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Dowsers – Skilled Ways to Find Gushing Water

dowsing for water

We are all aware of the importance of water in our every day lives.  Through the centuries and across the continents, people have developed methods to find essential water sources.  Dowsing is one of these methods, using a Y or L-shaped twig or rod.  In the late 1900’s those who headed across the country relied upon dowsing to locate wells on their property.  When the dowsing rods cross into an X, the water source is likely to have been found.

For those of us in modern day times, there are more reliable ways to find water sources for our homes in the North Carolina mountains yet you will still find dowsers in the mountains. Although it may sound a little hokie pokie but there’s actually a real science to it. Skeptics may dismiss dowsing but farmer’s in the draught stricken state of California rely on them.

From day to day, we don’t typically tally up how much water we’re using in our NC mountain homes.  But for those of us who have decided on The Coves as the best place to retire in North Carolina, we have a little homework to do along the way.  Most people use approximately fifty to a hundred gallons daily.  Multiply by the number of family members living beneath your roof, and you’ll see how quickly these gallons add up.  Showering, bathing, running the dishwasher, using the hose outside—all these activities mean we need a steady water source to rely upon.

Our real estate team and home builders help simplify the process by taking the budget, design, and lifestyle needs into account.  There are manageable steps to take into consideration when building Carolina mountain properties. 

When considering our water source, it’s important to understand the property and have a realistic understanding of your budget.  The well is of course part of the budget since most NC mountain homes don’t have access to public water.  The cost of drilling for water is usually calculated by the foot as well as what type of ground is being drilled. We always suggest getting an estimate in writing but remember, it is an estimate. Until the proper water pressure is obtained and final depth determined, you wont’ know the exact cost. Fortunately, our team is made up of seasoned professionals with years of home building (and drilling) experience.

It’s important to know that seasonal changes can also impact the well’s capacity. For the most part, keen geophysical, geological and hydrologic knowledge are needed as well as the ability to test for water at potential Carolina mountain properties.  Our professionals can help in the planning of your water system, and determine the peak demand of your future household. 

The peak demand is most often in morning and evening for a two-hour window.  This means if you estimate the water usage in your home will be 600 gallons daily, then the well system needs to be able to supply that amount in the peak period.  The amount of water that your well can supply is known as its yield, and taking seasonal change into account, the experts you hire will let you know the flow rate of your favorite property.  Higher flow rates are needed for homes that are more expansive with more family members, needs and appliances being used daily. 

Surround yourself with the right team of skilled professionals like us who understand the nature of building NC mountain homes from start to finish.  We will help you will create the affordable house of your dreams in the mountain of North Carolina.

If you are considering a dowser or would like to compare their findings before you drill, The Appalachian Chapter of America Society of Dowsers is where locals connect with dowsers.

Come to The Coves and we’ll share more of our home building secrets with you. It’s our pleasure to help! 

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