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North Carolina Blackberry Festival to Sweeten the Foothills

North Carolina blackberry festival

Those of us who live in the mountain towns in North Carolina know how fortunate we are to call this region home.  The perks are never-ending, due in part to an incredible community spirit showcased in many of the Lenoir NC events, bringing people together to celebrate throughout the seasons of the year.

The North Carolina Blackberry Festival is one such event, sponsored by the Caldwell County Chamber of Commerce, and there’s no wondering why this celebration has gained such momentum over the past sixteen years.  This summer beginning Thursday, July 6th, and continuing with festivities all weekend long, residents and visitors, will once again come together for a delicious, nutritious and joy-packed occasion.

Schedule of Events:

Thursday, July 6, 2017--“An Evening of Everything Blackberry”

6pm – 9 pm-an Evening with Blackberry-themed dishes, Blackberry-infused drinks, and Blackberry attire.

This festival in North Carolina kick-off takes place on Main Street in historic downtown Lenoir and is a ticketed event, showcasing our fabulous restaurants, breweries and distilleries. Of course the main attraction—the blackberry!  Be sure to eat heartily and vote on your favorites.

Friday, July 7, 2017–“Pre-heat Party & Downtown Extravaganza”

  • 6pm–10pm–Black”Beer”y Garden Featuring Local Breweries and Craft Beers
  • 6pm–10pm–Live Music on the Downtown Main Stage
  • 6pm–Blackberry Princess Pageant Preliminaries
  • 7pm–Front Porch Pickin’ Competition
  • 7pm— Blackberry Recipe Contests
  • 9pm— Glow Run 5K & Fun RunSaturday, July 8, 2017 –Vendors, Food, Children’s Activities and Blackberries all day!
  • 10am–Live Music at Stage 1
  • 10am–NC Blackberry Princess Pageant Finals at Stage 3
  • 10:30am–Live Music at Stage 2
  • 10:30am–Blackberry Festival Blood Drive
  • 11am–Live Music at Stage 3
  • 11:15am–The Blackberry Eating Games (Youth & Adult)
  • 12pm–Presentation of Colors Ceremony
  • 12:15pm–Colossal Cobbler Parade
  • 12:30pm–Live Music at Stage 2
  • 12:30pm–World’s Largest Patchwork of Cobbler
  • 1:15pm to 3:30pm–Live Music on all Stages
  • 3:30pm–Front Porch Pickin’ Winners at Stage

Many of you have already tasted the sweet produce from Lineberger Farms, perhaps while attending one of our Lenoir NC events, but for those of you who haven’t, there will be farm-fresh blackberries available, along with other blackberry delights, as well as arts and crafts.  Many food vendors and local restaurants will be open too.  If you have a competitive spirit, enter the blackberry recipe contests for both kids and adults and make sure blackberries are part of your ingredients!

To accompany all the great food is a musical line up on three stages as well as busking throughout the downtown.  Be sure to see the phenomenal line up beginning at 10am with The King Bees, Shelby Rae Moore, Scupper’s Sagacious Squeezebox feat. Long John Shivers, Melissa Reaves, Banana Da Terra—Jimmie Griffith, and Bob Sinclair and the Big Deals.  And the amazing foot-stomping Front Porch Pickin’ Competition is a popular event where you can showcase your talent before an attentive audience and even have the opportunity to win some cash!

There has been a strong agricultural heartbeat for the generations who’ve lived in and around the mountain towns in North Carolina, and for this reason we all care a great deal about preserving the way our state grows, delivers and enjoys eating our incredible food.

The blackberry festival in North Carolina, fast approaching, is one incredible way to celebrate and support locally-grown food.  There was a 94 percent decline in the growing of tobacco in our state from 1992-2007, and with that decline, there was a concerted effort to protect and preserve our region’s farms and farmers.

Anyone who lives in the mountain towns in North Carolina, knows how much we value and enjoy our healthy environment.  We owe a great deal of our health to being able to eat fresh, local produce and food which is bountiful in our restaurants, our homes and our schools.  More farms mean cleaner air, a healthier environment, and food we can see first-hand being harvested. Did you realize that North Carolina is packed with more farmers’ markets and organic farms than any state in the Southeast? What’s even better, our home-grown food tastes fabulous.

