The Coves Named 2017 Best of the Best Mountain Views

Best of Best Communities

A second prestigious award for The Coves! Ideal-LIVING magazine just announced the 2nd Annual “The Best of the Best” in towns and residential communities in its Summer 2017 edition. The Coves Mountain River Club is honored with “Best of the Best Mountain Views” award because of the “serenity along with picture-perfect hillside and mountain-ridge settings.”

On a clear day, our residents have front row seats from our 3,600 acre mountain community to view the Blue Ridge Mountain peaks that includes Grandfather Mountain, Table Rock, Adams Knob and Brown Mountain. If families long to live in an authentic mountain community with hundred mile views, we have it and much more!

Amenities include over 39 miles of hiking trails, 5 miles of frontage on the Johns River, a full service equestrian center, two community gardens and our stunning Pisgah Mountain Lodge with an infinity-view swimming pool, fitness center and entertainment rooms.

Nominations for gated communities near Asheville NC and others were submitted, the editorial committee then researched and chose those communities/developments they felt best represented the spirit of the category.

“Given the very positive response last year to our first ‘Best of the Best‘ feature,” said ideal-LIVING Editor and Associate Publisher Kelly Godbey, “we refined our selection  process and created some new categories that we think better reflect the interests of our readers. The goal will always be to help retirees and families choose the place that’s ‘The Best‘ for them.” Godbey added that “The Best of the Best” honorees for 2017 are organized into three broad groups—Destination, Life, and Home— with winners named in a total of 24 categories.

This year has been a very busy year for The Coves with more than 50 families choosing to purchase at our North Carolina real estate development. We’re grateful to be recognized by ideal-LIVING and hope you’ll come take a look for yourself.

Call 828.754.0700 to schedule a visit.

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Tax Comparison – Lenoir North Carolina Versus Northeastern States

tax comparison

Finding the perfect place to retire may seem daunting—there’s so much to consider from your family’s needs, to the ideal climate, to the location–whether you desire a rural or city environment, and of course the least fun thing to have to think about— your taxes.  You may be part of the vast part of the US population researching states with lower cost of living, along with all the other essential financial components like a state by state tax comparison.  If this is the case, you can find a cost savings when you take a good look at North Carolina taxes.

Did you know that ten thousand baby boomers each and every day find themselves approaching this exciting next chapter in their lives?  Some decide to stay put in the familiar home or town they raised their families and built their careers, but others choose to pull up stakes and relocate, either to try some place new, settle near their precious grandchildren and family, or create a more healthy lifestyle.   

In a listing of 25 Best Affordable Places to Live in 2017, three North Carolina locations made the grade by U.S. News & World Report. That’s pretty amazing—three out of 25!  What are some of the factors you should keep in mind besides considering states with lower cost of living?  We all understand the importance of easy access to affordable and top-notch health care–no matter our age.  Of course there’s also the climate, air quality, and craving easy access to a broad variety of recreation to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Our life expectancy is longer these days, so as a result we need to plan even smarter than the generations who came before us.  So take the time, either on your own or with the help of a financial planner, and make sure you include a tax comparison of the northeastern states to educate yourself about the best possible locations–not just for the ideal environment that suits your fancy, but also to ensure your nest egg is properly protected and even given the opportunity to grow.

It’s essential to take into account each state’s income tax, real estate tax, and sales tax for starters.  Here’s a little break down of some basics of five other states in the northeast as compared to North Carolina.  How do North Carolina taxes rank?  Not too shabby.


In terms of property tax, North Carolina tax rates well for those who want to make sure their retirement dollars stretch far. The property tax in North Carolina is a locally-assessed county tax, based upon real property, personal property and motor vehicles. 

Annual property taxes in Caldwell County are approximately $782 per $100,000 of property value verses $2,160 in Alpine New Jersey. On a $400,000 home, that’s an annual savings of $5,512 per year!

For more information, the North Carolina Department of Revenue’s website has made listings of all the state’s property tax rates going back nearly two decades.  The beauty of North Carolina is its property tax exclusions, which provide breaks for the disabled, war vets, and also the elderly.

