Unforgettable Spring Hikes at The Coves


If you hope to call The Coves “home,” then you will come to appreciate the Lenoir North Carolina weather and all it affords those of us who live in the mountains.  All four seasons are magical for folks who own mountain homes near Asheville, and springtime never disappoints with seasonal temperatures that make hiking, kayaking, fishing, horseback riding or mountain biking ideal, and all of these opportunities lay right outside our front doors. 

Hiking trails at The Coves were carefully planned with your recreation and visual pleasure in mind.  If you’re looking for hikes near Asheville NC that are scenic and meander for endless miles, The Coves will not disappoint.  What better time when the Lenoir North Carolina weather is coaxing the wild flowers to bloom, the birds to sing— and all of nature is coming to life around us.  So lace up your hiking boots, grab your camera, or your binoculars, maybe a healthy picnic lunch, and head outdoors for a day of fresh air and rejuvenation you just can’t find inside.   

Every day of the week you can hike a new trail that will improve your fitness level as well as your frame of mind.  There’s nothing like hiking outdoors to brighten your mood, free your creative spirit, or provide you with the chance to connect with family or friends away from computers and televisions or the dirty dishes begging to be washed. 

Our 39 miles of hiking and horse trails are paradise when you’re craving hikes near Asheville NC. The 3,600 acres provide a range in elevation from 1,040 to 1,700 feet.  As well as varying in elevation, the hiking trails vary in difficulty, so for those of us who own mountain homes near Asheville, we can plan our fitness routine accordingly, beginning with the easier hikes and working our way up to those that are more challenging.  Strap on your Fitbit or Garmin and impress yourself with the miles you trek or the calories you burn. 

Maybe fitness is the last thing on your mind…but why not to take some incredible nature shots with your camera to send back to friends who are hoping you’ll retire to The Coves so they can visit. Better yet, if they are like other property owners, your family and friends may move here too. 

The seven miles of Switchback Trail will lead you to Mila Cascading Falls.  What better photo op than the splendor of a waterfall to showcase the natural beauty of your new home?  Spine Trail boasts a wildlife viewing area if you’re in the mood for gazing over pastures and streams, taking in mountain laurel and other springtime blooms.  A short four-mile Winding River Trail deposits you at Coleton’s Swimming Hole, a perfect ending to a walk and a place to dip your tired feet. 

For a pleasurable two or three-mile jaunt into the quiet of the woods, take Magnolia or Tranquility Vineyard Trails and revel in the mild Lenoir North Carolina weather.  If you’re looking for shorter hikes near Asheville NC, perhaps to bring younger children, there are plenty of one-mile trails that lead past waterfalls, streams, gardens, the Johns River and our horse stables. There’s something spectacular for everyone. 

Just as there’s a hiking trail perfectly suited for each resident at The Coves, there’s also the perfect property and home.  For those of you considering mountain homes near Asheville NC, you will discover a variety of property types here to suit your aesthetics and your needs.  You can choose a parcel of land with a scenic mountain view for your majestic house or nestle your cabin in the seclusion of the woods.  The difficulty won’t be in finding the perfect spot for your home, but in choosing only one. 

Once you’ve found the property, you can decide on your building plans to accommodate your family’s every need.  We have over a dozen builder floor plans to choose from. Of course, there are re-sale homes already crafted and ready to be lived in at The Coves too.

Come visit The Coves Mountain River Club this spring, explore the natural beauty of the mountains, hike our idyllic trails and discover why so many have made this their home.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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Butterfly Gardens and Wildflowers in Western North Carolina


With spring season soon upon us, it’s time to brush off those garden tools and prepare for Mother Nature’s majesty. By March of each year, she’s already hard at work rolling out a colorful carpet of wildflowers with vivid colors and sweet nectars that will lure the Monarch butterflies from now until autumn. Her gardening skills are unmatched! And her butterfly gardens are a source of inspiration to all of us would-be gardeners.

