to be one of the most charming mountain towns in the state, and it’s no surprise that NC mountain real estate is quietly flourishing in the foothills.

There’s so much to be grateful for in Lenoir.  Keep this in mind when you’re searching for NC mountain real estate–sunny days abound—totaling about 210 a year, with blue skies accentuated by the lush green mountains.  Perhaps one of the best features is the region’s diversity, and the proximity of so many enticing environments with a mere click of your car’s ignition. 

Lenoir is situated in a setting you need to witness in person, tucked beneath the Blue Ridge Mountain range, and located at an elevation of 1,168 feet above sea level.  If a winter day arrives where you want to hit the slopes, the High Country is awaiting you with ski resorts, like Beech Mountain, that can accommodate the entire family, and at the end of the day you can return to the comfort of your mountain home. 

On a balmy summer day when you’re craving some cooler, higher elevation air, Blowing Rock awaits you with an admirable elevation of 3,566 feet for views that will  take your breath away while you inhale some refreshing mountain air, sometimes ten or twenty degrees cooler.  Take some photos of nature, the abundant wildlife and lush flowers and vegetation, hike to your heart’s content in the shade of the woods, dip your feet in the stream, take a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and then return to your sweet Lenoir home.

Life at The Coves is where you can enjoy all that the Lenoir NC weather has to offer, accompanied by the diverse and invigorating landscape.  Keep in mind–this is how you create a day to day existence that will make you feel you’re on a perpetual vacation.  Explore Lenoir, take in Wilson Creek, T.H. Broyhill Walking Park, or Lenoir Greenway–if you’re up for some hikes near Asheville NC, and see how the charm of this town is undeniable.

The Coves is a friendly social community where neighbors and friends take part in all the perks of the mountain community.  On any given day, folks can be found outdoors peddling their bikes through The Coves’ scenic trails, lacing up their hiking boots for invigorating hikes near Asheville NC, paddling, fishing, or floating leisurely down the Johns River, horseback riding with some friends, or simply lazing beneath the canopy of the trees, the sound of a cascading waterfall in the background, while they get lost in their books.  Those who settle in at The Coves, understand how important creature comforts are, and how your life can be transformed by nature, the ideal home, and a caring and close-knit community.

The Coves is a gem in every sense of the word.  Are you tired of ice and five-foot snow falls that obscure your driveway?  Come and see for yourself, no matter the season, you will be happy you choose to visit this charming historic mountain town and build at The Coves.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 70 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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