Why Buyers Are Choosing New Over Resales

building a mountain home

If you’ve spent time in the mountains in North Carolina, then you have most certainly come to understand the Blue Ridge Dream. How the mountains have inspired generation after generation to put down their roots in the cozy mountain towns that keep the pulse of the America strong.  Folks who are building a mountain home have no doubt that this majestic region in Western North Carolina is where they need to be, for a higher quality of life and sense of wellbeing. 

National forests such as Pisgah and Nantahala National Forest are the perfect protective buffers for the mountains, and add to the serene beauty of the region with healthy rivers, wildlife and lush plants and trees. Wilson Creek is found in Pisgah Forest. The waterway system originates at Grandfather Mountain and falls down into the Johns River at The Coves. These natural wonders are just some of the reasons people searching for NC mountain land for sale choose the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Building a mountain home in Western North Carolina is the Blue Ridge Dream. Why these dreamers are opting to settle into a new home as opposed to a resale is easy to grasp.  Once they have found that idyllic North Carolina mountain real estate, maybe tucked into a hillside with plenty of acreage for their horses to roam or perched up high with long range views to inspire friends and family as they gather for a home cooked meal, life becomes more peaceful. This is the mountain paradise residents at The Coves have come to know.

When building a mountain home, this gives one the creative freedom of being able to customize from the ground floor up. How many times have we walked through a resale, creating a mental check list of all the things you will need to live with, modify, or completely redo?  This is not the case when you design your own home, ensuring everything from the closet space to the laundry room, to the plug and play, conveniently wired throughout the house, are exactly right.

There are many reasons why interest in building new North Carolina mountain real estate has gained in popularity. Those of us who live in the mountains consciously care about our environment.  We want to protect what we love for future generations, and this means building mountain homes that are incredibly kind to our environment. It includes the use of natural elements and reclaimed materials such as metal, wood and stone.

With each passing year we gain more knowledge and more ability to decrease our impact, by using the right materials, choosing efficient state-of-the-art appliances, and designing our spaces maximizing nature—like the magic of southern exposure, or a wrap around porch and strategically-placed awnings.  There’s nothing like living the perfect life while minimizing our carbon footprint. Using nontoxic building materials has become more important than ever.      

And being environmentally conscious has other rewards.  All the up-to-date technology, efficient appliances, and careful design have a positive effect on your finances.  Your heating and cooling costs will be lessened, and your operating costs will be noticeably lower, leaving your family the funds to spend on that long-talked about vacation, or to sink into those hobbies you’ve put off for so long.

The savings don’t end there…which is another factor encouraging folks to find the perfect NC mountain land for sale so they, too, can begin the building process.  Once you are settled into your dream home, the furnishing is complete,  and the landscaping looks as though it’s been there for many seasons, you may be surprised when you notice your home owner’s insurance has dropped significantly.  Why would newer construction be less to insure?  Stricter codes and building regulations—things you don’t have to worry about that are taken care of along the way.    

Come visit The Coves as you search for NC mountain land for sale. Meet our professional building team that can be by your side to help you budget, design and build your own dream home in a mountain community that’s second to none.

Explore our waterfalls, hike our trails, kayaking in the Johns River or gaze at the sunset from the veranda of our mountaintop lodge.

Call us 828.754.0700 to schedule a tour.

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10 Energy Efficient Products For Your New Home

building a mountain home

When you’re building a mountain home, you’ll want to incorporate as many energy-efficient products and features as possible.  It makes sense from a cost-saving standpoint and helps to reduce your personal footprint in terms of our environment.  Living at The Coves Mountain River Club, in the pristine Blue Ridge foothills, you will become acutely aware of nature – both its beauty and its fragility.  Gated communities near Asheville NC are designed to take full advantage of their surroundings without having a negative impact.

Let’s explore some of the ways North Carolina mountain homes are employing the latest energy-saving technology.

  • Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing – A layer of aluminum is placed in the airspace between the heat-radiating surface inside and the heat-absorbing surface outside.  The foil used in the  sheathing keeps up to 97% of the radiant heat from passing through to your attic. In the heat of the summer, having a radiant barrier roof will keep your home up to 30% cooler.  And the hotter it gets, the better it works.
  • Roof Insulation –  Simply stated, insulation is the most practical and cost-effective way to make a house more energy-efficient.  Without it, you can lose up to half of your heated or cooled air through leakage.  Proper and sufficient insulation can improve the effectiveness of  your HVAC system by up to 80 per cent.  Another benefit can be less condensation in your home.  This, in turn, provides health benefits by reducing the dampness that allows mold to develop.
  • Insulated Doors/Windows – Your home’s exterior doors and windows can contribute significantly to air leakage through conduction.  It’s important that they be insulated and air sealed. The use of weatherstripping can reduce energy loss.  Many exterior doors have a steel skin with a polyurethane foam insulation core, plus a magnetic strip to ensure a tight seal when they’re closed.  They don’t need weatherstripping if they’re installed correctly.  And modern glass patio doors with metal frames have a plastic insulator between inner and outer parts of the frame that serves as a thermal break.
  • Heating/Air Conditioning Systems – More than half of the energy used in a typical home is for heating and cooling.  That’s why making the right decisions regarding your HVAC system when building a mountain home will have a major impact upon your utility bills—and your level of comfort.  High efficiency systems can provide consistent air flow throughout your home, which translates to better regulated temperature.  An experienced contractor can recommend other useful steps, such as making sure your vents are sealed properly and insulating your system’s components.
  • Low Emissivity Glass – Low-E glass filters the specific 310-380 nanometer wavelength that is the frequency pathway of ultraviolet (UV) light.   It has no effect upon visibility or brightness, but it does work to protect your furnishings from fading and deterioration.  And, the coating that covers the surface provides an enhanced layer of protection again damage from micro-abrasive material like dust or sand.  So your windows will remain clear longer.  It also prevents water particles from sticking to the glass surface and leaving residue that has to be cleaned off.
  • Instant Hot Water Heaters – The lifespan of a tankless water heater can be up to twice as long as a conventional storage-type unit.  It can reduce your water heating energy costs by 10 to 15 per cent, because there’s no standby loss from the tank and piping.  The risk of tank leaks and water damage is eliminated.  And, because your hot water arrives immediately where it’s needed, there’s none of the time and waste associated with running a faucet or shower while you’re waiting for it. 
  • Dual Flush Toilets – Among the modern energy-saving improvements such as low-flow plumbing and fixtures, dual flush toilets stand out for their environmental impact, cost savings and ease of upkeep.  They’re found in many of the gated communities near Asheville NC, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that they save the average residential household 4,000 gallons of water each year.  The name comes from the fact that there are two mechanisms that allow you to select either a low volume flush for liquid or a higher volume flush for solid waste.
  • Programmable Thermostats – Using a programmable thermostat with your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit offers many benefits to your wallet and your level of comfort.  They’re quickly becoming the standard in homes across the nation.  You can create a schedule that’s consistent with your routine.  When you’re at home, it keeps the temperature at your exact desired level of warmth or coolness.  But when you’re not there, the setting changes to keep you from heating or air conditioning a vacant space. 
  • Energy-Saving Lighting – The cost of new LED bulbs continues to drop, and there’s now a wide variety available for use in the home.  They require quite a bit less energy to operate than old-style incandescent bulbs and last a great deal longer.  The initial higher cost is easily recouped over time.  LED bulbs don’t heat up, so they don’t affect your room temperature.  And, because they’re solid and have no filament, they hold up well against jarring and bumping.

Our beautiful North Carolina mountain homes are ideal for discriminating buyers who want to minimize their environmental impact, enjoy a better quality of life and achieve significant savings in the process. Coming soon – watch for our new collection of tiny houses.

We invite you to stop by for a tour when you’re in the area.  Let us show you all the many benefits of living well here at The Coves Mountain River Club.

Call us at 828.754.0700 to schedule a tour!

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Sensational Bathroom Designs for Your New Mountain Home

building a mountain home

When you’re building a mountain home at The Coves, you’ll have an opportunity to incorporate elements into the design that truly reflect the beauty of our rustic surroundings.  There are many remarkable ways to extend that theme to the bathroom décor as well.

Innovative bathrooms you can easily find pictured online incorporate copper and glass sinks, pebble stone flooring and showers, and pedestal tubs.  You’ll see extensive use of cedar and hardwood.  Creative light fixture choices are abundant.  And choosing your color scheme from a palette of warm, earth tones ties it all together perfectly.

Utilize natural light sources wherever possible, both to highlight the room’s designer touches and to add the spectacular outside views to its visual appeal.  While comparing NC mountain land for sale, consider how your dream home would sit on the lot.  Evaluate the property’s prominent natural features and perspectives and be sure to take into consideration where the sun rises and sets.

Bathrooms are a great place to use unpainted wood for cabinets, shelving and mirror frames.  How about taking it one step further and creating a barn ambience with bare and even weathered wooden walls?  There are many examples of homes where that approach has been used to great effect.  Though it may not be consistent with your particular taste, the look is quite dramatic and very much in tune with our Blue Ridge foothills living.