Her dazzling explosion of fiery oranges, mellow yellows, luscious lavenders, and robust reds is a springtime staple along the Blue Ridge Parkway and
Johns River NC. Peak wildflower viewing in this area takes place from late April to late June, and nature lovers come out in droves to see this fabulous floral tapestry and the many winged creatures summoned by its beauty.

When it comes to those highly anticipated annual mountain wildflower displays, one thing you can count on is that each season is uniquely spectacular. Like a singular snowflake or sunset, Mother Nature whips up each bold new wildflower season with the distinction of being one of a kind. Whether she spreads her blankets of blooms across green rolling mountains or fills her mountain fields to the brim with sweet-smelling blossoms, she never presents the same display twice. From meadow to meadow, from season to season, her abundant displays are truly original works of art.

This time of year, her Blue Ridge Mountains are alive and abuzz with springtime flora. New buds and blossoms peek through the rich organic soil, their stems reach high toward the sun as fickle mountain winds tickle their petals. Their roots are nourished by mineral-rich rivers, mountain streams, and some of the most beautiful waterfalls of North Carolina, plentiful in these parts.

This ever-moving, ever-changing landscape of rushing waters and rolling hills creates a constant state of change. It’s that change that yields a beautiful diversity of mountain wildflowers that must be seen to be believed. And it’s that same diversity that attracts butterflies to the scene. After all, the experts say, a wide variety of flowers that will appeal to a wider selection of butterflies.

That’s one reason butterfly gardens are so popular in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Green thumbs abound in this fertile landscape, where mild climates and rich soil produce plants and flowers of all varieties.

Nobody paints a prettier picture across the Blue Ridge canvas than Mother Nature herself. But when you have your own little slice of heaven in the foothills, you can certainly give it a try! The NC mountain land for sale in this area is perfect for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and flower gardeners. Most mountain homes have that nice bright sunny spot that’s perfect for a butterfly garden. That’s where you’ll want to plant a nice mix of “early bloomers” like lupine, Russell hybrids, and verbena, then mix in some aromatic beauties like purple coneflower and verbena homestead purple. And for the crowning glory, don’t forget that “banquet of nectar” known as the butterfly bush.

After a day of planting, you’ll want to sit back and breathe in the beauty of the mountains in springtime as you sip a cool lemonade on your porch and wait for your blooms burst onto the scene. It should only take a few weeks before you spot those first glorious buds. And soon your garden will become home to a kaleidoscope of delicate mountain butterflies. If you’ve planted enough of a variety, by late summer and into fall, you’ll be basking in the golden glow of your beautiful butterfly garden, now home to many more Monarchs adding a dash of zesty orange to brighten your days.

What better way to remind us that spring is a time of new beginnings than a butterfly garden – full of wonder and promise. New life. New and exciting things ahead. Spring is certainly a time of new beginnings for our neighbors in the mountain towns of Western North Carolina. This is the time of year people come shopping for NC mountain land for sale. With a reputation for unmatched beauty and that coveted mountain-river lifestyle, the Johns River NC area attracts new home-buyers each spring like butterflies to nectar.

They come for the vibrant mountain vistas. They stay for the promise of peaceful retirement living in a mountain paradise like The Coves Mountain River Club, a 3,600-acre mountain community with five miles of river frontage along the Johns River, and a Waterfall Park that features four of the most visually stunning waterfalls of North Carolina. There’s Penelope Cascading Falls (40-foot layered waterfall with splash areas, Grandfather Gorge falls (50-foot triple-tier waterfall that spills over large boulders and plunges into a pool below), Mila Cascading Falls (a dramatic stairway-like waterfall that cascades into the Johns River at Mila Park), and Highland River Falls (tumbles down a mountain hollow into the Johns River).