In New Jersey all real property and tangible personal property is subject to property tax unless exempted.  The assessed valuation of real property is based on 100% of the fair market value.  An individual’s property taxes are calculated by multiplying the general tax rate by the assessed value of the property.  Real property taxes are assessed and collected by cities and townships. Personal property tax is administered by the state.  There are several homeowner property tax relief programs available.

In Illinois, only real property or real estate is taxed by local districts, including counties, townships, municipalities, school districts and special taxing districts in two-year cycles.  The first year is the assessment, the second year payments are collected.  Most property in Illinois is assessed at 33.33% of its market value, except for farmland—which is assessed on the income it produces. Homestead exemptions are available for seniors, disabled veterans, as well as improvement and general exemptions.

In Connecticut all real and personal property is taxable unless specifically exempted.  Each city and town administers its own property tax.

Real property in New York is taxed based on its value. Counties, cities, towns, villages, school districts and special districts each raise money through the real property tax to pay for local services. The amount of a property’s tax is determined by the property’s assessment and the tax rates of the jurisdiction.  Each property in most municipalities must be assessed at a uniform percentage of value– 5%, 10%, 50% or any other percentage not exceeding 100%. In addition, the School Tax Relief, or STAR, program is a partial exemption from school property taxes for owner-occupied primary residences. The Enhanced STAR exemption is available for the primary residences of senior citizens with a household income not greater than not the state standard.  Residents may be able to claim the real property tax credit for homeowners and renters.

Virginia has no state property tax. The taxes are set and collected at the local government.  Real estate is taxed at the local level based on 100% of fair market value. Effective true tax rates on real estate vary and are set by locality. For example, property taxes in Alexandria Virginia are approximately $1,150 a year per $100,000 of a home’s value. On a $400,000 home, taxes would likely be $4,600 verses $1,955 for the same valued homes in Lenoir.

Tangible personal property, such as such as machinery and equipment, furniture, fixtures, and automobiles, is taxed at the local level and is based on a percentage of original cost.


The North Carolina state income tax is currently 5.75%. As of 2014, the state eliminated progressive income tax rates. Since 2015 every state taxpayer pays a consistent rate of 5.75%. North Carolina verses New Jersey state income taxes on income is basically the same. The benefit of tax savings takes place beyond $75,000 in income where New Jersey rates climb to over 8%.

Illinois state income tax is imposed on every individual, corporation, trust and estate who earn or receive income. The tax is a flat percentage of a taxpayer’s federal adjusted gross income, so it takes a bit of math to calculate living there.

Connecticut assesses an income tax of 6 brackets, from 3% to 6.99%.

The New York state income tax rates range from 4% to 8.82% over 8 income brackets.

New Jersey levies state taxes from 1.4% to 8.97%,  and these rates are assessed by progressive income brackets.

Virginia’s tax rates range from 2% to 5.75%– assessed over 4 income tax brackets.


The sales tax in North Carolina dropped a percentage point in July of 2011 to 4.75%.  Most sales and purchases are subject to state and local taxes too; the rate is typically 2% but in some counties is 2.75%.  The North Carolina Department of Revenue has a complete list of tax rates county by county. Sales tax in Caldwell County is 6.75% verses 6.87% in New Jersey. Sales tax is pretty much the same if you’re moving from New Jersey.

Illinois has a sales tax of 6.25% for general merchandise; this rate may be adjusted in January or July of each year.  Food, drug and medical appliances have a 1% rate.  In addition to liquor, gas and cigarettes, aircraft and watercraft use, as well as food and beverages, are taxed.

Connecticut’s sale tax is 6.35% on sale, lease and rental of most goods.  The luxury sales tax is 7.75%–motor vehicles valued over $50,000; jewelry valued over $5,000; apparel, footwear, handbags, luggage, umbrellas, wallets and watches valued over $1,000.   Airport valet parking, yoga instruction, motor vehicle storage and towing, spa treatments, pet grooming, boarding and obedience services are all taxable.  Home weatherization products are taxable as well.   Local jurisdictions do no impose additional sales tax.

New York’s tax rate is 4%.  Taxable property and services within the state vary.  Local sales taxes may also exist.  Clothing and footwear with value less than $110 is exempt.

New Jersey’s sales tax is 7%.  All retail sales are taxable unless specified.  A compensating use tax is imposed when the sales tax is not collected or is at a rate lower than the state’s sales tax.

