Bella Torte Bistro

Lenoir, NC is a quaint, small town in Western North Carolina. We take pride in the restaurants we have here in our downtown. We wanted to feature the amazing Bella Torte Bistro! Bella Torte is a fantastic new restaurant that opened the later part of 2015. Amanda Corriher is the owner, who happens to be from our beautiful Lenoir, NC. She started out baking cakes for local residents, when she got the itch to do something a little different. She decided to purchase a restaurant and add her flare for baked goods with upscale dining! Not only do our Coves residents love her and her restaurant, Bella Torte has become one of the most popular places to eat in all of Lenoir!Amanda has some amazing staff that is helping her be on top. Her chef, Todd Ritter, is simply amazing. He's from Blowing Rock, NC, but aren't we glad he makes the 30 minute drive down the mountain! Her waitstaff is just great and they really know how to treat their customers! We are happy to have such a wonderful restaurant and staff here in Lenoir. If you are interested in trying Amanda's place, please see the hours and menu below!


11:00 am - 3:00 pm

5:00 pm - 10:00 pm


11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Brunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Dinner Menu

Please Help Welcome!

Please help welcome The Erasmus Family! 1

We are Louis and Diane Erasmus from Pretoria South Africa. We have lived in McLean VA since 1996 on account of my employment by the International Monetary Fund where I work as senior economist. We started our search for a suitable retirement home about 5 years ago; all we knew was that it had to be in an equestrian community and had to have a moderate climate. We spent countless hours researching communities all over the US which helped us narrow down potential locations to Virginia, North Carolina and Kentucky. It took only our first visit to The Coves to decide that it was the ideal spot for us. We look forward to the time when we can build our house and actually move to The Coves.

Blue Ridge Mountain Community Features

Chili and Apple Pie Cook Off!

[metaslider id=3198] Thank you to everyone who came out to our Chili and Apple Pie Cook Off! The weather was just perfect! We had some amazing Chili recipes and those Apple Pies?? They were outstanding! We appreciate everyone for taking time to provide such delicious food for everyone! Holden Bare, our musician, never disappoints! Thank you for the beautiful music, Holden! Lastly, a big thanks to 1841 Cafe, of Lenoir, for catering the event with fantastic wings and deli wraps! We can always count on you guys for great food! This is our last event of the year, but mark your calendar for our Taste of Italy Cook Off on March 26th, 2016!

2016 Events at The Coves!

Save the Date 2016

Find out who won!

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Thank you to everyone who came out to our Chowda' Cook Off this past weekend! We had a great turn out! Congrats to the winners! (We need your recipes!) We'd also like to thank our Firewise Committee for all their hard work. During our Chowda' Cook Off, we had a special presentation presenting The Coves as a Nationally Recognized Firewise Community!

1st Place Teresa Doar

"Shrimp and Corn Chowder"

2nd Place Bill Karr


3rd Place Bill and Carol Abbate

"Southern, New England Chowdah"

We can't wait for our next event on December 12, 2015! RSVP here if you'd like to join in on the fun!

This Weekend!!

Chowda 2015

It’s getting to be that time of year again! The leaves are giving way to their spectacular autumn shine and there’s a crispness to the air. Please join us for this year's Fall Colors Celebration! We’re having our annual Chowda' Cook Off on the summit inside the Pisgah Mountain Lodge.There will be prizes awarded for the most delicious chowder recipe. All entries welcome!
*October 31st, 2015 
* 1:00pm - 4:00pm * Special pricing on select Home Sites * Live Music by Mitch, Masten and Chad 
RSVP here or call us at 1-828-754-0700
In addition to our Chowda' Cook Off, we are hosting a golf tournament at The Coves Golf Course! It will be free to play, but please consider a $5 donation! If you're interested in playing, please contact Bill Abbate at Tee time will be at 9:00 am sharp!
SAVE THE DATE! Chili Cook Off December 12th, 2015

North Carolina Wine Connoisseur, Please Click!

North Carolina Wine Connoisseurs vineyard

Round Mountain Vineyard

Evelyn's Vineyard is just one of the beautiful, featured amenities we offer here at The Coves at Round Mountain.  If you love making wine or even making jams/jellies, this is the place for you! From the craftsman-style trellis to the open grassed lanes, this riverside vineyard is a terrific spot to enjoy an afternoon of pruning the vines or collecting some grapes for dinner. This outdoor experience is all yours to enjoy as part of being a homeowner at The Coves. Few other opportunities exist in life than to live in such a place as this!If you aren't quite the wine connoisseur, but would enjoy making jelly or jams with the grapes, check out this simple, but delicious recipe!All Recipes has a great recipe for Grape Jelly! See below:Concord Grape Jelly3 1/2 lbs Concord Grapes1/2 Cup of Water7  Cups of White Sugar1/2 (6 oz) Container Liquid Pectin
  1. Sort and wash grapes, and remove stems. Place them into a large kettle and crush them. Add water, cover, and bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce heat to low, and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from heat, and extract juice. Allow the juice to stand in a cool place overnight to prevent the formation of crystals in the jelly.
  2. Strain the juice through a double thickness of damp cheesecloth. Measure 4 cups of the juice into a large pot. Stir in the sugar. Quickly bring to a full rolling boil. Stir in pectin, and allow to boil hard for 1 minute. Remove from heat, and skim off foam. Pour into hot sterile jars, and process for 5 minutes in a boiling water bath.