North Carolina mountain real estate is popular with retiring city dwellers who have tired of the cookie-cutter feel of their urban existence and relish the chance to build their dream homes where the air is fresh, the sky is clear and opportunities abound for outdoor activities.  A dramatically-styled or even rustic bathroom might be a quantum leap from what they’re accustomed to, and yet in this setting it looks and feels like a perfect fit for their new lifestyle.

But going rustic in terms of appearance doesn’t mean you have to give up the creature comforts that you want and deserve.  Build in a Jacuzzi tub, a steam shower, a sauna…whatever helps to make the space your own.  Here, the old and the new can work together in perfect harmony.

You’ll want to be involved in every aspect of your bathrooms’ design, and our creative team at The Coves is here to help.  The process can be overwhelming at times, but we try to make it fun.  The list of flooring possibilities alone can seem endless.  There are any number of variations just in the basic tile, stone, and wood categories.  In the end, however, you’ll have the satisfaction of building a mountain home that’s uniquely yours in every way.

NC mountain land for sale doesn’t come any better than what we have to offer at The Coves Mountain River Club.  We’re perfectly situated on five miles of pristine Johns River waterfront near Wilson Creek.  So our residents enjoy some of the best trout fishing in the area, along with abundant water activities, hiking and biking trails, and simply spectacular mountain scenery.  Golfers love our on-site course.  And, living here, you have a front row seat for the dramatic changing colors of fall foliage season. 

If buying North Carolina mountain real estate is in your plans for now or in the future, make sure you visit the Lenoir area and come by to see us.  We’ll give you a great tour of the property that includes our Pisgah Mountain Lodge, site of so many popular local events and a great place just to kick back on the balcony with a glass of wine and watch the sun set. 

Again, there are many web sites online where you can see how owners of mountain homes have made bathrooms into attractive designer statements very much in keeping with the rest of the interior. 

So start getting your ideas together…and then let us help you make them come alive at The Coves Mountain River Club.

Call us at 828.754.0700 to schedule a tour! 

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10 Reasons Why Tiny Houses are Big with Buyers

tiny houses in the mountains

If you’ve heard or read about the tiny house movement, as you’re searching for North Carolina mountain cabins for sale, it’s no surprise.  Typically any home with a living space less than 500 square feet is considered a tiny home.  Now there are even tiny house villages!   Magazines, television, film and online websites have given this international, architectural phenomenon extensive coverage… and for many tangible reasons.

So what exactly are some of these reasons?  Economic gain is top on the list.  Tiny houses cost less than bigger homes and your tremendous savings begin with building costs.  First off, when you’re building a mountain home that’s small in scale, you certainly don’t need a vast plot of land.  Next, your building costs themselves will be substantially lower and the time it takes to be built is by far less. Once you’ve moved into your tiny home, it will become apparent that your monthly maintenance and repair costs are greatly reduced, including both heating and cooling bills. 

The next pleasant surprise comes along when your taxes are due.  Who knew taxes could ever be this low?  Many who live in tiny houses quickly end up with no mortgage, and when you own your home your funds can be channeled elsewhere.

Of course these savings are beneficial for all of us, but especially those who are in retirement mode without the buffer of a generous retirement account.  Those who downsize to tiny houses after searching for North Carolina mountain cabins for sale come to love a much more simple life that gives the gift of freedom and all the sweeter parts of life—family, friends, recreation, hobbies and connecting with the splendor of the mountains in our gorgeous region–no matter the season.

The Coves provides the ideal environment and professional expertise to create the plans and build idyllic tiny houses for those of you who are considering building a mountain home in North Carolina.  The tiny house movement has been gaining popularity steadily, perhaps beginning with the financial crisis a decade ago. 

One of the challenges for many who desire a tiny home is finding the place to build.  Even if you found the location that seems perfect for building a mountain home, zoning can run some serious interference.  Our dedicated and highly-informed professionals take away all the confusion and angst and leave nothing but the joy of planning your own tiny home in the scenic mountains. 

We understand the importance of design when it comes to building tiny houses.  Some of the considerations revolve around multi-functional spaces and the furniture you will choose, hidden storage spaces, state of the art technology in appliances, the value of making the most of vertical space, the beauty of a porch or deck that creates an optional sleep space and more room for entertaining, the importance of natural light, expandable walls, all while providing you with the features you just can’t live without—a fireplace, high ceilings, those customized windows to allow your precious home to blend with nature outside while making your home feel more open and spacious.  Whether you desire a vividly-colored quaint cottage, or a woodsy cabin with minimalist design, The Coves can create the plans of your dreams.

