“The Lady” of Wilson Creek

In 2000, the entire nation, possibly the world, learned of a secret that only the locals here in Western North Carolina knew about. The beauty of Wilson Creek located in the Pisgah National Forest. On August 18, 2000, Wilson Creek was designated as a Wild and Scenic River with the assistance of Congressman Cass Ballenger and many other dedicated local officials including Caldwell County’s own Ron Beane.

Wilson Creek is full of history. Before Collettsville was a major logging and textile area complete with a railroad infrastructure that helped the community thrive, the area was a summer hunting ground for the Cherokee Indian. However, that was until the community was devastated by a flood in 1940.

There are many reasons why the Wilson Creek area has been a favorite of locals for generations. Because of its thousands of miles of nature trails and waterfalls, along with picnic and camping areas, it has always been a place to create wonderful memories experiencing natures beauty with friends and family. One of the areas most well known landmarks was know to the locals as “The Lady”. Although the artist’s name is not known, frequenters always knew where the best swimming spot was in Wilson Creek because of that iconic painting on the rock. The painting was the profile of a lady with shoulder length brunette hair and a shaply figure. I am sure she was loved by the artist as much as the visitors enjoyed visiting her.

Below is a picture shared by the family of Thelma C. Laws which shows “The Lady” in pretty good detail. However, because of the elements, the painting slowly faded over the years and can be barely seen by those who knew where it once was. The second picture is the area where the picture was near the favorite swimming hole of many.

Wilson Creek and the Pisgah National Forest are just minutes from The Coves at Round Mountain. Come visit us and let us share with you the beauty and history of Western North Carolina and all the fun it has to offer!

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