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15th Annual NC Blackberry Festival

15th Annual NC Blackberry Festival

On Saturday, July 9, 2016, the 15th Annual NC Blackberry Festival comes to town and will feature the world’s largest Patchwork of Blackberry Cobbler. Like most of Lenoir NC events, the festival in North Carolina is always fun and delicious. The foodie festival attracts a significant number of attendees from the surrounding mountain towns in North Carolina that come all the way to mark the celebrations.

A myriad of activities

If you are looking for good old-fashioned fun, then make a point of attending this year’s festival in North Carolina. Participants can expect recipe contests and blackberry eating competitions from different contenders all around Western North Carolina. As if taste testing is not enough, blackberry themed items for sale will include the crafts, art, music, more food, and beverages with the pre-heat party commencing the experience.

Don’t leave the grandkids at home. The event comes with plenty of children activities that are not only enjoyable but are also educational. They can get their face painted and do their own taste testing too. Of all the Lenoir NC events, the Blackberry Festival is arguably the most delicious  in the region owing to the blend of activities that make it memorable.

The health benefits associated with blackberries

While many people are thrilled by the occurrences of the festival, not enough is spoken about the health benefits of the locally grown fruit. The fruit is abundant in Bioflavins, and vitamin C that is known for anti-aging effects with the antioxidants improves the general health condition of body organs. Other vitamins provided by blackberries include Vitamin E, B2. B3 and K while a cup of the fruits contains 62 calories and hence reducing fast weight gain.

The origin

While 2016 Lenoir NC event marks one and a half decade since inception, it’s hard to evade the recap of the root of the celebrations. About 11 species of the fruits originated from North Carolina and hence the perpetual association with the fruits. Despite the numerous breeding stations established in the 1930s, Americans hold the State with high regard when it comes to growing blackberries. With the changing settlement plans and the diminishing farmland, one can just grow the fruit right at the home and enjoy significant returns.

Isabel’s Garden at The Coves Mountain River Club

If you are a resident of The Coves Mountain River Club, you have a community garden right within your neighborhood. The topography, soil fertility, and it’s location along the Johns River will bring you pleasant returns. Did you know, Wilson Creek connects to the Johns River and derives its natural waters flowing down from the iconic Grandfather Mountain? You must see Isabel’s Garden.

As a community thriving in one of the prettiest mountain towns in North Carolina, you may not get the luxury of practicing large-scale farming but you can right at home. In a bid to contain the growing appetite for community gardens, more and more master planned communities are including community gardens to please residents. Community gardens can be managed individually or through dedicated committees who don’t mind lending a helping hand. The shared gardens not only ensures healthy produce but also eliminates need to run into town for herbs, fruits or vegetables.

Life at The Coves Mountain River Club

With the festival in North Carolina just a few months away, this is the time to plan your trip to Lenoir to enjoy the festival and your The Coves Mountain River Club. While you’re here, why not scatter your favorite flower seeds in Isabel’s Garden. Evelyn’s Vineyard is right next door and adds even more to the beauty of the area. If your time allows, we invite you to kayak or cast a line in the Johns River. Here you’ll find mountain homes at the summit facing Table Rock Mountain, homes adjacent to the river or homes tucked privately in the woods.

More amenities at The Coves Mountain River Club

  • 6,000 square foot Mountaintop Lodge
  • 8,000 square foot Wrap Around Deck at the Lodge
  • Infinity-view Swimming Pool & Hot Tub
  • Fitness Center with Cardio & Weight Equipment
  • Well Appointed Kitchen and Bar Area
  • Outdoor Living Room & Fire Pit
  • Billiard Room

To check on accommodations and plan your trip during one of the fun Lenoir NC events, call us at 828-754-0700.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 70 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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