Virginia’s sales and use tax is 4.3% with an additional 1% local tax; the combined sales tax is typically 5.3% on most purchases.  Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads has an additional 0.7% tax, bringing the rate to 6%.  In addition there is a consumer use tax on purchases more than $100 annually of untaxed goods from online, mail order, or television purchases, in addition to tax-free items from out of state.

Being informed is the best way to prepare for your retirement.   Understanding taxes and how they impact your finances is an essential part of retirement planning and maintaining control over your budget.

North Carolina is one of the states with lower cost of living. Boomers save money on taxes, housing, medical care, fuel and food. Perhaps you’ve already done your homework, performed a tax comparison and seen how well North Carolina’s taxes rank.  Perhaps you’ve sold your home and are ready to create a new life in the perfect setting–like the gorgeous landscape of The Coves where you can develop your hobbies as well as dive into  the variety of outdoor recreation—golf, fishing, kayaking, horseback riding, biking and hiking—whatever your heart desires.   

North Carolina has exceeded Florida as a leading place to retire, largely due to affordability and because of mild four season weather. Retirees also like that fact that family left behind are likely less than a days drive to visit or Charlotte and Asheville airport are easily accessible.

Lenoir, with its strong sense of community and charm, is a sweet choice for settling into your new mountain home where you can be surrounded by caring neighbors and still enjoy the serenity and peace of your idyllic mountainside property all year long.

Tax rates are complex and change all the time. Be sure to check with your tax professional to review the total cost savings of moving to the beautiful state of North Carolina.

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Delightful Year Round Four Season Weather in Lenoir NC


Whether you’ve been able to enjoy a relaxing experience in the foothills, or have been able to at last, settle into your charming mountain home, Lenoir North Carolina weather provides the ideal backdrop to accent all four seasons of the year. 

After exploring NC mountain real estate all around Western North Carolina, many have chosen to relocate or retire in Lenoir to escape the harsher winters in the northeast, or leave the heat and humidity of the deep south behind. There are not too many places where you can actually have the best of all worlds, leading a healthy and active life with an assortment of outdoor opportunities that are seemingly endless which includes fantastic hikes near Asheville NC. At an elevation ranging from 1,100 to almost 2,000 feet, Lenoir is truly the sweet spot when it comes to great four season weather.

These days it’s easy enough to search the places we may want to consider spending our retirement years, or, if possible, our pre-retirement years, with just a click of our internet browser.   The Lenoir North Carolina weather shines online with all the details of its four mild seasons, which provide a year-round temperate landscape to draw you and your family outside into the healthy fresh air. 

What would you discover with a little online research?  Winter days in Lenoir are mild, with 52 degrees as the high and 28 degrees as the low, and less than five inches of snowfall.  Spring eases into Lenoir with 69 degrees as the high and 44 as the low, perfect weather for the wildflowers to bloom. 

When summer arrives, you will find a moderate 86 degree high and 64 degree low.  Fall boasts 68 degree highs and 46 degree lows, encouraging vibrant fall colors from the end of September until early November. But there’s nothing better than leaving that computer screen behind and experiencing the magic for yourself!   

Whether you adore the hikes near Asheville NC, or you prefer spending peaceful hours in your vegetable garden, the mild climate will make all of your hobbies and recreation more than just a dream or hopeful scribbles filling up your bucket list.  It’s no wonder so many have found Lenoir to be one of the most charming mountain towns in the state, and it’s no surprise that NC mountain real estate is quietly flourishing in the foothills.

There’s so much to be grateful for in Lenoir.  Keep this in mind when you’re searching for NC mountain real estate–sunny days abound—totaling about 210 a year, with blue skies accentuated by the lush green mountains.  Perhaps one of the best features is the region’s diversity, and the proximity of so many enticing environments with a mere click of your car’s ignition. 

Lenoir is situated in a setting you need to witness in person, tucked beneath the Blue Ridge Mountain range, and located at an elevation of 1,168 feet above sea level.  If a winter day arrives where you want to hit the slopes, the High Country is awaiting you with ski resorts, like Beech Mountain, that can accommodate the entire family, and at the end of the day you can return to the comfort of your mountain home. 

