Questions to Ask Before Buying North Carolina Waterfront Property

waterfront-property So, you’ve been admiring lakefront homes for sale in North Carolina or perhaps river frontage property for sale. The idea of buying any type of North Carolina Riverfront property or a house on the water is exciting—but daunting. Before you decide to purchase, what questions should you ask? While they may vary a bit from transaction to transaction, here are a few ideas you may want to consider.

  • Are there any specific insurance concerns? – As a waterfront property owner, you may have additional costs for insurance. You want to know what your insurance costs will be upfront so you do not get in over your head. It would be tragic to wind up with a home you couldn’t afford to insure.
  • Is the property developed? – Are you purchasing undeveloped land, a home or land with utility lines? These all have different issues and you need to understand exactly what you are getting with your purchase.
  • How are the utilities handled? – If you are purchasing a home or a developed piece of land, understanding how the utilities will be handled is key. You can check into who holds the utilities and get a better idea what you will pay each month.
  • Is Wi-Fi or cellphone service available? – Today, more than ever before, people rely on Wi-Fi and cellphone service. If these are not available, will you be able to live without the service?
  • Are there any docking fees? – Are docking fees included with your property cost? If not, what can you expect to pay?
  • golf-courses Are any additional fees required for neighborhood association or watch? – Make sure you find out about any additional fees that are required by the neighborhood. These can be significant, especially if they offer a pool or golf course.
  • Is the land inhabitable year round? – In some areas of North Carolina, it can be difficult to traverse during winter. Will you be living in the home year round? If so, will you be able to get in and out of the property in the cold months?
  • Is there a flooding concern? – Is the home in a flood plain? Make sure you understand what this entails too.
  • Is the waterfront public or private? – Will the general public have access to your lake or river? This can be an inconvenience. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting into with this, to avoid a future annoyance.

Don’t feel like you have to purchase North Carolina riverfront property alone. The Coves is one of the leading firms dealing with waterfront homes for sale in North Carolina. Our team of experts knows the land and knows the area. We would love to work with you and help you find the answers to these questions—and more! Call or contact us today to learn more.

North Carolina Land Selection and Knowing the Right Questions to Ask

How do I find the perfect piece of NC Mountain Land?

Many factors are unique to NC mountain land for sale and need to be taken into consideration when you consider the purchase of this property. Understanding these factors can be difficult, but taking the time to learn about them can help prevent you from making a purchase that you will regret.


Land for sale in mountainous regions may have access issues. This is especially true during the winter months. Did you realize that sometimes the cost to develop a driveway to the home site on a property could be as expensive as the land itself? Spending some time looking at access can help you understand whether the land will make a good place to call home.

Another concern is utilities and water. Many larger parcels of NC mountain land for sale require a private well and septic system. In certain regions of the North Carolina Mountains, water can be scarce and require a very expensive, deep well to access and adequate supply. In addition, where rocky conditions exist, finding a suitable location for a septic system can be a challenge.

Most land for sale in the North Carolina Mountains will possess at least one suitable building site but it’s important to understand the costs of the foundation for the house. In some cases, mountain land with a steep grade can require an expensive foundation to support your house. However, this is important to keep you and your family safe and to develop a home that will stand up to the test of time.

Keep in mind, every tract of mountain land for sale in North Carolina is unique. You should remain flexible on your home design and floor plan until you understand the unique characteristics of the mountain property you intend to purchase and build on. View orientation and topography are major factors in the home design process.

Unlike residential real estate in other areas, finding comparable prices for mountain land for sale in North Carolina can be very challenging as each property is unique. Water features, views, useable land, location and access all are major factors. It’s important to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable realtor and builder before finalizing your decision—If you are interested in learning more about mountain land for sale NC, contact the team of experts at The Coves. We would love to help you find the perfect piece of land to develop the home or cabin of your dreams!

Planning a Home Design for your Mountain Land

If you’ve been eyeing some of the amazing deals available in land for sale in NC, your imagination may have started running wild! You probably have thousands of neat ideas for how you will create the perfect house or vacation cabin on the mountain land for sale in NC. But how do you make sure you design something that is not only captivating, but also “doable”? Here are five great ways to choose the right home design to the best from your mountain land for sale in North Carolina.


