Cumberland Trace – Big Footprint Home, Affordable Price Tag

Many of the popular gated communities near Asheville NC may feature the Cumberland Trace design by MossCreek, a popular architectural firm in Western North Carolina. At The Coves, we know the home design offers an excellent option to buyers who desire a rustic home that blends beautifully with its surroundings using natural elements indigenous to the area. The home’s predesigned floor plan shortens the construction period, so your family can be settled into your new home more quickly. Using a popular predesigned floor plan also makes home building costs more predictable.

Notice how the dramatic use of exterior wood, stone and glass evokes an image of old-time mountain communities.  But don’t let that fool you.  The Cumberland Trace is as modern as today, with an eye toward making your living and entertaining both comfortable and fun. 

Well designed North Carolina mountain homes compliment the mountain scenery and changing climate. They cater to aging Baby Boomers needs which include a spacious open floor plan, and the master bedroom is conveniently on the main level.

The Cumberland Trace home is also available with either two or three stories.  By building several stories, you multiply the floor area without significantly adding costly square footage to the foundation and roof – the most expensive parts of any house. Multiple story homes also work well on mountain property providing easy access basements.

The two-story model has three bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms and a total of 1,630 square feet.  In the three-story model, there are five bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms.  The total square footage is 2,654.  And you can add a detached garage to either one.

At The Coves Mountain River Club, buyers can choose one to 20 acres or there are cabin home sites that are close to the community’s amenities.  Cabin lots have smaller footprints, and the landscape maintenance is provided for you.

If you’re exploring retiring to one of the gated communities near Asheville NC, be sure to consider our mountain community and let our design team show you how this rustic mountain home can work within your budget.

You’re probably already aware of how popular mountain communities near Asheville for starting a new life of adventure away from the stresses of the city.  But we’re far from being isolated. Here in Lenoir, we’re beautifully situated to take advantage of both small town culture and the Blue Ridge Mountains while still being within easy driving distance of whatever we may need in some of the nearby metropolitan centers such as Charlotte.

Located on five miles of pristine Johns River waterfront, The Coves is a paradise for those who appreciate a clear mountain fed-river and there are plenty of hiking trails to explore along the river. One of the many benefits of living in the foothills is the mild four season weather which means we’re rarely stuck indoors during the winter months. We’re close enough to enjoy winter sports at the higher elevations but we won’t have to deal with snow on a regular basis.

The Cumberland Trace and other North Carolina mountain homes in our community provide a pleasant surprise for anyone who thinks mountain living is quaint and old-fashioned.  At The Coves Mountain River Club, you can be as active and busy as you want to be.  Take a class at the local community college, learn the area’s fascinating history, attend one of the many local festivals, enjoy special events at our magnificent Pisgah Mountain Lodge…the list goes on and on.

Why not stop by to witness one of our indescribably beautiful mountain sunsets at the mountain’s summit when you’re in the area?  We’ll give you a guided tour while you’re here, and you’ll soon see why so many people have chosen to call The Coves Mountain River Club home.

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Smart and Attractive Ways To Use Reclaimed Building Materials


Reclaimed building materials – also referred to as recycled, vintage, antique, historic or just “used” – are simply those saved from a trip to the landfill by an architect or interior designer who sees their potential to be re-purposed for another application.

At The Coves Mountain River Club and gated communities near Asheville NC, it’s common to see reclaimed wood, tile and other items seamlessly incorporated into the design of new mountain homes.  The most obvious advantage is that they create a visual blend with the natural splendor of the surrounding property.  But there are more practical considerations as well.

Old lumber easily finds its way into cabinetry, furniture and architectural details.  But it’s particularly popular for use as siding, timbers and floorboards because it doesn’t require much maintenance.  The wood has already settled and shrunk into a permanent form and developed a tightness of grain that makes it considerably more durable.  Most comes from old barns, factories and warehouses, but other sources can be as diverse as coal mines, wine barrels and even boxcars.  And old fencing is valued for consistency, structural soundness and its low moisture content that minimizes the need for treatment.