On a balmy summer day when you’re craving some cooler, higher elevation air, Blowing Rock awaits you with an admirable elevation of 3,566 feet for views that will  take your breath away while you inhale some refreshing mountain air, sometimes ten or twenty degrees cooler.  Take some photos of nature, the abundant wildlife and lush flowers and vegetation, hike to your heart’s content in the shade of the woods, dip your feet in the stream, take a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and then return to your sweet Lenoir home.

Life at The Coves is where you can enjoy all that the Lenoir NC weather has to offer, accompanied by the diverse and invigorating landscape.  Keep in mind–this is how you create a day to day existence that will make you feel you’re on a perpetual vacation.  Explore Lenoir, take in Wilson Creek, T.H. Broyhill Walking Park, or Lenoir Greenway–if you’re up for some hikes near Asheville NC, and see how the charm of this town is undeniable.

The Coves is a friendly social community where neighbors and friends take part in all the perks of the mountain community.  On any given day, folks can be found outdoors peddling their bikes through The Coves’ scenic trails, lacing up their hiking boots for invigorating hikes near Asheville NC, paddling, fishing, or floating leisurely down the Johns River, horseback riding with some friends, or simply lazing beneath the canopy of the trees, the sound of a cascading waterfall in the background, while they get lost in their books.  Those who settle in at The Coves, understand how important creature comforts are, and how your life can be transformed by nature, the ideal home, and a caring and close-knit community.

The Coves is a gem in every sense of the word.  Are you tired of ice and five-foot snow falls that obscure your driveway?  Come and see for yourself, no matter the season, you will be happy you choose to visit this charming historic mountain town and build at The Coves.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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Best Mountain Biking Towns Include Lenoir NC

mountain bike trails in North Carolina

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a bicycle, and that’s pretty close.”  – Anonymous

No one knows who coined the sentiment, but biking enthusiasts know it’s true! Especially those living in the mountain towns in North Carolina, land of the best mountain biking anywhere.

Okay, cyclists, have we got your attention? Good! Now, before you gear up and get ready to hit the trails, we’ve got a few tips on how to handle the curves ahead – not to mention the thrilling elevations –for your ultimate off-road adventure on the mountain bike trails in North Carolina.

Did you know the state is divided into three distinct sections according to its changing terrain from east to west? Biking buffs abound on the Western North Carolina (WNC) side, known as “the mountains section.” This is thanks in no small part to the more than 3,400 bike trails in Asheville, WNC’s largest city and the heart of the region.

The tree-lined trails in scenic Asheville take cyclists for the ride of their life along gravel roads that wind through forested valleys, past lazy streams, and up steep mountainsides. All these elements, plus the year-round mild climate, make this area perfect for exploring on two wheels.

WNC is known for three main trail systems – Pisgah National Forest, Dupont State Forest (DSF), and Tsali. These are the three cyclist meccas traditionally featured in cycling magazines and on social media, and here’s why:

Pisgah’s trails are described as some of the most challenging because of their wet, rocky, and rooty terrain. But they’re also well maintained and frequently traveled by fellow cyclists.

DSF trails also make for some tricky riding over plenty of bumps and hills. And keep an eye out for that slickrock! Many DSF trails cross over large expanses of solid granite, a unique feature that can make for some smooth maneuvering.

Tsali trails are more hardpacked and make for exceptionally long and extremely fast riding along flat, level pathways. Tsali’s hills can be long, but they’re not very steep, and they offer gorgeous views of Fontana Lake and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

These trail systems are all located within a short driving distance of downtown Asheville, a lively city with a vibrant night life and dynamic art scene. All of this makes Asheville a must-see-must-do town on the Blue Ridge bucket list of WNC visitors with a passion for cycling. And Asheville’s ranking on so many “best places to retire” lists has been known to inspire cyclists – and mountain lovers in general –  to settle in to a dream home of their own in one of the many gated communities near Asheville NC.