  • Check Your Library or Bookstore – There are a number of exciting books full of floorplans and design schemes. Even if you don’t find one dedicated to cabins or mountain living, you can take many “traditional” ideas and give them a mountain twist.
  • Visit Neighboring Homes – Spend some time in the NC Mountains and you’ll have the opportunity to visit cabins throughout the region. This is a great chance to find other cabins and homes that may inspire you and give you great ideas for your own home.
  • Talk to an Architect or Designer – It may actually cost less than you think for a professional to put together a design scheme. A consultation will cost you little or nothing, so what does it hurt to get the ideas of a professional? This can be the best way to make sure you cover all the bases.
  • Get Online – Websites like Pinterest are a great source of ideas. While you may not be able to utilize every idea you find, you can find inspiration and go from there. Just make sure you do not get in over your head—sometimes these ideas are harder than you may think.
  • Start Small – For many, the best way to decorate is to start small. You may have an empty, plain cabin at first—that is okay! The home will slowly develop its personality and you won’t have to put in too much effort or expense.


Remember, you do not have to deal with purchasing land for sale in NC alone, The Coves sells lots and lands in the North Carolina Mountains and our team of experts can always provide guidance with design too. We know more about mountain land for sale North Carolina and the professionals in the area than anyone else, so we would be happy to help you with referrals too. Call or contact us today and we can get started helping you find your land and designing the cabin or mountain home of your dreams!

How to Protect Your Home from Cold Weather

protect-homeWhen you begin searching for North Carolina Mountain homes for sale, one of your biggest concerns may be the winter months. After all, in the North Carolina Mountains, the winter weather can be extreme at times. However, if you are careful and put in some effort, it is possible to prepare for these cold, snowy months and enjoy the beauty of life in one of the mountain homes for sale in NC. Check out these tips, direct from the experts that can keep your home safe and secure even in cold, snowy weather.

  • Clean your gutters – Clean gutters will function properly—helping water flow away from the base of the home.
  • Shut off outdoor water – Drain hoses and if possible shut off outdoor water from an indoor valve. This will help prevent you from facing a broken pipe.
  • Remove tree branches near home – If you have trees near the house, have them pruned or cut back before ice or snow could cause branches to fall.
  • Wrap your basement water pipes – Use insulation sleeves to help slow the transfer of heat and protect your indoor pipes. You may also consider an insulated blanked for you hot water heater.
  • Keeps your flue closed when not operating the fireplace – This keeps the cold out and the heat inside. Just make sure you open it again next time you decide to light a fire.
  • Check heating vents for blockage – Make sure you do not have any furniture blocking vents that could prevent heat from flowing properly.
  • Keeps a slow trickle of water flowing through faucets – This is especially important in unheated spaces or areas where the water is not used often.
  • Insulate your attic – This not only keeps the cold air out, it prevents too much of your heat from rising through the ceilings and exiting to the outside.
  • Check windows and doors for leaks – Even the smallest leak on a window or door could lead to a serious temperature change. Check all openings regularly.

Now that you see how easy it is to prepare your home for winter, there is no reason to wait. Check out the many North Carolina Mountain Homes for sale at prices that are more affordable than you may think. If you have any questions about mountain or waterfront homes for sale in North Carolina, call or contact The Coves today and let our experts help you get started with the browsing or buying process.

Questions to Ask Home Inspector During Home Inspections

Whether you are looking at cabins, homes or large estates, you want to make sure you have a structure that will serve you well not just today but for years to come. Having your home inspected by a professional is a must, but do you know what you should be looking for from him or her? Here are a few questions you may want to ask the inspector before you commit to trusting this person with your investment. This will help you make sure nothing important is neglected during your NC Mountain real estate inspection process.