With such gorgeous natural surroundings, every home at The Coves enjoys a spectacular view. Custom designs range from cozy to rustic to luxurious, and there’s a variety of spacious open floor plans to choose from. The endless list of amenities at The Coves includes well-appointed equestrian stables, a hilltop swimming pool, and a state-of-the-art fitness center.

But perhaps the most unique and enticing amenity at The Coves is the beloved community garden. Known as Isabel’s Garden, this fenced English-style garden is the perfect example of what community gardening is all about. With two dozen individual plots and three communal plots for sharing, it’s ideal for growing fruits and flowers.

Remember that butterfly garden you wanted to get underway? Why not plant it at Isabel’s Garden and share the experience with your neighbors? It’s a wonderful way to bond with your fellow butterfly lovers. And if you’re lucky, they may invite you to dinner and toast your efforts with a glass of wine from the grapes they harvested at Evelyn’s Vineyard –  just one more of the many amenities at The Coves Mountain River Club that draws from Mother Nature’s majesty and makes this community one of the highest-rated in Western North Carolina.

Call us at 828-754-0700 to schedule your visit to The Coves. It’s the most sought-after gated community in the Johns River NC area, and it offers your choice of NC homes on prime NC mountain land for sale.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84-page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide, which gives you more information about living in the foothills.

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7th Annual Gravity Games in Lenoir NC

Local soapbox racing. in its earliest form. dates back more than a century.  Then, in 1934, the concept went national with the first All-American race.  Fast forward to now, and you see that it’s evolved greatly to become an exciting marriage of fun, sport, and cutting-edge technology.  And, it’s just one of the many fun things to do in Lenoir NC.

Every year, as part of the North Carolina Science Festival, the Google Lenoir Data Center joins forces with Boone’s Appalachian State University, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, to sponsor the NC Gravity Games, an educational, hands-on activity designed to get young people excited about science.   It’s a signature event of the multi-day downtown festival and a way for them to take the concepts they learn in the classroom and apply them in a practical way.   More than 30 teams of middle and high school students have participated in past events. Adults can also enter in the “open” race category.

The 2017 NC Gravity Games will be held in Lenoir on April 29th, and the deadline for registration is April 17th.  Visit http://www.ncgravitygames (dot) com for all the details.

Last year, the organizers expanded race day to include food vendors and the popular Google Science Street, your opportunity to get your hands on the company’s latest innovations.  There are also educational exhibits from Appalachian State University, Catawba Science Center, the University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University.

Visitors exploring the purchase of Blowing Rock real estate are often drawn instead to the vibrant lifestyle of the lower elevation towns such as Lenoir because the weather is so mild and there’s always something going on.  Attending the NC Gravity Games can make you feel like a kid again.  And maybe you’ll be transported in memory back to your college days and even think about enrolling in some classes.

With so many things to do in Lenoir, NC, living at The Coves Mountain River Club can be as active as you want it to be.  Events such as this can give you a good feel for the community and the unique lifestyle we treasure in the Western North Carolina foothills.  The arrival of the Google Lenoir Data Center in 2008 cemented our reputation as a new tech hub, but we still haven’t lost that small town charm that brings so many people to settle here.

If you find that the harsh winters and snow of the High Country aren’t for you, consider seeking an attractive alternative to buying Boone, Banner Elk or Blowing Rock real estate.  Come to Lenoir and take a tour of The Coves Mountain River Club.  You’ll find a wealth of outdoor activity you can enjoy year-round:  golf, hiking, fishing, walking and biking trails, boating…the list goes on and on.  Explore local culture and history, enjoy the spectacular changing of the leaves, make new friends, and do all the things you never had time for when you were working.

When you visit, be sure to stop by our design center and see the ways we’re building innovative homes that take full advantage of the property and the views.  The Coves Mountain River Club is where all your dreams of a carefree retirement come to life.  Here you get all the many benefits of living in the country and still have easy access to shopping, fine dining, cultural events, continuing education and so much more.