From a cosmetic standpoint, it’s worth noting that reclaimed beams can be sawn into wider planks than newer lumber.  And, because the old wood has already expanded and contracted over many years in response to changes in humidity, it is likely to be more stable and can be used with radiant heating systems.  Some attribute the greater strength of reclaimed wood to the absence of air pollution prior to the 20th century and the fact that it was harvested from virgin growth timber that was hundreds of years old.

As you’re building a mountain home, you might consider the use of reclaimed slate, clay or concrete tiles for your roof.  There are several good reasons for doing so.  They’re fireproof, extremely long-lasting and environmentally-friendly.  Even with older material, the quality is likely to be very good.  They enhance the beauty of a property, adding character and style.  Little maintenance is required for a tile roof.  And they’re usually cost-effective compared to the alternatives.

When you use reclaimed building materials, you’ll be adding instant value and unique charm to your mountain home.  And, by choosing vintage instead of new, you’ll be helping to conserve our natural resources.

So where do you find these gems from years gone by?

The simplest approach is to find a company that sells them.  But if you’d rather do the work yourself, there are a number of options to investigate.  With some research, you should be able to find older buildings that are being demolished.  Salvage sites may have exactly what you’re looking for and at a very reasonable price.  Farm auctions are another good place to look.  And check the local ads or place your own, specifying what items you’re seeking.

But beware of imitations.  With the popularity of reclaimed material, it’s becoming more common for some sellers to try to pass newer wood off as antique.

It’s also important that the source of your reclaimed wood be able to verify what it might have been treated with over its lifetime.  You want to avoid possible harmful off-gassing of volatile organic compounds associated with lead paint, stains and other treatments – especially when the wood will be used inside the house.

Gated communities near Asheville NC such as The Coves Mountain River Club make every attempt to be respectful of the magnificent place in which we’ve chosen to live, and we encourage anyone building a mountain home to consider using reclaimed materials wherever possible.    

Whether it’s chimney bricks for a fireplace, a mantle made of an old post, or antique doors, hardware and fixtures…talk to our home design team and let us help bring your ideas to life. 

Stop by and take a tour, and we’ll show you how other homeowners have made good use of reclaimed building materials.  And, you’ll soon see why so many people have chosen to retire here. 

Our five miles of frontage on the Johns River, the splendor of the mountains and their foliage, the mild year-round weather, and the wealth of opportunity for outdoor activities make our mountain community a very special place in which to build a home!

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84 page Complimentary Magazine

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Dowsers – Skilled Ways to Find Gushing Water

dowsing for water

We are all aware of the importance of water in our every day lives.  Through the centuries and across the continents, people have developed methods to find essential water sources.  Dowsing is one of these methods, using a Y or L-shaped twig or rod.  In the late 1900’s those who headed across the country relied upon dowsing to locate wells on their property.  When the dowsing rods cross into an X, the water source is likely to have been found.

For those of us in modern day times, there are more reliable ways to find water sources for our homes in the North Carolina mountains yet you will still find dowsers in the mountains. Although it may sound a little hokie pokie but there’s actually a real science to it. Skeptics may dismiss dowsing but farmer’s in the draught stricken state of California rely on them.

From day to day, we don’t typically tally up how much water we’re using in our NC mountain homes.  But for those of us who have decided on The Coves as the best place to retire in North Carolina, we have a little homework to do along the way.  Most people use approximately fifty to a hundred gallons daily.  Multiply by the number of family members living beneath your roof, and you’ll see how quickly these gallons add up.  Showering, bathing, running the dishwasher, using the hose outside—all these activities mean we need a steady water source to rely upon.

Our real estate team and home builders help simplify the process by taking the budget, design, and lifestyle needs into account.  There are manageable steps to take into consideration when building Carolina mountain properties. 

When considering our water source, it’s important to understand the property and have a realistic understanding of your budget.  The well is of course part of the budget since most NC mountain homes don’t have access to public water.  The cost of drilling for water is usually calculated by the foot as well as what type of ground is being drilled. We always suggest getting an estimate in writing but remember, it is an estimate. Until the proper water pressure is obtained and final depth determined, you wont’ know the exact cost. Fortunately, our team is made up of seasoned professionals with years of home building (and drilling) experience.