Life at The Coves means being able to incorporate healthy eating and fitness into our everyday routines–whether we’re growing our own veggies in our community garden, or visiting the farmer’s market to prepare a family feast. We are nestled in the perfect location so residents can slip outside for a day of fresh air and recreation, and still be close to amazing Lenoir NC events.

Be sure to visit The Coves Mountain River Club’s booth at the blackberry festival in North Carolina to learn about the sweet place you’ll want to build your dream mountain home.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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Hickory Farmers Market – Buy Local, Buy Fresh

Hickory Farmers Market

Hey, Hickory, have you noticed a bit more fresh in your fresh-air-and-sunshiny Blue Ridge locale lately? That’s because the annual Downtown Hickory Farmers Market is now underway, bringing together “fields, folks, and fun” for a seven-month-long fresh fest that runs through November.

The Farmers Market is just one of the many fabulous things to do in Hickory North Carolina, a town of many claims to fame, including booming businesses and college campuses, world-famous hand-crafted furniture, world-renowned art walks, beautiful community parks, and lovely temperate seasons that provide favorable year-round growing conditions for a variety of crops.

This charming mountain-lake town with nutrient-rich soil and moderate climate is a grower’s paradise that wins raves from local farmers and community gardeners. Many of Hickory’s finest restaurants and gastropubs offer seasonally changing menus with organic veggies and meats sourced from local farms. No matter the season, locals and visitors alike can always count on home-grown specialties as part of the fresh dining experience.

That’s just how it is in Hickory! People here understand the value of supporting their hometown farms by buying local. There are obvious economic benefits to feel great about. Buying local cuts down on fuel and travel time from farm to table, reducing the community’s carbon footprint, improving the environment and the local economy. And the benefits don’t stop there! Eating locally grown produce means your veggies are packed with nutrients and less likely to have been refrigerated, artificially ripened, or contaminated. Long (and delicious) story short, farm-to-table living is good for your own health, your family’s health, the health of the community, and the health of the planet. It’s a win-win-win-win!

But how do you maintain that farm-to-table lifestyle throughout the year? That’s where the Hickory Downtown Development Association (HDDA) comes in. They know locally-grown products are important to their community. That’s why they sponsor the Downtown Hickory Farmers Market and pack the seven-month-long schedule of events with tons to do, see, taste, and enjoy.

At its centrally located train side setting under The Sails, the Hickory Downtown Farmers Market brings the farm into town! Dozens of enthusiastic farmers from local and family-owned farms are on hand to meet and greet their customers and offer the “glory of a good harvest,” which includes fresh produce, grains, plants, flowers, and shrubs, as well as a surf-and-turf bounty of select meats and mountain trout. They stock their stands with locally sourced honey, eggs, and cheeses, fresh baked goods, marinades, preserves, and pickles. And it’s all presented in a festival atmosphere, enhanced by live music, games and events, booths for buying bushels of fresh ingredients, plus dried herbs and spices, artisan crafts, Chefs’ Market creations, street foods, and more.

The Downtown Hickory Farmers Market promises “a soulful feeling and a sense of belonging,” and, as the HDDA says, “for the first time, you’ll know what happiness smells like.” We’re pretty sure we can smell it from here! Or is that the scent of sweet ripe strawberries, which are currently at peak season (April to June). How do we know? The HDDA has provided a handy produce calendar on the Downtown Hickory Farmers Market web site. And we have to admit we’re counting down the days ’til summer when the peaches, cantaloupes, and watermelons will be ripe on the vine! But there’s plenty to do while we wait…

Throughout the month of May, the Downtown Hickory Farmers Market offers family-friendly activities, including “Spin a Kid to Camp” and “Kids Corner Activities” sponsored by the YMCA, plus live music from local performers Kitty G&M OD, Sherrill Keever, Kevin Lee Smith, and ELVIS!