We welcome you to Lenoir and the 2017 NC Gravity Games in April, and we look forward to giving you a personal tour of our beautiful property and showing you all it has to offer.

Call us at 828.754.0700 to schedule a tour. 

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Move Over Irish – The Coves Italian Cook-Off is Next

Coves Cook-Off Competitions

At The Coves, we embrace many aspects of fine living, and lucky for all of us who have found our spectacular Carolina mountain properties, a region makes this all so easy.  With many seasonal Cook-Offs annually, there are plenty of delicious opportunities to come together with friends, family and neighbors with one simple goal—to enjoy the food you adore most, and while you’re at it—let others come to appreciate your culinary skills.

If you are feeling a bit of spring fever and find yourself looking for things to do in Lenoir NC, The Coves Italian Cook-Off, a Taste of Italy, is right around the corner on March 18 at 1pm in the afternoon.  If you haven’t experienced an old-fashioned Cook-Off, it’s an incredible way to gather and share conversation and amazing food—whether you want to show off your own talents in the kitchen, or you simply long to taste what others create.  There’s nothing like a little bit of sweet competition to bring out the best culinary creations.  Who knows…you may leave not only with a satiated appetite but with a prize.

Those of us who have settled down after choosing the perfect parcel of NC mountain land for sale already have a good idea of the welcoming community at The Coves. Our Italian Cook-Off provides even more joy and togetherness.  Italians believe in sharing their meals and taking their time while doing so—a pace of relaxation we share at The Coves.  Mark the date on your calendar and forget about your other obligations for the afternoon.  As soon as you take in the aromas of fresh bread and marina sauce, you won’t have a care in the world. 

Is a trip to Italy is on your bucket list?  Perhaps you’ve already experienced an amazing Italian vacation, traveling through Florence, Venice or Rome, basking in the rich culture–the art, architecture and food and wine. There’s such diversity in Italian cuisine–from the north, the hearty polenta, risotto, fish, potatoes, rice sausages, pork and cheeses, pasta with tomatoes, or stuffed pasta.  In the south, they also blend in capers, peppers, olives, artichokes, eggplant and fresh ricotta cheese.  There’s no surprise that those of us who celebrate life every day on our Carolina mountain properties, also love to celebrate the art of Italian food.  Come and celebrate life at The Coves over your favorite Italian creation, main dish, side dish or dessert while live music creates an even richer environment for all of those who gather. 

No matter the region of our country or the world, food bring us together as communities, as families or close-knit friends.  Upcoming culinary events, cook-offs and things to do in Lenoir NC to celebrate life—food, and the precious time we spend together:  

A Taste of Italy—March 18, 2017, 1-4 pm, The Coves Mountain River Club; Lenoir, NC; Pisgah Mountain Lodge with spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Grandfather Mountain, Table Rock, Hawks Bill, and the Wilson Creek Gorge.  Please RSVP to or 828-754-0700 and prepare your most raved-about Italian dish 

Annual Rib Cook-Off—June 17, 2017, 1-4 pm, The Coves Mountain River Club; Lenoir, NC;

 Pisgah Mountain Lodge is the backdrop for our infamous Rib Cook-Off. The competition gets more fierce every year.  Bring the ribs that make your family flock home or create an awesome side dish for all to share. 

• Side Dish Cook-Off—August 19, 1-4 pm, The Coves Mountain River Club; Lenoir, NC; Pisgah Mountain Lodge; this is the time and place to bring in your Grandmother’s secret dressing, or your own creative side in a friendly competition that will make your mouth water before you’ve tasted a bite.  We’re never too old to develop a new fondness for a side dish prepared a fresh way, and this is your chance to sample the best.

Fall Colors Celebration & Chowder Cook-Off—October 14, 2017; 1-4 pm; The Coves Mountain River Club; Lenoir, NC; Pisgah Mountain Lodge. There is no better way to celebrate fall than to cook up a big batch of hearty chowder for your friends and neighbors.  Live Music accompanies this annual affair, and of course prizes for the most delicious chowder.