It’s important to know that seasonal changes can also impact the well’s capacity. For the most part, keen geophysical, geological and hydrologic knowledge are needed as well as the ability to test for water at potential Carolina mountain properties.  Our professionals can help in the planning of your water system, and determine the peak demand of your future household. 

The peak demand is most often in morning and evening for a two-hour window.  This means if you estimate the water usage in your home will be 600 gallons daily, then the well system needs to be able to supply that amount in the peak period.  The amount of water that your well can supply is known as its yield, and taking seasonal change into account, the experts you hire will let you know the flow rate of your favorite property.  Higher flow rates are needed for homes that are more expansive with more family members, needs and appliances being used daily. 

Surround yourself with the right team of skilled professionals like us who understand the nature of building NC mountain homes from start to finish.  We will help you will create the affordable house of your dreams in the mountain of North Carolina.

If you are considering a dowser or would like to compare their findings before you drill, The Appalachian Chapter of America Society of Dowsers is where locals connect with dowsers.

Come to The Coves and we’ll share more of our home building secrets with you. It’s our pleasure to help! 

Call 828.754.0700 to schedule a visit.

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Popular Mountain Home Building Trends

Carolina mountain homes

Demographer William Frey of the Brookings Institution in Washington says that Baby Boomer retirees will soon be flocking south in large numbers, and it’s a good bet that many of them will be seeking NC mountain land for sale.  More than 76 million strong, they differ from their predecessors in one important way.  Although they may be done with the nine-to-five, they’re not yet ready for the rocking chair. Many are opening home based businesses, focusing on improving their health and are more engaged with their neighbors than ever before.

The Boomer Generation is more active, has a more sophisticated style, is not wed to the past, and wants to have choices that better align with their retirement lifestyle when the time comes to buy a home.  They look for modern appliances, energy-efficient doors and windows, spacious kitchens, an open floor plan with plenty of light, and layout and décor that’s both practical and reflective of their individual taste.  We find many have spent decades in “used” houses and are delighted with having the opportunity to design their own from the ground up.

Here are some of the mountain home building trends we began to see in 2016:

No More Formal Dining Rooms

Today’s retirees are seeking open, single-story floor plans, and the key word is “flexibility”.  They want multi-purpose spaces and not unimaginative rooms that are reserved to perform a single function.  Having tired of the rigid similarity of the houses they grew up in, they’re more likely to be impressed by an unusual feature such as a window seat or a built-in desk.  And rooms that can be adapted for a new purpose as their needs change are a big plus.

Outdoor Living Rooms And Fireplaces

Moving beyond the old concept of a home being contained within the walls that enclose it, today’s buyers want their Carolina mountain homes to have a seamless transition from inside to outside.  For casual entertaining, family gatherings or just to live more in harmony with the wonderful mild weather here in the foothills, Baby Boomers like having the ability to prepare a meal in the kitchen and enjoy it on the patio by a cozy fireplace.

Low Maintenance Homes

We’re finding that Baby Boomers want touch-screen thermostats, long-lasting and energy-efficient appliances, and time-saving conveniences.  Building materials are chosen with the same thought in mind.  Stucco, brick and siding require little effort to maintain.  And work-intensive lawns are being replaced with living patios, decorative landscaping, or flower beds.  Boomers would prefer enjoying the many things the mountain towns in North Carolina have to offer instead of working on their houses or yards.

Three-Car Garages

A golf cart soon becomes the preferred mode of transportation when you come to live at The Coves Mountain River Club.  They’re practical, environmentally-friendly, and just plain fun.  Of course, we have an excellent golf course right on the property, but you’ll find plenty of other places to go as well.  We’ve noticed that a lot of retiree home buyers have begun specifying a three-car garage for proper storage of their carts.

Dual Master Suites On One Level

A full 75 percent of Baby Boomers prefer a single-story home, and for seniors it’s 88 percent.  Those figures clearly reflect a desire not to have to climb stairs with the aching backs and bad knees that often come with age.  And two master suites on the first floor is a frequent request.  It’s an excellent arrangement for those who often have overnight guests, have spouses that snore or are sharing a house for some reason.