But Asheville isn’t the only game in town for mountain lovers and avid cyclists. In recent years, a slew of new hiking and biking trails have opened up in and around the towns of Boone, Banner Elk, Blowing Rock, and Lenoir. The trails in these towns grace some of the most majestic mountains in Western North Carolina, and they’re quickly growing in popularity. From the breathtaking highs of the 3,600-foot Blowing Rock elevation to the sweet Sugar Mountain valley down below, these trails are attracting cyclists from far and wide. Here are a few of our favorites:

Beech Mountain Trails

What sets Beech Mountain apart from all the rest? It’s the highest town in Eastern America with elevations at 5,506 feet. It’s not only high off the ground, it’s also high on our list of places for best biking adventures. If you’re looking for an unforgettable ride, you can’t beat Beech Mountain. Casual cyclists will enjoy the easy scenic routes, tailor made for cruising a summer day away. Advanced cyclists will find their fill of challenges here, including climbs of 1,400 feet in only 3-1/2 miles! Professional road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong covered many if not all of Beech Mountain’s 51 miles of biking routes, so you know this place has true cycling appeal. And there are plenty of events held throughout the year, including regular Beech Mountain Bike Club rides, guided group rides (third Saturday of the month, May through October), and the annual Beech Mountain “Beest” Weekend Cycling Time Trial held each May.

Sugar Mountain Trails

It may be best known for its fabulous ski slopes, but this mountain has year-round appeal with runners, walkers, hikers, and bikers. Life is sweet on Sugar Mountain, with its welcoming landscape and far-reaching views. Just minutes from Grandfather Mountain and Linville Gorge, Sugar Mountain has 11 trails of varying difficulty to suit a variety of outdoorsy types, from the gentle walkers who enjoy the quiet of the woods to the adrenaline seekers who prefer a heart-pumping trek along the higher elevations. Mountain bikers love the network of trails that weave their way throughout the Village of Sugar Mountain. And when they’re ready to practice their downhill cycling skills, they can catch a lift to the top of the slopes on Sugar Mountain Resort’s chair lifts. All visitors can enjoy free trail access during daylight hours from May through October. And cycling fans will be the first in line when May brings The Showdown at Sugar Mountain, a NORBA (National Off Road Bicycle Association) National Championship Event that showcases both professional and amateur cyclists participating from all 50 states.

Zack’s Fork Mountain Trails

It may be only three miles long, but this single-track loop in the center of Lenoir NC is built for fun. It opened in 2014 and has since become a favorite among beginners, advanced riders, and everyone in between. It’s short and sweet with a nice curvy downhill descent that makes it a must-ride for Lenoir bike buffs. Zacks Fork Mountain Bike Trail has been described as “flowy and impressive with lots of berms and bumps” and – spoiler alert! – there’s a quick elevation change (250 ft) for an added thrill at the end of your energetic ride.

Yes, it’s true! The mountain towns in North Carolina really do have the best mountain biking anywhere. And these days, we’re seeing more and more enthusiasts making the move to the mountains, where they can enjoy year-round hiking and biking.

At The Coves Mountain River Club in Lenoir NC, neighbors not only have plenty of trails to traverse, they even enjoy the invigorating hike – or bike! – up to their neighborhood clubhouse, Pisgah Mountain Lodge, which takes them to elevations ranging from 1,000 to 1,700 feet. You get quite an endorphin boost making your way up the paved roads to the lodge. And once at the top, you’re treated to spectacular views of Grandfather Mountain, Johns River, Wilson Creek, and beautiful cascading waterfalls that can be seen in all directions.

Whether you’re an avid mountain biker or a gentle cruiser who appreciates the slower rolls, or even just a fan of beautiful mountain living, The Coves offers a full schedule of year-round recreational activities and relaxing opportunities. This variety of amenities is just one small part of what attracts so many people to this fabulous gated community in one of the most charming mountain towns in North Carolina.

Come on out to The Coves Mountain River Club and see what we mean… and be sure to bring your mountain bike so you can try our trails!

Call us at 828.754.0700 to schedule your visit.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, as for our 84-page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide, which gives you more information about living in the foothills.

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Kayaking Wilson Creek and Local Rivers

kayaking Wilson Creek

Wilson Creek NC and Johns River NC are just two of the popular kayaking destinations in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and are located right next to The Coves Mountain River Club.  From world-class competitive events to the chance to paddle leisurely through the spectacular scenery and slow moving rivers, kayakers are drawn year-round to the beauty of Western North Carolina’s natural resources.