Annual Chili and Apple Pie Cook-Off—December 2017–to be announced…

Comfort food at its best—hearty chili followed by sweet apple pie.  Live music and prizes to make the celebration more festive.  Cook up your best batch of chili and bake those apple pies to compete and share.

Our neighborhood cook-offs and culinary events are among the fabulous ways we find things to do in Lenoir NC.  Spend an afternoon with other friendly folks who live on their Carolina mountain properties, share a glass of wine, or your precious family recipes passed down through the generations–all while sharing mountain tales and laughter.

Come and visit The Coves Mountain River Club, perfectly located in the Blue Ridge Mountain’s scenic foothills.  If you are searching for NC mountain land for sale, you’ll find it here. The events and celebrations that take place at Pisgah Mountain Lodge, like our fabulous cook-offs, offer a warm glimpse into how incredible life could be living in Lenoir, NC. Our Pisgah Mountain Lodge clubhouse provides stunning and elevated views of mountain ranges in every direction. While you’re visiting, be sure to take in all the other amenities at The Coves—the equestrian center, the well-tended community gardens, stroll the hiking trails and make sure you plan to view one of the four private waterfalls and parks. 

We have a variety of property available in a range of accommodating prices–with homesites that would be the ideal spot to build a mountain cabin, mountaintop parcels for those who want to feel they are on top of the world, and larger properties for those who plan to spend their days riding on the extensive and secluded trails.  Property prices begin in the low $30k range. The Coves blends community friendliness with nature, and is in close proximity to four quaint mountain towns where you can explore, treasure hunt and explore the rich history.

Clear your calendar and let our celebrations make your search for NC mountain land for sale more fun!

Call us to RSVP and visit at 828.754.0700.

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Healthy Home Market Opens in Lenoir NC


Hey Lenoir, are you getting fresh with us? It sure looks that way now that you’ve welcomed one of our favorite health food stores to the neighborhood! We couldn’t believe our luck when we discovered the new Healthy Home Market right there at 1208 Hickory Boulevard.

On behalf of all the nutrition buffs, frugal foodies, and eco-friendly shoppers in Lenoir, we couldn’t be happier to have this specialty store located right in the heart of it all. Shopping at this family-owned grocer and full-service natural health store is sure to become one of our favorite things to do in Lenoir NC.

Healthy Home Market has four stores in Charlotte and neighboring mountain towns in North Carolina. Branded “Farm 2 Family Foods” (or “FF2F”), this newest location in Lenoir features all the same great offerings local health-conscious shoppers have come to love – gluten-free, organic, and special-diet foods, fresh deli cuts, smoothie bar, extensive bulk food section, vitamins and supplements, and locally brewed cold draft beers – plus an expanded selection of fresh produce and meats, all of which makes the Lenoir location the largest of the four stores.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the cool things we discovered as we sampled and shopped our way through the February 2017 grand opening of the Lenoir FF2F store:

Buying in Bulk

Of all the awesome offerings we explored, this one’s definitely worth writing home about. After all, bulk shopping is what Healthy Home Market is known for. When founders Betty and Jerry York opened their first store in 1979, it was a bulk supply shop known as The Home Economist. Today their business has grown into the Healthy Home Market chain we know today. But these family-focused health food stores maintain their strong ties to the community and their commitment to all things locally owned and locally grown.

Why is buying in bulk so popular? According to the staff at HHM, there are tons of great reasons! First of all, bulk shopping is a money-saver. Whether it’s “a pound or a pinch,” you only buy what you need. This personal portion control not only helps you budget, it keeps you from buying extra food that ends up going to waste.

Bulk buying also helps eliminate excess packaging. How many times have we bought a big bag of chips only to find there’s mostly air inside? That’ll never happen with bulk shopping. What you see is what you get! And if that’s not reason enough to bulk it up, think about the good you’re doing the planet by keeping landfills free of all that excess packaging.

