NC Mountain Garden

Isabel's Mountain Garden

Isabel’s Garden is an inspirational concept borne out of a community that has demonstrated unique qualities of life in the early planning stages. This amenity-rich community is based on the fact that we all enjoy the great outdoors and want to play at any age. Isabel’s Garden is just that - a unique experience that allows for a connection to the earth and allowing both the experienced gardener and the novice to nurture a seed to maturity. The manicured lanes between the plots just add to the english-design atmosphere. Imagine a day filled with a brisk morning walk along the river’s edge, stopping along the way at one of the river gazebos to read a favorite book. The afternoon is all yours at the garden. It’s time to harvest some vegetables, plant some new flowers and cut some fresh roses for the dinner table. This is the life at The Coves. It’s a life that is yours to embrace. The time is yours.

NC Mountain Vineyard

Evelyn's Vineyard

As part of this fabulous combination of outdoor amenities (all within the community) is a demonstration vineyard. This enriching vineyard is a place to nurture the vines and watch the harvest come in. We have payed special attention to get all the details just right. From the craftsman-style trellis to the open grassed lanes, this river-side vineyard is a terrific spot to enjoy an afternoon of pruning the vines, collecting some grapes for dinner or being a part of the September harvest. You never know, The Coves Garden Club may even want to stomp some grapes and test their skills at some wine making. This outdoor experience is all yours to enjoy as part of being a homeowner at The Coves. Few other opportunities exist in life than to live in such a place as this.

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