Warm June breezes will be scented with floral notes as the Downtown Hickory Farmers Market ushers in the Lavender Festival starting on June 10th  and keeps the party going with Eat, Drink & Be Local Week starting June 17th. And there’s even more live music from Bob Sinclair & The Big Deals and Piedmont Percussion Program’s Steel Drums with Rick Cline.

As the summer rolls on, the fresh just keeps on coming with more music, more kid stuff, more family events, and our favorite fruits, along with the rest of the huge summer harvest, including farm-fresh potatoes, peppers, peas, eggplant, cucumbers, squash, beans, and (get your chompers ready) corn-on-the-cob!

Be sure to stay tuned in to the online event schedule. Even though the Farmers Market festivities continue on through October and November – grape harvesting season, by the way (did someone say home-made wine?) –  the schedule will be adjusted to accommodate two of the most popular things to do in Hickory North Carolina – the annual Oktoberfest (October 14) and Shuck-n-Peel Festival (November 11).

Are you sold on Hickory yet? We have to admit, it’s one of our favorite mountain towns in Western North Carolina. But there are lots more like it. You know, the charming towns along the Blue Ridge that get you thinking about exploring NC mountain real estate – or as we like to call it, your very own slice of heaven in the foothills.

What makes these towns so heavenly? Just ask the people who live there, in places like Hickory and nearby Lenoir. These are people who escaped the daily grind to retire in the great outdoors, surrounded by gorgeous terrain in a secluded gated mountain community that’s just minutes from outdoor adventures, art and culture experiences, dining hot spots, and exciting night life. These are the thrill-seekers and chill-seekers who relish both the adventure and relaxation that only comes from mountain living.

Not far from Downtown Hickory, a whole community of outdoorsy types with a penchant for fishing, hiking, community gardening, wine-making, and living life to the fullest are enjoying all these benefits and more at The Coves Mountain River Club, a 3,600-acre mountain community with five miles of river frontage along the Johns River. Amenities here include a community vineyard and garden, and the Lenoir North Carolina weather makes finding your inner gardener a breeze!

Residents of The Coves can take a 40-minute scenic drive to the Downtown Hickory Farmers Market to enjoy the bounty of locally grown fresh produce, and pick up a few growing tips from friendly farmers to take back with them to Isabel’s Garden and Evelyn’s Vineyard, where they plant and sow their own delicious produce and harvest their own Muscadine grapes alongside neighbors and friends. Later in the year, they’ll sit together on the porch of The Coves’ community lodge, where they’ll enjoy 360-degree views of majestic mountain ranges while they share a beautiful farm-to-table meal complemented by their own home-made wine from home-grown grapes. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

When you’re ready to tour a selection of beautiful NC mountain real estate to find your own slice of heaven in the foothills, give us a call at 828.754.0700 and schedule your visit to The Coves. We’ll help you plan your visit to experience the nicest Lenoir North Carolina weather and catch the best of the Downtown Hickory Farmers Market, Oktoberfest, Shuck-n-Peel, and other fun things to do in Hickory North Carolina.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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Carolina Distillery – Generations of Tasty Brandy

mountain towns in North Carolina

Summer is almost here and it’s time to get out and explore what Appalachia has to offer. Western North Carolina has become a hot spot for micro-distilleries with one of the finest being located in Lenoir. If you appreciate a tasty glass of brandy and are looking for fun things to do in Lenoir NC, look no further than Carolina Distillery.

Carolina Distillery was founded in 2008 by Keith Nordan and Chris Hollifield. They currently make, own, and ship Carriage House Apple Brandy, Carriage House Strawberry Infusion Brandy, Carriage House White, and Carriage House Apple Pie Brandy. The distillery was originally located in an old carriage house in Downtown Lenoir, which gave Carriage House Apple Brandy its signature name. Their single-barrel brandy is handcrafted with the experience of three generations of North Carolina moonshiners.