Small Offices In The Laundry Room Or Kitchen

It’s not uncommon for Boomers to continue working past the age of 65.  Many are transitioning from a traditional 9-to-5 job into part-time work, consulting, or even a second career.  So they need and want a space in the home devoted to whatever they’re going to be doing.  It can be an extra bedroom or just a corner set aside elsewhere for that specific purpose.  Even if the area only serves to keep bills and personal papers organized, it’s worth having available.

When retirees seek NC mountain land for sale, part of the appeal is their ability to design and build a home that not only takes full advantage of its land and natural surroundings but affords them the opportunity to make it uniquely their own.  Carolina mountain homes can be whatever you want them to be, and Baby Boomers have had a lifetime to decide what features work best for them.

The perfect lifestyle awaits you here in the foothills, where you’ll be surrounded by nature’s splendor, have a wealth of outdoor activities available to enjoy and be within easy driving distance of anywhere you want to go. 

When you’re visiting any of the mountain towns in North Carolina, be sure to stop by The Coves Mountain River Club in Lenoir.  Take a tour to see our unique and innovative Smart Builder floor plans, talk with our design team, and learn how we make building a home stress free. 

Now is a great time to look around.  Here’s the 7 top reasons to buy land in the winter.

Call us now to schedule a visit at 828.754.0700.

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New Year’s Meal Brings Plenty of Luck, Happiness and Prosperity to North Carolina

mountain towns in North Carolina

Bringing in the New Year in the mountains of North Carolina, whether we’re here on our vacation or have just settled into our new retirement home, is a joyous time of year.  There is a true sense of community in the Blue Ridge Mountains region, bolstered by fond traditions and strong heritage that enhance the holidays and help usher in the promising New Year. 

Each family passes on traditions from generation to generation, mountain towns in North Carolina, towns like Lenoir, there is also a shared ritual that revolves around our New Year’s Day dinner.  If you’re new to the region, perhaps searching for that NC mountain land for sale to build your dream home, you may not have tasted the incredible holiday fare renowned in the Blue Ridge Mountains that does so much more than satiate your hearty appetite. 

If you’re from North Carolina, you have more than likely heard the lore past down from older generations.  We believe our traditional meal of collard greens, alongside black-eyed peas, ham, and cornbread, are the magical combination to guarantee a phenomenally lucky year ahead. But why did these traditions take root and what is their significance?   

There is no definitive answer to the origins of this cherished celebration, but it is agreed that financial good fortune follows savoring these dishes each and every year.  Some believe this is because the collard greens reflect paper money and the peas bear resemblance to coins—together symbolic of prosperity. Historically, collard greens and black-eyed peas were essential during the Civil War, when southern soldiers were attempting to survive the winter.  Many families in their homes for the New Year hold fast to the ritual of each person stirring the pot of black-eyed peas, sharing in meal preparation, as well as sharing a meal with those you love.  And for others, good health follows good fortune, as the nutritional value of black-eyed peas and collard greens is high.  

Ham, or pork, is also considered a dish symbolic of prosperity, some say because pigs root forward—moving forward and looking forward are admirable habits we all benefit from practicing year to year. And don’t forget the cornbread–as well as being delicious and a true comfort food, it represents gold—or wealth and fortune.  Local farmer’s markets, mills, and farms can supply all the ingredients necessary for this fresh and nutritious dinner in the mountain towns of North Carolina. 

For those of us who have found NC mountain land for sale and plan to build our dream home, now that the holidays are behind us, there’s nothing better than stepping outside with a home builder to capture ideas of how to maximize the beauty of the mountains.

One of the benefits of exploring Carolina mountain properties in the winter months is the lack of foliage on the trees exposing long range view potentials. Here’s 7 reasons to buy land in the winter months. No need to wait until the spring to finalize you’re search.

Call us now at 828.754.0700 to schedule a visit.

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for our 84 page Complimentary Magazine

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Fabulous Kitchens and Designs

mountain kitchens

If cooking is “love made visible” then the kitchen is the place where all that love gets passed around to those you care about most. It’s the hub of the home around which everything revolves. Your friends and neighbors know it as the gathering spot where everyone gravitates when there’s a party. You know it as the heart and soul of family gatherings.