How to Protect Your NC Mountain Home From Cold Weather

NC mountain home for sale mountain homes for sale in NCWhen you begin searching for a NC Mountain home, one of your biggest concerns may be the winter months. After all, in the North Carolina Mountains, the winter weather can be extreme at times. However, if you are careful and put in some effort, it is possible to prepare for these cold, snowy months and enjoy the beauty of life in one of the mountain homes for sale in NC. Check out these tips, direct from the experts that can keep your home safe and secure even in cold, snowy weather.

Tips for Protecting Your NC Mountain Home From Cold Weather:

  • Clean your gutters – Clean gutters will function properly—helping water flow away from the base of the NC mountain home.
  • Shut off outdoor water – Drain hoses and if possible shut off outdoor water from an indoor valve. This will help prevent you from facing a broken pipe.
  • Remove tree branches near home – If you have trees near the house, have them pruned or cut back before ice or snow could cause branches to fall.
  • Wrap your basement water pipes – Use insulation sleeves to help slow the transfer of heat and protect your indoor pipes. You may also consider an insulated blanked for you hot water heater.
  • Keeps your flue closed when not operating the fireplace – This keeps the cold out and the heat inside. Just make sure you open it again next time you decide to light a fire.
  • Check heating vents for blockage – Make sure you do not have any furniture blocking vents that could prevent heat from flowing properly.
  • Keeps a slow trickle of water flowing through faucets – This is especially important in unheated spaces or areas where the water is not used often.
  • Insulate your attic – This not only keeps the cold air out, it prevents too much of your heat from rising through the ceilings and exiting to the outside.
  • Check windows and doors for leaks – Even the smallest leak on a window or door could lead to a serious temperature change. Check all openings regularly.

Now that you see how easy it is to prepare your home for winter, there is no reason to wait. Check out the many North Carolina Mountain Homes for sale at prices that are more affordable than you may think. If you have any questions about a NC mountain home or waterfront home for sale in the North Carolina area, call or contact The Coves today and let our experts help you get started with the browsing or buying process.

Do you love Round Mountain Ranch Horses?

Do you love horses as much as we do here at The Coves at Round Mountain? We have many amazing amenities to offer and Round Mountain Ranch is a favorite. As a property owner, you'll have access to housing your horse or just visiting the horses that are already on property! Mona Houston, our Equestrian Director, has been working for us for a long time, and she's an experienced care taker. Horses are her passion, and if you decide to house your horse here, you can have full confidence that he or she is in great care.

Round Mountain Ranch Horses

What is included at Round Mountain Ranch:
  • Eight stall stable facility with wash down stall, tack room, office and gathering area, high vaulted ceilings, stall drains, 15 acre pasture with separate turn-outs
Basic Services Offered:
  • Full-time boarding-dedicated stall lease
  • Part-time boarding- weekly rates apply
  • Weekender boarding services- daily rates apply
Contact us today for a tour of the property! Don't forget, Mona Houston would be happy to take you on a trail ride today! 

Oyster Roast THIS Weekend!

9th Annual Fort Defiance Oyster RoastFort Defiance, named for a frontier fort that stood nearby, was the 18th century home designed by William Lenoir for his growing family. Construction began in 1788, with William Lenoir overseeing every step of the building process. He completed building the home in 1792. They are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which works to preserve and share the life and times of William Lenoir.This Oyster Roast isn't something to miss! See below ticket pricing and all other information on the event. We hope to see you there!

9th Annual Fort Defiance Oyster Roast Event Details & Pricing

OYSTER ROAST TICKET AND PRICING FOR 2015: NEW THIS YEAR: Tiered Ticket Prices.Special VIP Tickets $100 for unlimited fish, stew, oysters, drinks and assured VIP seating area.$50.00 Choice Ticket: Includes a fish plate with Brunswick Stew , 2 drink tickets, and 1 bucket of oysters, also Historic House tour and Museum. (Buckets will hold approx. 2 dozen oysters)$25.00 Basic Ticket (for those who don’t eat oysters): Includes a plate of fish with Brunswick Stew and 1 drink ticket, also includes Historic House tour and Museum. (Buckets will hold approx. 2 dozen oysters)To reserve a table with guaranteed seating will be an additional $50 per table and must be paid in advance.Live music with Holden Bare.Howard Brewing will supply General Lenoir’s Old Ale, brewed from William Lenoir’s 1795 recipe!ADDITIONAL OYSTER AND DRINK TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT THE 9th ANNUAL FORT DEFIANCE OYSTER ROAST!

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