Back in the day, moonshiners used whatever was on hand if corn wasn’t available. This included fruits such as peaches, strawberries, and apples. Using only fresh, locally grown ingredients, the brandy is distilled in a copper pot still and single-barrel proofed to give each batch its own unique flavor. Carolina Distillery’s goal is to become the leader in North Carolina spirits production, and are keen on developing a strong local, national, and eventually global customer base. Patrons can tour the distillery on Fridays and Saturdays between noon and 5 pm, or by appointment. The tours include a flight of samples and a commemorative shot glass to take home. The distillery can also be rented out for special events such as wedding receptions, birthday parties, high school problems, bachelor/bachelorette parties, etc., and include catering services.

Moonshine has been a part of North Carolina culture for centuries. Made from a combination of copper and corn, opportunities for bootleggers soared when North Carolina became the first Southern state to enact prohibition. While national prohibition ended 1933, North Carolina remained a dry state until 1935. In present-day North Carolina, micro-distilleries continue to multiply. Some of the best in the Western NC area include Broadslab, Howling Moon, Climax, and Carolina Distillery. We’re thrilled to have Carolina Distillery right here in Lenoir.

Tucked into the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Lenoir is by far the most charming when it comes to mountain towns in North Carolina. Our vibrant community is full of artists and nature lovers, and is perhaps best known as the birthplace of some of the most skilled and gifted craftsmen in the industry.

Lenoir is also home to one the finest mountain communities in the Carolinas, The Coves Mountain River Club. A quick glimpse into daily life includes savoring a sunset or sunrise at our mountaintop Pigsah Mountain Lodge, sipping wine or strolling through Evelyn’s vineyard, and even planting flowers and fruits in Isabel’s Garden set along the mountain fed Johns River. Residents have over 39 miles of hiking trails to explore before taking a dip in Coleton’s Swimming Hole during the summer months. It’s no wonder we were named 2017 Best Mountain Community of the Year by a respected online real estate review website.

If you’re looking to build or buy your dream home in Western North Carolina, didi you know we offer all types of homesite options, from a private cul-de-sac estate to a river frontage on the Johns River and several home sites with breathtaking long range mountain views. We can show you a variety of builder floor plans to maximize the scenic beauty and they include everything from master suites, generous guest bedrooms, detachable garages, vaulted rooms with exposed timbers, and screened outdoor living porches.            

Whether you’re a brand new resident or simply visiting, Lenoir remains a vibrant, charming town all year round. Our residents never run out of fun things to do in Lenoir NC while living in their North Carolina mountain homes.  Come take a peek for yourself. 

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84 page Complimentary Magazine

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Lenoir NC Cruise In Seasons Kicks Off

Lenoir Cruise-in

On the first Saturday of each month, from April through October, downtown Lenoir transforms itself from a picturesque and serene mountain town into a must-see destination for anyone who appreciates automotive excellence.  People of all ages – locals and visitors alike – gather together for fun and excitement as the Lenoir Downtown Cruisers take over the streets for their popular cruise-in and swap meet.

You can see block after block of eye-catching vehicles and talk with their proud owners.  And just around the corner, you’re sure to discover that one special car that brings all the memories rushing back:  the thoughts of years gone by…the good times and good friends.  Like so many of the things to do in Lenoir NC, and the other towns in the foothills, the cruise-ins evoke the pleasures of a simpler life and time.

Lenoir Downtown Cruisers is a non-profit organization that welcomes all car, truck and motorcycle enthusiasts.  Admission is free to the cruise-ins, and money is raised through the sale of raffle tickets and t-shirts is donated to charitable organizations.  The upcoming event on May 6 begins at 4 PM and will benefit the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Anyone who buys NC mountain real estate soon learns what makes this part of the country so special.  It’s the strong feeling of community…the small town appeal that’s such a welcome change from the stresses of big city life.  Before you know it, you’ve found the key to happiness.  It was within your reach all along.

Mountain towns in North Carolina have a way of surprising people.  Just when you think you’re leaving so much behind, you learn there’s such a wealth of activities and events to enjoy that you won’t know what to do next.  You get all of the benefits of country living – the crisp, fresh mountain air, the breathtaking scenery, the exercise – with easy access to shopping, entertainment, dining, adult education, medical facilities and more.

