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Caldwell Senior Center – More Ways to Enjoy Retirement

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Retirees looking for things to do in Lenoir NC and in the North Carolina mountain communities are pleasantly surprised by the wide range of learning opportunities available to them at Caldwell Senior Center in the foothills of Western North Carolina. Yes, it’s like going back to school.

Unlike previous generations, most seniors today don’t see reaching their sixties as a signal to embrace a sedentary lifestyle.  To the contrary. In fact, many believe today’s 60 year old is the new 50. And this new found freedom at retirement provides them a chance to pursue interests both old and new, hone their skills, and – most important of all – to keep their minds active and sharp.  From taking up new hobbies to downsizing into efficient tiny houses, this modern time creates incredible opportunities for seniors.

Shattering the stereotypes of decades past, older boomers these days are more active and engaged.  They’ve already realized many of the benefits of computers, smartphones and other devices and social platforms that have enhanced our daily lives. And if there’s a way to become more proficient at using them, they’re ready to take on the challenge. Fortunately Caldwell Senior Center has computers available for use, and one-on-one tutoring that can be arranged by appointment. And the center offers more.

No matter what our age, dancing is both invigorating and good for the body and soul.  Maybe you’ve watched line dancers and thought that “some day” you’d love to learn those moves and get in on the fun.  Well, now’s your chance.  The good news is that we’re never too old to line dance.  Even better news is that beginner line dancing classes are ours to enjoy at Caldwell Senior Center, with the option of participating in intermediate and advanced groups as we continue.

We’re told throughout our adult lives how important it is to get sufficient exercise.  But for many of us, the pressures of work and family obligations make that task difficult if not impossible to accomplish.  And so we fail to realize the satisfaction that comes with pushing oneself to achieve physical goals, the endorphin rush that comes from surpassing our self-perceived limitations, and the countless rewards of maintaining optimal health.  Luckily, it’s never too late to start.  Exercise isn’t the exclusive province of the young.  We all see stories of people in their retirement years who start training to run marathons and competitive sports to participate in the National Senior Games.

What’s your preference?  Yoga?  Low impact aerobics?  How about strength training using hand weights, plus stretching and balance exercises?  The range of choices you’ll find at Caldwell Senior Center allows you to start slowly and and take on more as you progress toward reaching your optimal energy level.

Let’s talk about the word “can’t”.  It’s just doesn’t apply here.  We have so many things to do in the North Carolina mountain communities like The Coves Mountain River Club. How about woodcarving?  Oil painting?  Singing?  Of course you can!  Take that first crucial step by joining a class at Caldwell Senior Center in Lenoir…and surprise yourself.

Be sure to visit the Center’s web site to see all of the exciting events coming up.  There are also plenty of resources there for useful information and assistance, in addition to a complete list of classes you can take.  Just contact them anytime Monday through Friday from nine A. M. to five P. M. if you want more information.

When you visit us at The Coves Mountain River Club, you’ll get a good idea of what others have done, and our expert design team can show you how best to make your dreams come true. Be sure to check out our new tiny houses collection.

In the foothills of Western North Carolina, senior living means having more choices, not fewer.  From the vibrant Caldwell Senior Center to the many invigorating outdoor activities to the fascinating local culture to the chances for continuing education, the years you spend here can be the very best ones of your life!

Call us at 828.754.0700 to schedule a tour of The Coves.  

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