Hiking & Horse Trails

female horse back riding on mountain trailsA walk in the woods continues to be one of the most sought-after nature experiences. The smells, sounds and unpredictable opportunity to observe wildlife in their natural setting heightens our senses and soothes our soul. The timelessness of it is sublime.

In a perfect world, groomed hiking trails are found right within a neighborhood. Mission accomplished! The Coves Mountain River Club strives for perfection in every way and has completed nearly 20 miles of hiking trails. With 3,200 acres ranging from 1,040 to 1,700 feet in elevation, trail difficulty ranges from flat easy hikes along the Johns River to more strenuous climbs up to Davis Knob in our gated community.

Our hiking and horse trail system blends seamlessly within the forest. The hiking and horse trails are wide, well marked and lead to scenic outlooks, picnic areas, and community parks. Thirteen miles of the trails are ‘horse friendly’. Residents can choose a short day hike or a full day adventure without ever leaving our gated community.

Fauna and flowers common to see on our trails include mountain laurel, poplar, rhododendron, azaleas and wild mushrooms. Bird enthusiasts can expect to see a variety of woodpeckers, owls, bluebirds, colorful finches and hummingbirds. Unplug, pack a lunch and grab a camera. You’re in for a treat hiking our trails.

15 Miles of Hiking and Horse Trails

Switchback Trail

3.5-mile trail crossing over several streams, brings hikers to bottom of the lodge, by the old gold mine and along Mila Cascading Falls

Spine Trail

3.5-mile trail that brings hikers through the pasture property alongside the stock fishing pond and past the wildlife viewing area and over several beautiful streams

Winding River Trail

2-mile trail that follows along the Johns River, passing Coves River Park, the community gardens and stables leading to Coleton’s Swimming Hole

Magnolia Trail

1.5-mile trail starting down near the pasture then goes up in elevation about 100ft overlooking the river, then deep into woods and back down to Coleton’s Swimming Hole

Tranquility Vineyard Trail

1-mile trail that brings hikers deep into woods and along several small streams down to the vineyard

Little Waterfall Trail

.75-mile trail that starts at Table View Lane and passes several waterfalls and ties into Waterfall Trail

Cedar Cove Trail

.5 mile trail that brings hikers to the Waterfall Trail leading to the community gardens and stables

Waterfall Trail

.5 mile trail that brings hikers down to Waterfall Park and into community gardens

Hawks Nest Trail

.5 mile trail that brings hikers from Waterfall Lane down along spring-fed stream into the Waterfall Trail leading to the community gardens and stable

Four Cascading Waterfalls

Grandfather Gorge Falls

50-foot triple tier waterfall over large boulders plunging into a pool

Mila Cascading Falls

Easy access, dramatic stairway-like waterfall into the Johns River at Mila Park

Highland River Falls

Easy access, tumbles down a mountain hollow into the Johns River

Penelope Cascading Falls

40-foot layered waterfall with splash areas, easy access near the Coves River Park

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