On your calendar of things to do in Lenoir NC, be sure to make time for a visit to The Coves Mountain River Club.  We represent the very best in NC mountain real estate, with beautiful home sites and unique floor plans designed to take maximum advantage of their remarkable natural settings.  Perfectly situated along five miles of the Johns River waterfront, we provide easy access to fishing, kayaking, hiking, and more.  Our Pisgah Mountain Lodge offers spectacular views of the High Country and is a great place to spend time with neighbors and friends.

When you visit any of the mountain towns in North Carolina, be sure to check the Lenoir Downtown Cruisers web site or their Facebook page to learn about upcoming cruise-ins.  It’s good family fun, with oldies music, door prizes and more.

But of course it’s also a celebration.  It’s a time for people to come together and share the many joys that being in small-town America brings.   And it’s a chance for you to sample the local restaurants and browse the stores and quaint shops.

While you’re in Lenoir, we hope you’ll also take the opportunity to visit us at The Coves Mountain River Club, enjoy a glass of wine and take a personal tour.

Call us at 828.754.0700 to schedule a friendly tour.

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NC Butterfly Festival Near The Coves

NC Butterfly Festival

The North Carolina Butterfly Festival will be celebrating its 35th year the weekend of May 5, 2017 in the charming town of Hudson, nestled in our North Carolina mountain communities.  Caldwell County’s oldest festival tradition brings residents of all ages joy when they’re looking for things to do in Lenoir NC, and no wonder since it’s a magical way to embrace spring as well as the awe-inspiring nature that surrounds us in this gorgeous part of the country.  There’s no better why to unwind after an exhilarating day of hikes near Asheville NC than the Butterfly Festival which showcases all of the colorful butterflies that bring splendor to our area, decorating our landmarks and downtown buildings.  

May 5, from 5-8 in the evening, the weekend will kick off with a Cruise-In, on Central Street in front of the Local Bean. All types of classic automobiles will “cruise-in” to Hudson and you can join in the fun. Show off your vintage automobile, muscle car…even your family’s mini van.  For those of you who desire some morning fun, on Saturday, May 6, starting at 9 am, in downtown Hudson on Central Street, the Butterfly Arts and Crafts Festival will be in full swing and stretch until 6 pm, with food, vendors, arts & crafts, children’s games, rides—inflatables and jumpies. And don’t leave early since live music follows until 8 pm.  Be sure to arrive hungry–whether it’s BBQ, hot dogs, hamburgers or kettle corn you’re craving—you’ll find what suits your palate while you stretch your legs walking from one end of town to the other.

The North Carolina Butterfly Festival continues to grow in popularity; last year attendance was up to 12,000-14,000. Folks milled about with friends and family for the delicious food and diverse shopping—jewelry, antiques, crafts, art and pottery—so many unique items that reflect the fine artisans of our North Carolina mountain communities.  This year, due to word of mouth and community spirit, there will certainly be an even greater crowd of residents, taking advantage of things to do in Lenoir NC.

Festival Performers this year include: Tumblemania Gymnastics, Sims Country Cloggers, Lost Jewels (Belly Dancers), Sherry’s Dance Studio and more.  Riveting entertainment throughout the day!  The entertainment culminates at Hickman Windmill Park, behind Town Hall, where Silk Groove will keep the party going for two hours with soul, beach and pop music to make your feet tap and or inspire you to dance!  What’s even better?  Admission is free.  All you need is a blanket or chairs to stretch out and relax while the music fills the air.

People of all ages enjoy watching butterflies in flight or alighting on a gorgeous blossom for some nectar.  Butterflies have long been the colorful muses of photographers and painters in the North Carolina mountain communities and across the country.  The fluttering butterfly has also inspired books, movies, poetry and artists of all mediums. There are a diverse assortment in our area and we’re fortunate when taking hikes near Asheville NC to be able to catch so many glimpses of these brilliant butterflies. 

