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Cook-Offs at Pisgah Mountain Lodge

There’s nothing like a cook-off to bring the North Carolina mountain communities together to share comforting food and conversation. Whether you relish a cooking competition for a chance to up your culinary game, or you simply want to dig into the most satisfying and savory creations, gathering at a cook-off will soon be one of your favorite past times.  No wonder this tradition has captured the culinary heart of our country since the 1950s when they first began as social gatherings to raise funds or provide a little low-key competition.   

You’ve more than likely heard of BBQ, chili, steak, corn bread, chowder, cowboy, black pot, seafood, and gumbo cook-offs from coast to coast.  Magazines like Southern Living even have chef’s comfort food cook-offs with ten most celebrated chefs sharing their most satisfying recipes. Restaurants have become hooked on the concept as well, since it’s a natural way to drum up business while letting the public judge which chef serves up the most delectable recipe. 

Plenty of folks who enjoy the good life in their fabulous NC mountain homes at The Coves have faithfully attended the seasonal cook-offs, spaced perfectly throughout the year to ensure not too much time goes by without a sweet celebration with friends, family and neighbors.  Whether its inside by a fire or from the veranda overlooking our infinity-view swimming pool, hanging out at Pisgah Mountain Lodge is always a pleasure. And for folks thinking about building a home in the mountains, the five Coves Cook-Offs are the perfect chance to experience the friendliness of our mountain community and enjoy Pisgah Lodge.

Check out The Coves Cook-Off calendar for 2018:

• March 17th Saturday 1-4pm International Cook-Off

This year instead of the annual Italian cook-off, one of the finest North Carolina mountain communities are trying something even more challenging—now folks at The Coves have culinary choices from around the world to bring to the lodge. The cooking options will be as limitless as our appetites. Prepare your finest international fare if you dare. Sides and desserts are more than welcome to accompany our main dishes. Come hungry, come willing to sample unique dishes, and don’t forget to wear your green for St. Patrick’s Day.  And for those of you who attended in the past, you’ll be jazzed to know musician Bobby Steadman will be returning to perform and provide the perfect accompaniment to the scenic backdrop of the Blue Mountains.

• June 16th Saturday 1-4 pm Rib Cook-Off

If you’re busy building a home in the mountains, you’ve most certainly heard of the fierce competition at our annual Rib Cook-Off at The Coves. No one leaves this event feeling hungry.  Many who are not up for the rib challenge bring along their family-pleasing sides.  The mouth-watering aroma of the lodge will linger in your mind long after the cook-off has passed.  Bring your friends, your family and your appetites. This event is finger licking good.

• August 18th Saturday 1-4 pm  Side Dish Cook-Off

Join us at The Coves Mountain River Club for our annual Side Dish Cook-Off. This is the opportunity to show off your scrumptious recipes that have been in your family for generations.  Do you believe your great grandmother’s corn bread stuffing, or maybe your aunt’s garlic mashed potatoes that bring your dinner guests back for seconds can steal the show?  Bring your family’s famous side dish for a chance to win first prize.

• October 20th Saturday 1-4pm Chowder Cook-Off

Those who live in the North Carolina mountain communities know when autumn has arrived.  There’s an invigorating crispness in the air and the leaves begin their colorful turn.  This is the time of year for warm comfort food, and chowder is one of the first meals that comes to mind.  This fall don’t miss our Chowder Cook-Off on the summit inside our Pisgah Mountain Lodge.  Maybe you’ll be lucky enough not only to leave with a satiated appetite but also with a prize for the most superb chowder recipe.

• December 8th Saturday 1-4pm Chili & Apple Cook-Off

As we move into the holiday season, we don’t need much reason to come together for a hearty bowl of chili followed by a slice of sweet apple pie.  Please join us for our Annual Chili and Apple Pie Cook Off. The mountain views will put you in the holiday spirit alongside your neighbors good cheer and awesome food.  There will be prizes awarded for the most delicious Chili and Apple Pie recipes.