The F2FF bulk department is the largest in the area with hundreds of items to choose from. They’ve got a fabulous assortment of baking ingredients, grains, beans, legumes, spices and herbs, dried fruit, coffees, teas, popcorn, snack mixes, and all kinds of pantry staples. There’s also a machine for grinding your own preservative-free nut butters. And when you fill up on local honeys and syrups, be sure to save your container to bring back for refills – another great way to go green!

The Main Squeeze

When you’re browsing through the delectable deli, be sure to sample the smoothies or enjoy a shot of wheat grass at The Main Squeeze juice bar. Pick your favorite smoothie or fresh-prepared juices. They’re fresh, healthy, delicious, and made-to-order for you to grab and go. They’ll even add a dash of protein or a dropper of vitamins to up the nutritional value of your tasty juice drink.

Meet your Meat Cutters

Tom, Mike, and Craig run the F2FF meat department. These friendly and knowledgeable meat cutters are more than happy to help you plan your meal, and they’ll even educate you on how to make the best selections from among a wide array of quality grass-fed beef, fresh seafood, pork, poultry, and even organic meats.

Need an Extra Boost? 

When you’re looking for products that cleanse, nourish, and replenish, the dedicated wellness staff can help you select top-quality wellness products, including vitamins, natural remedies, herbal supplements, essential oils, incense, and candles. The vitamin department stocks your choice of vegan, vegetarian, or animal-produced proteins. And supplements come in liquid, tablet, and powder forms. There’s even a homeopathic section that features Boiron products, Beach Flower Essences, Rescue Remedies, and a variety of gentle and safe products from industry names you know and trust.

We could go on and on! And, in fact, on the day of the Lenoir store’s grand opening we did go on and on – through bin after bin of dried cereals and grains, shelf after shelf of delectable condiments and dressings, row after row of fresh artisanal pastas and breads, and a whole range of grab-and-go snacks, sweet treats and protein bars. Then there were the beverages – What a fantastic selection of wines, local craft beers, juices, flavored mineral waters, and soft drinks. The kind you don’t find at your average grocery store!

This was one grand opening we’ll never forget. We came for the ribbon cutting, the raffles, the discounts and the goody bags. But we stayed for the amazing shopping experience. And we’ll be coming back week after week to stock up on fresh, healthy delicious foods that live up to the healthy lifestyle standards we’ve become accustomed to living in the mountain towns in North Carolina.

It’s true, we couldn’t believe our luck when the new HHM opened up in Lenoir. And according to HHM, the feeling is mutual. Their marketing director called Lenoir “the perfect place to expand our Healthy Home Market brand,” and we think we know why…

Those of us who live in Lenoir – like so many others living in mountain towns in North Carolina – are people with a passion for healthy living. We value physical fitness, and we get plenty of it in the great outdoors. We tend to be financially smart, socially conscious, and eco-friendly. And while we welcome all our neighbors with open arms, we have a special fondness for fun-loving foodies with an appreciation for good music, good food, good beer (preferably a local craft brew), and good friends! Because if there’s anything better than gathering friends and neighbors together to share the best life has to offer, we can’t think what it is.

When it’s time to make a move to the mountains, take a tip from us and tour The Coves Mountain River Club. If you value health and wellness, The Coves has got you covered. With a year-round schedule of heart-pumping activities (including yoga Mondays), plus a landscape with endless paths for dog-walking, horseback riding, biking, and hiking (elevations ranging from 1,000 to 1,700 feet), and a state-of-the art fitness facility, outdoor swimming pool and hot tub, this popular gated community with riverfront living and spectacular views of Lenoir’s majestic mountains represents the best of North Carolina mountain real estate… not to mention it’s the perfect place to enjoy those retirement years, living the peaceful, healthful, relaxing-but-active life we’ve all been dreaming of.