Perhaps when searching for things to do in Lenoir NC, you’ve set out for a scenic walk, or a leisurely kayak paddle, to see Brush-footed Butterflies (or the Red-Spotted Purple), Emperors (or the Tawny Emperor), Leafwings, Longwings (Diana), Milkweed Butterflies (the popular Monarch), Snouts, or True Brushfoots (the striking American Lady).   This region is ideal for celebrating spring, the migrant return of the butterfly, and all the outdoor recreation that restores the glow to your complexion and the energy to your stride.

The Coves bring community gardens, hiking trails, and all the blissful nature contained, right to your doorstep. Whether your desire is growing your own vegetables in Isabel’s Garden for a celebratory family dinner, or gathering a bouquet of daffodils for a cheery centerpiece, The Coves provides the stage to make it all possible. Gardening is not only a healthy activity, but at The Coves you can socialize while getting your hands dirty alongside neighbors and friends.  And of course we all know the health benefits of eating fresh produce. 

There are endless possibilities at The Coves to catch the fluttering sight of some of the regions most splendid butterflies, and all you have to do is have a fondness for hikes near Asheville NC, since there are thirty-nine miles of trails with varying degrees of difficulty.  The incredible landscape of flowers—mountain laurel, rhododendron, and azaleas are a natural attraction for butterflies.  So be sure to plan your excursion at The Coves with a camera or a pair of binoculars in hand so you can capture it all.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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Savor Blowing Rock NC – 4 Days of Deliciousness

Blowing Rock real estate and restaurants

Spring has officially sprung across the beautiful mountain towns in North Carolina. The foothills are bursting with blossoms, gardeners are pushing their tomato seedlings into the cool soil, and neighbors are starting to notice the aroma of smoky barbecue drifting through the air, ushering in a new season of outdoor food festivals.

This month, foodies in the foothills had even more of a reason to celebrate –  SAVOR Blowing Rock which returned for its 12th year. The four-day food fest ran Thursday, April 20th through Sunday, April 23rd in and around the downtown area of “North Carolina’s Prettiest Small Town.”

Once known as the Blue Ridge Wine and Food Festival, this annual spring event recently changed its name to represent something bigger and better than ever before. With the addition of regional craft breweries and other fortified spirits, plus new food and entertainment offerings, event organizers decided this full-fledged culinary extravaganza needed new name that could say it all. That’s how SAVOR emerged as the new buzzword for “food fun” in Blowing Rock.

As if it wasn’t already the toast of the town, this year’s SAVOR Blowing Rock is kicking it up a few more notches, with an expanded schedule of seminars and cultural events, live music and entertainment, craft beers, wines, and spirits from breweries, wineries, and distilleries across the state. Not to mention food and beverage tastings, pairings, and access to a full array of regional cuisine that showcases the culinary artistry of Blowing Rock’s best chefs and restaurants.

So how do you navigate your way through this four-day gastronomical gathering? Like most outdoor festivals in North Carolina’s mountain towns, SAVOR is designed as a walking tour through Blowing Rock’s streets, which are peppered with plenty of cafés, restaurants, shops, galleries, boutiques, and shops. As you stroll through this quaint mountain village, you get to sample, sip, and taste your way through it all, as you enjoy visual displays of arts and crafts, and listen to live music along the way.

The schedule of exhibits and events is so wide and varied, you’re sure to stay entertained – and well fed – for the full four days. SAVOR’s got something for everyone! There are too many events to list here, but here are a few featured favorites:

Bubbles & Bidding (event)

Reid’s Café is joining Country Vintner at the Blowing Rock Art & History Museum to showcase hand-selected champagnes, both rare and affordable, beautifully paired with hors d’oeuvres by Reid’s Café.

Cork & Canvas (event)

An evening of wine and painting in a relaxed atmosphere facilitated by a trained instructor. Each participant goes home with a finished work of art. No experience necessary.

Grilling with the Grill Masters (cooking class)

Learn to grill everything from appetizers to desserts in this class taught by Appalachian Energy, seller of numerous grills, smokers, and built-ins.