When you and your family take the time out to explore North Carolina mountain cabins for sale, visit The Coves and discover just how incredible your new life can be.  A tiny house could make an attractive second home as well as your primary residence.  Tiny houses are available in as many styles as larger homes while allowing you to life a simpler life and save for your future.

Call us at 828.754.0700 to schedule a tour of our tiny houses!

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Tips on Buying Insurance in North Carolina

homeowners insurance NC

One of the important steps involved in the purchase of North Carolina mountain homes for sale is shopping for homeowner’s insurance.  If you’re financing the property, the mortgage holder will require that you have a policy.  And if you’re paying cash, you’ll want it for your own protection.

The two primary things to consider when choosing an insurer for your home are (1) price and (1) customer service.  You hope never to have to file a claim, but if it happens you want to be treated fairly.  Your future neighbors in any of the gated communities near Asheville will be a good source of information regarding which insurers are among the providers of homeowner’s insurance NC buyers select most often and why.  You can also do research online or call the state insurance department for information.

Try to narrow your list to three companies and then start calling their offices or local agents.  Ask what they can do to minimize your costs.  But keep in mind that you should never sacrifice quality to save a few dollars.  In the event of a loss, you could easily regret making that choice.

How much insurance should you buy?  Forget how much you’re paying for your home.  Make sure your property damage limit is high enough to cover the cost of rebuilding it.  Most policies cover replacement cost for the structure, but check to be sure.  You need to be compensated for the repair or replacement of damaged property with materials of similar kind and quality without any deduction for depreciation  because of age, wear and tear or other factors.

If you’re looking at North Carolina mountain homes for sale in areas that are prone to flooding, be sure to ask about the National Flood Insurance Program.  Your agent should have the information.  Or, you can call the Federal Insurance Administration directly at (800) 638-6620.

Homeowner’s insurance premiums for gated communities near Asheville are on the rise.  But there are simple ways you can offset some of the increase:

  1. Increase your deductibles
  2. Ask about discounts available to you
  3. Buy your homeowner’s and auto insurance from the same company
  4. Stop smoking
  5. Beef up your home security
  6. Insure only structures – not land
  7. Check your policy at least once a year and shop around for a better deal

The homeowner’s insurance NC buyers purchase is likely to be less expensive for a newer home.  That’s because the structure itself and its electrical system and plumbing will generally be in better condition than those of an older property.  The age can mean a difference of five to fifteen per cent in your premium.  Another factor that can affect what you pay is the proximity of the home to a hydrant or a fire station.  Whether the town has full-time or volunteer fire service can also impact the cost. Did you know The Coves is a certified Firewise Community? This will help with your premiums too.

Your policy will cover the loss of personal property, so be sure to do a strict accounting of what you have and be sure that it’s insured to sufficient value.  Certain items, such as jewelry, art, furs, silver and home office equipment may require special consideration by the company and have separate restrictions stated in the policy.

Finally, if you have significant assets, be sure that you have a high enough liability limit to protect yourself against accidents that may happen to others on your property.

It’s our goal to make the purchase of your home as pleasant and worry-free as possible.  As you tour the property, see our magnificent mountain views, and hear about all there is to do here in the year-round mild weather of the Blue Ridge foothills, you’ll soon see why so many people have chosen to retire at The Coves Mountain River Club near Lenoir.

While you’re here, if our have any questions regarding homeowner’s insurance or anything else that’s involved with you becoming part of our wonderful mountain community, we’ll do our very best to answer them.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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Benefits of Building a Mountain Home Versus Buying a Resale

buillding a mountain home

While you’re spending your weekends searching for the perfect NC mountain land for sale, enjoying the fall foliage trips along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and envisioning the next idyllic chapter in your life, you’ve probably pondering the many perks of creating and building your own unique home. 

The idea of being able to hand pick the ideal community and the property of your dreams is incredible—a slice of woodsy acreage by a river, a sprawling open pasture for your prized horses, or a tiny parcel sitting high atop a hillside with views that make you feel grateful each and every day. 

Building a mountain home is something many of us imagine and some of us get to make a joyful reality.  Perhaps you’d rather spend your days browsing North Carolina mountain real estate and all the homes that have already been skillfully designed and built. To find the right home, seal the deal, and move in without missing a beat. But choosing a resale home means you may have to settle for someone else’s selections such as kitchen cabinets, the tile, and so on.