If you enjoy riverfront living in a beautiful NC mountain community like The Coves Mountain River Club, the kitchen is where you and your better half grill up the fresh catch of the day. When it’s holiday season, it’s where you bake your holiday ham, brew a seasonal cider, and decorate dozens of cookies with the kids. During those quieter times, it’s where you fire up your inner gourmet and prepare a romantic dinner for just the two of you. Your kitchen is where you host those cherished family meals that are cooked with care and seasoned with memories that last a lifetime.

There’s no denying it, your kitchen is the hardest-working room in your home. And, let’s face it, it’s probably time to give this faithful focal-point some fabulous new features the whole family can enjoy. It’s always the hardest working ones that get overlooked when it comes to pampering (sound familiar?) so why not treat your always-dependable kitchen to a spiffy new make-over!

Not sure where to begin? Allow us to throw out a few ideas we found while checking out some of the hottest trends in kitchen design in the latest North Carolina mountain homes for sale. (Hint: Touring homes on the market is a great way to pick up design ideas for your own custom-built dream house or for renovating an already-built, loved, or lived-in model.)

Take a peek at this collection of our favorite kitchen designs and features. We bet you’ll find at least one or two tips you can use for your own kitchen remodeling project.

Modern Appeal

The vote is in. When it comes to kitchen design preferences, most home owners lean toward the classic kitchen with modern appeal. For most, that means beautiful design details (like handcrafted kitchen cabinetry, tile backsplashes, gas-log fireplaces) that blend seamlessly with high-tech appliances. To add a splash of high-tech to your cozy kitchen, consider these trending concepts:

·        Form & Function – Design elements can be both smart and savvy. We love these features that we’ve seen in some of the hottest kitchens around. And by hot, we mean fabulous!

   Stainless steel kitchen countertops (We were surprised too, but they’re all the rage! Stylish and durable.)

   Open floor plans that extend into dining spaces

   A corner of the kitchen reserved for an integrated coffee bar

   Cabinets in a variety of different finishes (think ombre) that add color to your kitchen

   Countertops of varying colors and materials for a more dynamic look and feel

   Specialty knob handles (for cabinets and even stovetop ranges) that add a pop of color and creativity

   Framed artwork and other well-placed wall-hangings that reflect your personal style

   Hanging storage and spice racks

   Pocket doors that pull out to create a kitchen partition, and slide back in for easy hide-away

   Energy-efficient appliances that add both kitchen glam and earth-friendly features

   Docking and charging stations for your 21st-century kitchen (Keep that smartphone charged so you can Instagram snaps of your perfectly plated cuisine! #foodie #delicious #foodart)

   Incorporated pet stations, including pull-out feeding stations, food storage, and built-in beds and crates for your four-legged besties

·        Disappearing Act – Don’t you love those kitchens with the hidden refrigerators? It’s the perfect way to feature both classic and modern in the same space. Why not integrate your refrigerator with your cabinetry for a sleek and beautiful aesthetic? But there’s no need to stop at the refrigerator. To keep your kitchen looking truly tailored, consider the many ways you can make all your appliances disappear into the woodwork, including microwave drawers, built-in dishwashers and trash receptacles, paneled appliances, and undermount sinks. Poof! You’ve just made magic in your own kitchen!

·        Bright Idea  –  An often overlooked kitchen design is none other than lighting. You can switch up the entire look of your kitchen with a fabulous chandelier, an artsy linear suspension light, task lights with targeted illumination, interior cabinet or drawer lighting (try LED), under-cabinet lighting, or recessed lighting. And don’t forget the dimmer switch!

Farmhouse Flair

When you think of the perfect farmhouse-style kitchen, what comes to mind? Hardwood floors, exposed beams, open shelving, beautifully accented with pots of fresh herbs and mason jars filled with colorful wildflowers. Then there are the bigger design elements that pull it all together in true farmhouse fashion:

·       Apron sink –  These beauties are wider and deeper than your standard kitchen sink. Popular in 17th Century Britain, they’ve made a stylish comeback in the 21st century by offering the same great ergonomic benefits but with even more pizzazz. An apron sink enhances the room with a feel of rustic elegance while offering tons of room for washing those large pots and masses of post-party dishes.