  • What does the inspection include? – Make sure the inspection meets the requirements of your particular NC Mountain community as well as the state. Additionally, find out if you will get a copy of the inspection report. Finally, if there are certain issues of concern, make sure its inspection is covered.
  • How long have you worked in the inspection industry? – Naturally, those who have worked in the industry longer are more likely to know what to look for—especially when dealing with particularly tricky NC Mountain real estate.
  • Are you trained in residential inspection? Inspecting residential properties is different from commercial or industrial. Find out if the inspector has relevant training and experience.
  • Do you offer repairs? - Some regulations mean that the inspector is forbidden from doing this as a conflict of interest. If this is the case for you, make sure the answer to this question is NO.
  • How long does an inspection take? – Usually, an inspection will take at least 3 hours (for a standard single-family home. If the inspector quotes anything less, there may be something to worry about in terms of quality.
  • What is the cost? - While cost is important, cheaper isn’t always better. Consider what the inspector is doing to earn the fee he or she is charging.
  • How long will it take to receive the report? – Most inspectors provide a report within 24 hours of the inspection. If you are under time constraints, make sure the inspector can meet them.
  • Am I allowed to attend the inspection? – An inspector that refuses to let you attend the inspection should raise some red flags. This is a valuable opportunity that you do not want to miss.
  • Do you have any memberships in professional associations or unions? – Ask to see membership identification. You may be able to find out more about his or her background through the membership websites.
  • Do you keep up with continuing education programs? – Technology is always changing, even in the inspection industry. Those who keep up with their education will be more effective inspectors.
As you can see, there are many questions you could ask to learn more about a potential inspector. These are just a few of the most common. Don’t be afraid to dig deep, so you learn everything you can about your North Carolina Mountain property before you make a large investment.

Mountain Estates

Johns River Estates

The Johns River Estates section of the property includes parcels between 10-25 acres in size. Many of these parcels have direct frontage on the crystal, clear Johns River. All of the parcels are within a short hike of the River. They are all in close proximity to the Pisgah Mountain Lodge amenity. The Riverside trail system also provides for great access to some of the most scenic hiking in the NC mountains as well as access to other community amenities. The Coves amenities include the following:
  • Over 10 miles of improved trails
  • Breath taking mountain-top owners lodge with pool and fitness center
  • Community vegetable garden and vineyard
  • Miles of frontage on the Johns River for fishing, tubing, kayaking and canoeing
  • The riverside park and pavilion
  • Round Mountain Ranch horse stables
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Tips for Buying Mountain Cabins in North Carolina

The Coves Image

North Carolina Mountain cabins make a great second home or can also serve as an excellent place to live year round. However, when you begin looking at cabins for sale in NC mountains, the options can be a bit overwhelming. Purchasing one of these cabins is certainly one of the biggest investments you will ever make, so it only makes sense that you want to do your research and find the perfect home for you and your family. While everyone has unique needs, here are a few tips to help you begin your search.
  • Look at the Land – How hard will it be to get to the property? If it requires a difficult hike or you can’t drive to your door, you may not get as much use from the property.
  • Start Shopping Online – There are more and more homes available today than ever before. You will find that many homes are listed online that don’t make it into the magazines or brochures available within the community.
  • Ask About Construction – Was the cabin custom built, made from a kit or moved from another location? A custom built home is more likely to have the durability you want for a home that could face extreme weather conditions.
  • Check for Extra Costs – Are there any maintenance or neighborhood association fees involved in cabin ownership? These costs will add up, so think hard about them before you obligate yourself to a major purchase.
  • Have it Inspected – Just like you would have a “regular” house inspected before purchase, make sure you have your cabin inspected by a professional. This can save you time, money and heartache. An inspection is affordable when compared to the cost of your home.
  • Talk to Neighbors – The neighbors will have insight as to how the weather is in winter, any concerns you may have and will be one of the best resources you can find. It never hurts to wave and ask a few questions before you commit to a property.
Whether you are just beginning to look at North Carolina mountain cabins, or you are ready to make a purchase, working with an expert makes the buying process smoother and more pleasant for everyone involved. The Coves is a great resource for anyone searching for NC Mountain cabins for sale. Reach out to us and let us help you find the cabin or mountain retreat of your dreams.

The Best Time to Buy a House in the North Carolina Mountains?

