Live the life of your dreams at The Coves

The views of the Blue Ridge Mountains at The Coves are like none other, making it the perfect location to build the log cabin of your dreams. The Coves works 2 of the top log cabin builders in North Carolina: Bear’s Den Log Homes and Timber Block.

Bear’s Den Log Homes

Bear’s Den Log Homes specializes in log home construction and feature the acclaimed Honest Abe Log Homes. Over the years, the name Honest Abe has come to symbolize the finest of American traditions: straight talk, integrity and the convictions to back up every claim.

At Honest Abe Log Homes, we don’t take our name lightly. From the beginning, honesty has been the core of our philosophy. There are hundreds of log home companies that you can choose from, but only a very small percentage are members of the Log Home Council. Honest Abe Log Homes is a proud member of the Log Homes Council.

Established in 1977, the Log Homes Council is a national organization composed of leading log home manufacturers committed to promoting the unique benefits of log building systems. As part of both the Building Systems Council and the National Association of Home Builders, the Council upholds ethical business practices by participation in both mandatory and voluntary programs designed to benefit log home customers.

  • Bears Den Mountain Log Cabin

Timber Block

Timber Block has more than 30 years of construction history, tradition and integrity. Timber Block now produces more than 40% of the log homes in its core market due to both the quality and value of every log home produced. Ease of construction, which greatly reduces the time required to build each home and the energy efficiency through a superior thermal envelope, which is ‘off the chart’ when compared to traditional homes and especially traditional log homes, delivers exceptional long term value.

In 1999, Timber Block realized the potential for improving both the insulation value and reduction in construction time with the log home market, and began working to perfect a proprietary idea to realize these improvements. After 7 years of research and development, Timber Block’s innovative technology was ready for marketization. Hundreds of log homes later, Timber Block continues to deliver quality log homes and in the process, have created many log home owners who have enjoyed their Timber Block homes for years.

Timber Block’s patented system delivers a more ecological and environmentally sustainable product, combined with an insulation value of R-30, unheard of in traditional log homes and certainly well beyond the R-value of the majority of commercial and residential projects built today.

  • Timber Block Log Home in North Carolina



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If everything goes as we hope, we will be moving from the Low Country of South Carolina to the high country of The Coves in late summer of next year. Since taking early retirement over a decade ago, we have lived in New Hampshire, Florida, South Carolina, and soon North Carolina. Why The Coves? The spectacular views from our lot (number 230) and many others in the Coves, is certainly a major reason. Equally important was the sense of community that was evident among the people we met while we we…
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