Whichever route is the one best suited for your needs, building, or buying a resale, being informed about all the options will make your journey all the more easy in choosing a North Carolina mountain community.

Those who have already built their own homes after exploring North Carolina mountain real estate understand the importance in taking the time not only to select the right community, but to find the ideal property to place to build your house.  Do you prefer a corner lot on a quiet cul-de-sac, or a secluded lot with a birds eye view of a nearby river?

Maybe this will be a cozy home for two, or perhaps you have a large extended family that loves nothing better than gathering for home-cooked meals over the holidays.  All of this comes into play when planning your custom home.  The architectural style and exterior finishes are equally important—the aesthetics are what will make you truly content in your home season after season, so you want to be sure you know what you desire. 

The finishing touches inside are equally essential—flooring, cabinets, countertops, plumbing and light fixtures—all the fine details that give your home character and carry your signature.  With technology comes added flourishes for the modern home that can make our lives easier day to day—smart televisions/internet and alarm systems just to name a few.

Building a mountain home of your own has many other benefits that contribute to better health and stronger finances. Homes built today are increasingly green, and more and more in tune with the environment of the precious NC mountain land. This often means less toxic construction materials, instead relying upon materials that enhance the landscape and improve your wellbeing. 

In terms of your finances, a smart house means better energy efficiency and lower expenses for both electric and water usage.  Energy efficient windows, water heaters and furnaces all go a long way to helping you save. 

Also along with new construction comes less maintenance and fewer repairs for at least the first decade of your home.  And in many cases, home owners’ insurance costs are less when the construction is new.   All of these savings will allow you to take that dream vacation, purchase that boat, or pursue that hobby you’ve had in mind for years.

When you design and build your own home you can take all of your family’s needs into account.  Do you need the master bedroom on the first floor, or is a large screened-in porch vital?  When your home fulfills your family’s needs, everyone’s health improves. 

Are you looking for privacy?  Then choose a home tucked away on a larger parcel of land.  Do you long for the feel of a close-knit neighborhood?  Then purchase that adorable mountain house surrounded by welcoming neighbors.  When you buy a resale home, you no doubt bypass the decision-making and stress that accompany creating a design and embarking on the building process. 

For some this process is exhilarating, for others it’s to be avoided.  Maybe you truly want a new home with the least amount of exertion.  With many resale homes, personal improvements may already exist—lighting fixtures, curtain rods, or ceiling fans.  In some cases, the seller wants to simplify the process as well, and this means giving you the opportunity to purchase furnishings or other items, especially if they are in the process of downsizing.   Additionally, you may inherit a home with gorgeous and mature landscaping that accents your property.  Move in and sit back on your porch and breathe in those sweet flowers already in bloom!  And if you desire an update here or there, you can make these improvements on your timetable.

Now that you’re informed, we’d like to become the top on your North Carolina list when you’re searching to buy or build your dream home. We have over a dozen builder floor plans ready to go, allowing you to begin the process as soon as you’ve selected that perfect plot of land for your family. 

Come and meet our professionals who can show you some of the most popular floor plans such as The Cumberland Trace with 3 bedrooms, two and a half baths, 1,630 square feet—with an open living plan, the master bedroom on the main level, spacious guest bedrooms and a detachable garage.  Using natural materials—wood, stone and glass, this is a fantastic rustic home.

The Mallard, reminiscent of lake living with natural colors and materials, is another often chosen design, with three bedrooms, two and a half baths, and 2,021 square feet, the master suite is situated on the main level, alongside an open kitchen/dining/great area, vaulted beamed ceilings and an optional garage.

Another design sensation is the Powder River, three bedrooms, two baths, 2,097 square feet, the master suite is conveniently located on the main level, along with a triangle of open kitchen, dining and great room areas and garage.  This stone and wood home is graced with porthole windows, cupola and weather vane.

The Pin Oak’s strong rustic design draws upon natural stone and wood and is often chosen for its three bedrooms, three and a half baths, and 2,223 square feet.  With a master on the main floor alongside an open kitchen/great room area, there is also a spacious outdoor living porch to take in the spectacular landscape that surrounds you.

There are many more designs to choose from at The Coves—the Long Tail, the Red Sky, Camas Creek–just to name a few. 

Make your way to The Coves to tour homes already built, explore NC mountain land for sale and to see for yourself why our community is named ‘2017 Best Mountain Community of the Year’ from a respected online real estate reviews website.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84 page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide which provides more information about living in the foothills.

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