“Grapes that Don’t Belong” Wine Tasting (seminar)

Did you know the Pinot Noir grape is being grown in Germany? Learn how this is possible. And find out more fun facts about what grapes are being grown successfully outside of these traditional regions.

Whiskey and Cigars (seminar)

Blowing Rock Cigar Club invites you to experience our private membership club for a day. They’re offering whiskey flights paired with a Padron Anniversary 1964 cigar!

Beer and Food Pairing 101 (seminar)

Discover the possibilities of pairing beer and food. In this guided tasting (and sampling) you’ll explore what works together, and how to maximize your pairing experience

Wine & Cheese (seminar)

Explore the fundamentals of wine and cheese harmony and learn which cheese pairs best with your favorite wine.

Grand Tasting (event)

Step into the Main Tent behind First Citizens Bank on Main Street to sample some tantalizing food, beverages, wine, beer, and distilled spirits.

Sip & Shop (downtown event)

Sip and Shop through downtown Blowing Rock! Participating retailers will offer free drinks and nibbles along your way!

SAVOR Blowing Rock is produced by the Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce. We can’t help wonder if it’s this civic-minded but fun-loving Chamber that’s responsible for keeping the “rock!” in Blowing Rock. Their vibrant town is known for its awesome year-round festivals. It’s a gem among the treasure trove of fabulous mountain towns in North Carolina.

In Blowing Rock, April brings not only SAVOR, but also Blowing Rock Trout Derby, a weekend fishing event for anglers of all ages. Blowing Rock also puts on a variety of small-town holiday festivals, parades, games, outdoor musical performances, and plenty more annual events, including their 4th of July Festival, Halloween Festival & Monster March, Christmas in the Park, and Lighting of the Town. Their January Winterfest is known as one of the High Country’s largest winter events and features a chili cook-off and the famous Polar Plunge into Chetola Lake.

Rock on, Blowing Rock! This is mountain living at its best! And it explains why so many people who are drawn to this town’s festivities find themselves sticking around to explore Blowing Rock real estate and other nearby Carolina mountain properties — like The Coves Mountain River Club, a gorgeous gated community in Lenoir NC just 20 miles south of Blowing Rock.

Chances are if you attended this year’s SAVOR Blowing Rock, you would have found plenty of Coves neighbors there. These folks are foodies and fun-lovers! And they can always point you in the direction of the best festivals happening in their beloved North Carolina mountain towns.

Drop in for a visit with these folks in their beautifully designed custom-built homes at The Coves Mountain River Club, and you’ll find them living in a secluded paradise surrounded by five miles of frontage along the Johns River. Here neighbors fish together from well-stocked waters, grill up their catch-of-the-day, serve it with fresh produce harvested from Isabel’s Garden, and pair it with a wine made of fresh grapes from Evelyn’s Vineyard. 

At The Coves where foodie culture reigns supreme, community gardening is a popular activity. And spring is an exciting time of year at the community’s own on-site garden and vineyard. The Coves residents are busy sowing the seeds that will produce an abundant harvest of tomatoes, peppers, radishes, and greens from Isabel’s garden. And they’re tending to the Muscadine grapes that they’ll be harvesting later in the year when they’ll transform them into their own brand of homemade jams, wines, and glazes.

Locally sourcing and home-growing your own produce, wine-making, and fishing from your own back yard – these are just a few of the things that make life at The Coves a foodie’s paradise. These folks live for the sweet fall harvests, the spring food festivals (like SAVOR) and the farm-to-table dining experiences that are so popular in Lenoir, Blowing Rock, and the many charming mountain towns in North Carolina.

Are you ready to transform your own life into a mountain lover’s paradise? It all starts with your first exploration of Blowing Rock real estate and NC mountain land for sale. And we can help you with the exploring. While you’re in the area looking at Carolina mountain properties, stop by and see us at The Coves. We’ll show you our community garden and vineyard among many other amenities, as well as some of the most spectacular views of mountains, rivers, and waterfalls you’ve ever seen.

Call 828.754.0700 to schedule a visit to our stunning mountain community.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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