In addition to the adventure aspect of water sporting activities, kayaking provides numerous health benefits, such as improved cardiovascular health, low wear and tear of tissues, and increased muscle strength around the legs, arms, chest and back.

Here are the top ten kayak runs (with rapids classifications) close to some of the gated communities near Asheville NC which includes The Coves:

  • Johns River, Burke County that runs 6.5 miles long with Class I-II (Easy and Novice)
  • Wilson Creek that offers Class I-III (Easy to Intermediate) and runs 4 miles long
  • The 1.9 miles long Wilson Creek with Class III-V (Intermediate to Expert)
  • The 18 miles Catawba River- Henry Fork offering Class I-III (Easy to Intermediate)
  • Wilson Creek, Caldwell County stretching 6.6 miles long with Class II-III (Novice to Intermediate
  • Steel Creek with Class II-III (Novice to Intermediate) runs 6.6 miles long
  • Catawba River McDowell with Class I-II (Easy and Novice) is 8.5 miles long
  • The 5-mile long Wilson Creek with Class IV (Advanced)
  • Gragg Prong River offers 1.6 miles long stretch with Class IV-V (Advanced and Expert)
  • The upper creek with Class III-IV (Intermediate to Expert) runs 17 miles long

The calm waters of the Catawba River are ideal for all skill levels.  Slow-moving water carries you over 3.5 miles from the Fort Mill dam to the Riverwalk.  Or, you can move at a faster pace through 2.75 miles of rapids.  Kayaking clinics and individual instruction are available.

You can join a group in Morganton for the six-mile Bridgewater Paddle.  It takes about three hours, with opportunities to hone your skills as you’re introduced to the thrill of white water kayaking.

Price Lake, near Blowing Rock, is the largest body of water on the Blue Ridge Parkway and a very popular spot for kayaking.  You can bring your own craft or rent one on site.  If you’re there during the fall foliage season, a calm day will reward you with a stunning view of Grandfather Mountain reflected in the water, along with the sky and surrounding trees.

Wilson Creek NC in Lenoir is known for its water quality, fast moving currents and rugged views.  There are areas for all skill levels, with the upper part of the stream being the most challenging and the gorge reserved for the most experienced kayakers.  Some of the bigger rapids include:

  • Mank Above 10ft
  • Ten Foot Falls
  • No Name
  • Boatbuster
  • Thunderhole
  • Triple Drop
  • Bitchslap
  • Hidden Eddy
  • Razorback
  • Huntley’s Retreat

Finally, flowing from the Pisgah National Forest, Johns River NC runs through Wilson Creek to Lake Rhodhiss, and The Coves Mountain River Club sits on five miles of its banks.  Residents and visitors alike enjoy the Johns River blend of adventure and slow-moving fun.  It’s one of the iconic features of the foothills, where rapids, streams and clean mountain-fed rivers create a nature lover’s paradise.

You’ll find a number of gated communities near Asheville NC, but we know there is nothing else quite like The Coves Mountain River Club.  Here, you can find riverfront property that puts world-renowned North Carolina trout fishing, boating and more right at your own back door.  And our mild four season weather lets you take advantage of outdoor activities no matter what the season.

We offer the most diverse selection of property in the area, from quarter-acre cottage lots to estates that are 25 acres in size.  With our on-site equestrian center set along the Johns River, the mountaintop Pisgah Mountain Lodge and wellness amenities which include an infinity-view swimming pool, you’ll enjoy the mountain lifestyle of your dreams in a scenic setting. You’ll even have a front row seat when the foliage begins its remarkable color changes in the fall. Our lodge is the perfect place to enjoy the kaleidoscope of colors while enjoying Monday morning yoga.

If you’re exploring mountain towns in North Carolina, be sure to stop by let us show you all that we have to offer. Call us at 828.754.0700!

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84 page Complimentary Magazine

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North Carolina Blackberry Festival to Sweeten the Foothills

North Carolina blackberry festival

Those of us who live in the mountain towns in North Carolina know how fortunate we are to call this region home.  The perks are never-ending, due in part to an incredible community spirit showcased in many of the Lenoir NC events, bringing people together to celebrate throughout the seasons of the year.