In the late 00’s, the United States fell into a major recession. In the years since, most real estate markets have recovered from this event. Some markets, such as San Francisco, have seen pricing rise to levels higher than they were before the recession hit. However, there is one area, in particular, where the recovery has not been quite as brisk—the North Carolina Mountains. This can mean it is an excellent time for interested buyers to look at North Carolina mountain homes for sale. Historically, North Carolina mountain communities are filled, almost exclusively, with owners of “second homes”. Many of these areas experience extreme fluctuations in weather and virtually shut down during the winter months. Often, people who live in Florida or other hot climates would look to acquire second homes in areas like the NC Mountains to avoid the heat in the peak of the summer. However, the market for second and seasonal homes has not recovered like it has for primary housing. Right now, the demand for North Carolina Mountain Cabins is still lagging behind the supply, which means that pricing is available at a fraction of the pre-recession levels—in some spots, at least. Areas that are the most affected include those with the extreme winter temperatures and master planned communities that cater almost exclusively to second homeowners. These regions may take much longer to recover than the rest of the country, and may not see pre-recession levels for decades. On the other hand, areas with milder winters that offer year round living likely have more time sensitivity with respect to pricing. One reason is that these areas are seeing a significant influx of retirees seeking North Carolina Mountain homes for sale. With virtually no new construction of large master planned communities in these regions, demand will eventually exceed supply within these areas. This is especially true when it comes to waterfront home for sale in North Carolina, which is highly desirable. Further, with extreme limitations on the develop ability of mountain property in desirable regions, supply will always be constrained. This could drive pricing up significantly over the next ten years as the full migration of the Baby Boomer generation takes effect. What this means is that NOW is the time to buy a house in the North Carolina Mountains. Acting now means you will have more options available and better prices than you will likely experience any time in the coming years. If you would like more information about purchasing real estate in the NC Mountains, contact the experts at The Coves. We would love to help you buy the home of your dreams while making a smart investment in your future.

The Coves at Round Mountain Welcomes The Layell Family

Layell - Mountain Land at The Coves
  The Layell family began looking for land in the mountains in search of cooler climates and a serene atmosphere, but they also wanted to ensure that there would be a plethora of activities to do close by. Their search initially began in Asheville and Blowing Rock but quickly brought them to the Coves. After setting sites on the panoramic views of Grandfather Mountain and listening to the sound of the babbling water nearby, they knew that The Coves was where they wanted to be. The wildlife and peaceful surroundings made them feel at home. After meeting some of the friendly homeowners, it became even more apparent that they wanted to become official members of The Coves family.The Layell's look forward to being an active part of the community and hope to build within the next 5 years! The Coves at Round Mountain, conveniently located between Lenoir and Blowing Rock, is a spectacular master-planned and gated community. The Coves offers beautiful custom-built homes, cottages, homesites and large estate properties at an unbelievable price. The Coves is located a few short minutes away from Wilson Creek Gorge, a federally designated wild & scenic river, and the Pisgah National Forest. Get the best of both worlds and discover luxury living surrounded by the pristine natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Follow the link for more information or to set up your tour TODAY! Spectacular Blue Ridge Mountain Community with Mountain Land for Sale. Just minutes from Blowing Rock, Pisgah National Forest and Wilson Creek Gorge

A Taste of Italy – THIS Saturday, March 28th!


A Taste of Italy
March 28, 2014
Pisgah Mountain Lodge from 1:00-4:00pm
Join The Coves at Round Mountain for our annual food celebration and competition, A Taste of Italy.The event will be held at our Pisgah Mountain Lodge from 1:00pm to 5:00pm on Saturday, March 28, 2015. Enjoy home made Italian cuisine and mouth-watering views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, including Grandfather Mountain, Table Rock, Hawks Bill, and the Wilson Creek Gorge. Prepare your favorite Italian dish, if you dare to compete-- side-dishes and desserts welcome!  There will be live music performed by Mitch, Masten, & Chad, complimentary wine bottles provided by Timberblock, delicious food and prizes!Please RSVP to the event by following the link provided. For more info call (828) 754-0700

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