The Coves residents are outstanding cooks who adore their NC mountain homes are more than willing to share tried and true family recipes while they take in the mesmerizing views at Pisgah Mountain Lodge, a spacious 6000 square foot clubhouse graced by an 8000 square foot veranda at 1,700 feet. 

These five annual events are an opportunity to meet new friends and taste new food while taking in the spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains–including Grandfather Mountain, Table Rock, Hawks Bill, and the Wilson Creek Gorge. Celebrations of food, culture and music are among the favorite things those who live in NC mountain homes adore.  Take that first step to learn more about building a home in the mountains and see why The Coves spectacular location is one of a kind.

RSVP for any of the Cook-Offs by calling 828.754.0700. 

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Why Buyers Are Choosing New Over Resales

building a mountain home

If you’ve spent time in the mountains in North Carolina, then you have most certainly come to understand the Blue Ridge Dream. How the mountains have inspired generation after generation to put down their roots in the cozy mountain towns that keep the pulse of the America strong.  Folks who are building a mountain home have no doubt that this majestic region in Western North Carolina is where they need to be, for a higher quality of life and sense of wellbeing. 

National forests such as Pisgah and Nantahala National Forest are the perfect protective buffers for the mountains, and add to the serene beauty of the region with healthy rivers, wildlife and lush plants and trees. Wilson Creek is found in Pisgah Forest. The waterway system originates at Grandfather Mountain and falls down into the Johns River at The Coves. These natural wonders are just some of the reasons people searching for NC mountain land for sale choose the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Building a mountain home in Western North Carolina is the Blue Ridge Dream. Why these dreamers are opting to settle into a new home as opposed to a resale is easy to grasp.  Once they have found that idyllic North Carolina mountain real estate, maybe tucked into a hillside with plenty of acreage for their horses to roam or perched up high with long range views to inspire friends and family as they gather for a home cooked meal, life becomes more peaceful. This is the mountain paradise residents at The Coves have come to know.

When building a mountain home, this gives one the creative freedom of being able to customize from the ground floor up. How many times have we walked through a resale, creating a mental check list of all the things you will need to live with, modify, or completely redo?  This is not the case when you design your own home, ensuring everything from the closet space to the laundry room, to the plug and play, conveniently wired throughout the house, are exactly right.

There are many reasons why interest in building new North Carolina mountain real estate has gained in popularity. Those of us who live in the mountains consciously care about our environment.  We want to protect what we love for future generations, and this means building mountain homes that are incredibly kind to our environment. It includes the use of natural elements and reclaimed materials such as metal, wood and stone.

With each passing year we gain more knowledge and more ability to decrease our impact, by using the right materials, choosing efficient state-of-the-art appliances, and designing our spaces maximizing nature—like the magic of southern exposure, or a wrap around porch and strategically-placed awnings.  There’s nothing like living the perfect life while minimizing our carbon footprint. Using nontoxic building materials has become more important than ever.      

And being environmentally conscious has other rewards.  All the up-to-date technology, efficient appliances, and careful design have a positive effect on your finances.  Your heating and cooling costs will be lessened, and your operating costs will be noticeably lower, leaving your family the funds to spend on that long-talked about vacation, or to sink into those hobbies you’ve put off for so long.

The savings don’t end there…which is another factor encouraging folks to find the perfect NC mountain land for sale so they, too, can begin the building process.  Once you are settled into your dream home, the furnishing is complete,  and the landscaping looks as though it’s been there for many seasons, you may be surprised when you notice your home owner’s insurance has dropped significantly.  Why would newer construction be less to insure?  Stricter codes and building regulations—things you don’t have to worry about that are taken care of along the way.    

Come visit The Coves as you search for NC mountain land for sale. Meet our professional building team that can be by your side to help you budget, design and build your own dream home in a mountain community that’s second to none.

Explore our waterfalls, hike our trails, kayaking in the Johns River or gaze at the sunset from the veranda of our mountaintop lodge.

Call us 828.754.0700 to schedule a tour.

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