The North Carolina Blackberry Festival is one such event, sponsored by the Caldwell County Chamber of Commerce, and there’s no wondering why this celebration has gained such momentum over the past sixteen years.  This summer beginning Thursday, July 6th, and continuing with festivities all weekend long, residents and visitors, will once again come together for a delicious, nutritious and joy-packed occasion.

Schedule of Events:

Thursday, July 6, 2017--“An Evening of Everything Blackberry”

6pm – 9 pm-an Evening with Blackberry-themed dishes, Blackberry-infused drinks, and Blackberry attire.

This festival in North Carolina kick-off takes place on Main Street in historic downtown Lenoir and is a ticketed event, showcasing our fabulous restaurants, breweries and distilleries. Of course the main attraction—the blackberry!  Be sure to eat heartily and vote on your favorites.

Friday, July 7, 2017–“Pre-heat Party & Downtown Extravaganza”

  • 6pm–10pm–Black”Beer”y Garden Featuring Local Breweries and Craft Beers
  • 6pm–10pm–Live Music on the Downtown Main Stage
  • 6pm–Blackberry Princess Pageant Preliminaries
  • 7pm–Front Porch Pickin’ Competition
  • 7pm— Blackberry Recipe Contests
  • 9pm— Glow Run 5K & Fun RunSaturday, July 8, 2017 –Vendors, Food, Children’s Activities and Blackberries all day!
  • 10am–Live Music at Stage 1
  • 10am–NC Blackberry Princess Pageant Finals at Stage 3
  • 10:30am–Live Music at Stage 2
  • 10:30am–Blackberry Festival Blood Drive
  • 11am–Live Music at Stage 3
  • 11:15am–The Blackberry Eating Games (Youth & Adult)
  • 12pm–Presentation of Colors Ceremony
  • 12:15pm–Colossal Cobbler Parade
  • 12:30pm–Live Music at Stage 2
  • 12:30pm–World’s Largest Patchwork of Cobbler
  • 1:15pm to 3:30pm–Live Music on all Stages
  • 3:30pm–Front Porch Pickin’ Winners at Stage

Many of you have already tasted the sweet produce from Lineberger Farms, perhaps while attending one of our Lenoir NC events, but for those of you who haven’t, there will be farm-fresh blackberries available, along with other blackberry delights, as well as arts and crafts.  Many food vendors and local restaurants will be open too.  If you have a competitive spirit, enter the blackberry recipe contests for both kids and adults and make sure blackberries are part of your ingredients!

To accompany all the great food is a musical line up on three stages as well as busking throughout the downtown.  Be sure to see the phenomenal line up beginning at 10am with The King Bees, Shelby Rae Moore, Scupper’s Sagacious Squeezebox feat. Long John Shivers, Melissa Reaves, Banana Da Terra—Jimmie Griffith, and Bob Sinclair and the Big Deals.  And the amazing foot-stomping Front Porch Pickin’ Competition is a popular event where you can showcase your talent before an attentive audience and even have the opportunity to win some cash!

There has been a strong agricultural heartbeat for the generations who’ve lived in and around the mountain towns in North Carolina, and for this reason we all care a great deal about preserving the way our state grows, delivers and enjoys eating our incredible food.

The blackberry festival in North Carolina, fast approaching, is one incredible way to celebrate and support locally-grown food.  There was a 94 percent decline in the growing of tobacco in our state from 1992-2007, and with that decline, there was a concerted effort to protect and preserve our region’s farms and farmers.

Anyone who lives in the mountain towns in North Carolina, knows how much we value and enjoy our healthy environment.  We owe a great deal of our health to being able to eat fresh, local produce and food which is bountiful in our restaurants, our homes and our schools.  More farms mean cleaner air, a healthier environment, and food we can see first-hand being harvested. Did you realize that North Carolina is packed with more farmers’ markets and organic farms than any state in the Southeast? What’s even better, our home-grown food tastes fabulous.

Life at The Coves means being able to incorporate healthy eating and fitness into our everyday routines–whether we’re growing our own veggies in our community garden, or visiting the farmer’s market to prepare a family feast. We are nestled in the perfect location so residents can slip outside for a day of fresh air and recreation, and still be close to amazing Lenoir NC events.

Be sure to visit The Coves Mountain River Club’s booth at the blackberry festival in North Carolina to learn about the sweet place you’ll want to build your dream mountain home.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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