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National Trails and Hikes Near Asheville NC

hikes near Asheville NC

Did you participate in National Trails Day last month?   From volunteering at a service project to being part of an individual or organized cleanup effort, people take this opportunity each year to pledge their time and energy to a nationwide movement to sustain and preserve America’s trails system for the benefit of future generations.

Anyone who hikes near Asheville NC knows the value of these great natural resources.  And residents of The Coves Mountain River Club are fortunate enough to have easy access to miles of the nation’s most popular and scenic hiking and horse trails, right within our 3600-acre community near the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Western part of the state.

You don’t have to be a trained athlete to enjoy the experience.  From less taxing walks along the bank of the Johns River to a real workout climbing up to Davis Knob’s 1700 feet of elevation, anyone who wants to spend time in our breathtaking surroundings has plenty of opportunities to do so.

Here’s a guide to some of the highlights:

  • Switchback Trail – Three-and-a-half miles in length, it crosses over several streams and brings you to the bottom of the lodge, by the old gold mine and along Mila Cascading Falls.
  • Spine Trail –  Another three-and-a-half-mile trail that takes you through the pasture property alongside the stock fishing pond, past the wildlife viewing area and over several beautiful streams.
  • Winding River Trail –  You’ll follow the Johns River tor two miles, passing Coves River Park, the community gardens and stables leading to Coleton’s Swimming Hole.
  • Magnolia Trail –  This one-and-a-half-mile trail starts down near the pasture and then climbs in elevation about 100 feet, where it overlooks the river.  Then you’ll go deep into the woods and back down to Coleton’s Swimming Hole.
  • Tranquility Vineyard Trail – Hike a one-mile trail deep into woods and along several small streams down to the vineyard.
  • Little Waterfall Trail – It starts at Table View Lane and takes you three quarters of a mile, passing several waterfalls and tying into Waterfall Trail.
  • Cedar Cove Trail – It’s a half-mile hike that brings you to the Waterfall Trail and eventually the community gardens and stables.
  • Waterfall Trail – Take this trail a half mile down to Waterfall Park and into the community gardens.
  • Hawks Nest Trail – This is another half-mile hike that brings you from Waterfall Lane down along a spring-fed stream and into the Waterfall Trail leading to the community gardens and stable.

You won’t want to miss our four cascading waterfalls of Western North Carolina:

  • Grandfather Gorge Falls – a fifty-foot triple-tier waterfall over large boulders that plunges into a pool.
  • Mila Cascading Falls – a dramatic, stairway-like waterfall into the Johns River at Mila Park.
  • Highland River Falls – tumbles down a mountain hollow into the Johns River
  • Penelope Cascading Falls – a forty-foot layered waterfall with splash areas, with easy access near the Coves River Park

Hikes near Asheville NC are a treat for all the senses.  You’ll see wildlife in its native habitat, dramatic foliage at every turn and spectacular views of the natural wonders that make life at The Coves Mountain River Club rewarding on so many levels.  Whether it’s a  short day hike or a full day’s adventure, it all awaits you right outside your mountain home. Please come by The Coves Mountain River Club and see all we have to offer.  Our hiking and horse trails are wide and well-marked, and they lead to scenic outlooks, picnic areas, and community parks.  Be sure to bring your camera! 

And, of course, our fresh, clean mountain air and year-round mild weather create the perfect environment for hiking and all the other outdoor activities that make living here in the foothills one of life’s greatest pleasures.

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