·       Antique hutch –  A beautiful vintage piece of furniture in the kitchen can add charm for days! The extra storage and counterspace is a given. But the abundance of décor opps is endless. We like featuring vintage jars, artisanal grains, printed cans of olive oil, or beautiful copper pots as decorative accents to an already beautiful piece.

·        Bedboards –  Use them as backsplashes in your kitchen and watch the room pop with character! Bedboard backsplashes add texture and warmth in a cozy throwback style that kicks your farmhouse flair up a notch or four.

Kitchen Island Chic

Who doesn’t love a great kitchen island? It’s one of those eye-catching features that often prompts guests to say, “I’ve always wanted one of those!” And that’s not just anecdotal. According to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders, more than 70% of home buyers request a kitchen island, and of them, 50% consider it a must-have feature. And it’s no wonder! Not only does an island make for a beautiful design element, it’s also a great way to add functionality to your kitchen. Here are some of the ways a kitchen island can work for you:

·        Increase your counter space –  Spread out and enjoy your expansive island work space. Or invite a guest chef to join in the meal-prep fun. You’ve got plenty of space! You can even pull up a few chairs and serve your meal on your beautiful kitchen island countertop.

·        Store some more  –  Get rid of that clutter drawer. Add cupboards, cabinets, and drawers to your island for storing dishes, pots, utensils, and more. And don’t forget to install shelves for showcasing your hand-made pottery or beautiful cookbooks. Talk about form and function!

·        Add built-in appliances  –  Spread out the workflow of your kitchen and add to the overall functionality of the space by installing sinks or a stovetop on your island. You’ll be amazed at the improved efficiency of your kitchen.

·        Level up! – You can even add dimension by creating height variation on different levels of your island. Why not build the eating area up from the sink and prep area, and add both short and long shelves at each level? You can even use the space above your island for hanging pots, pans, or stemware. Or install a stovetop with an attractive range hood.

Stylish Storage

Storage space is the key to keeping your kitchen clutter-free, but there never seems to be enough of it. You can certainly up your storage ante by adding hutches, islands, and other beautifully crafted furniture pieces. But for that extra tidy touch, you may still need some storage ideas to catch the clutter overflow:

·        Cabinet organizers can keep your utensils (not to mention all those plastic containers and their elusive lids) organized and within easy reach. Appliance garages and rolling cabinet carts are other popular kitchen features that can help keep countertops clutter-free.

·        Custom pantries might be the answer you need if your current pantry just doesn’t cut it. Do you tend to stock up on products for the long-term? Or do need quick access to those items you reach for daily? Design a pantry to suit your specific needs with pullout baskets, pocket doors, and lots of shelf space that’s measured to fit your size and style.

·        And don’t forget to treat yourself to a kitchen mail station. We all joke about that “kitchen clutter drawer” that holds everything from coupons to sauce packets to utility bills. Why not build a mail station (complete with book shelves, mail slots, and desk space) to eliminated that midweek paper pileup and turn that clutter drawer back into a utensil drawer.

Now that your inner chef is marinating on all these great ideas, you’ll want to tour the many gorgeous homes for sale in Lenoir NC that feature this level of kitchen fabulousness. We’ve got you covered! With a choice of affordable home sites that range from charming rustic to elegant estate homes, these custom-built beauties with mountain-river views are known for their fabulous kitchen designs.

If living in a peaceful NC mountain community along a fully stocked river means you get to enjoy a fresh catch-of-the-day every day, then grilling it up in your stunning yet functional farmhouse kitchen must be heaven on earth! When you’re ready to start building your wish list of North Carolina mountain homes for sale, be sure to put The Coves right up at the top. Every property is a “site” to behold with beautifully designed floorplans, including the kitchen of your dreams!

Your perfect kitchen in your perfect home awaits you at The Coves. Stop by for a visit and we’ll show you more great home design ideas.

Call us at 828.754.0700 to schedule a home tour!

If you’re exploring the area for the first time, ask for your 84-page complimentary Western North Carolina Visitor’s Guide, which gives more information about living in the foothills.

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