The Coves is ideally located in Lenoir, North Carolina in the Blue Ridge foothills, where nature meets luxury living. And did we mention there’s a Healthy Home Market in town?

Call us at 828.754.0700 to schedule your visit to this gorgeous mountain community. And we’ll point you in the direction of the F2FF juice bar, where you can treat yourself to a protein smoothie to celebrate your decision to follow your mountain living dream!

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84-page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide, which gives you more information about living in the foothills.

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Smart and Attractive Ways To Use Reclaimed Building Materials


Reclaimed building materials – also referred to as recycled, vintage, antique, historic or just “used” – are simply those saved from a trip to the landfill by an architect or interior designer who sees their potential to be re-purposed for another application.

At The Coves Mountain River Club and gated communities near Asheville NC, it’s common to see reclaimed wood, tile and other items seamlessly incorporated into the design of new mountain homes.  The most obvious advantage is that they create a visual blend with the natural splendor of the surrounding property.  But there are more practical considerations as well.

Old lumber easily finds its way into cabinetry, furniture and architectural details.  But it’s particularly popular for use as siding, timbers and floorboards because it doesn’t require much maintenance.  The wood has already settled and shrunk into a permanent form and developed a tightness of grain that makes it considerably more durable.  Most comes from old barns, factories and warehouses, but other sources can be as diverse as coal mines, wine barrels and even boxcars.  And old fencing is valued for consistency, structural soundness and its low moisture content that minimizes the need for treatment.

From a cosmetic standpoint, it’s worth noting that reclaimed beams can be sawn into wider planks than newer lumber.  And, because the old wood has already expanded and contracted over many years in response to changes in humidity, it is likely to be more stable and can be used with radiant heating systems.  Some attribute the greater strength of reclaimed wood to the absence of air pollution prior to the 20th century and the fact that it was harvested from virgin growth timber that was hundreds of years old.

As you’re building a mountain home, you might consider the use of reclaimed slate, clay or concrete tiles for your roof.  There are several good reasons for doing so.  They’re fireproof, extremely long-lasting and environmentally-friendly.  Even with older material, the quality is likely to be very good.  They enhance the beauty of a property, adding character and style.  Little maintenance is required for a tile roof.  And they’re usually cost-effective compared to the alternatives.

When you use reclaimed building materials, you’ll be adding instant value and unique charm to your mountain home.  And, by choosing vintage instead of new, you’ll be helping to conserve our natural resources.

So where do you find these gems from years gone by?

The simplest approach is to find a company that sells them.  But if you’d rather do the work yourself, there are a number of options to investigate.  With some research, you should be able to find older buildings that are being demolished.  Salvage sites may have exactly what you’re looking for and at a very reasonable price.  Farm auctions are another good place to look.  And check the local ads or place your own, specifying what items you’re seeking.

But beware of imitations.  With the popularity of reclaimed material, it’s becoming more common for some sellers to try to pass newer wood off as antique.

It’s also important that the source of your reclaimed wood be able to verify what it might have been treated with over its lifetime.  You want to avoid possible harmful off-gassing of volatile organic compounds associated with lead paint, stains and other treatments – especially when the wood will be used inside the house.

Gated communities near Asheville NC such as The Coves Mountain River Club make every attempt to be respectful of the magnificent place in which we’ve chosen to live, and we encourage anyone building a mountain home to consider using reclaimed materials wherever possible.    

Whether it’s chimney bricks for a fireplace, a mantle made of an old post, or antique doors, hardware and fixtures…talk to our home design team and let us help bring your ideas to life. 

Stop by and take a tour, and we’ll show you how other homeowners have made good use of reclaimed building materials.  And, you’ll soon see why so many people have chosen to retire here. 

Our five miles of frontage on the Johns River, the splendor of the mountains and their foliage, the mild year-round weather, and the wealth of opportunity for outdoor activities make our mountain community a very special place in which to build a home!

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84 page Complimentary Magazine

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