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Double-Haul Fly Fishing Techniques – The Coves NCWith over 5+ miles of Johns River frontage, The Coves is the perfect place to work on your curve cast, tuck cast, and double-haul (fly fishing techniques) and reel in that trophy trout.

Along the river you will find the Johns River Park. With a covered river front pavilion, which includes an outdoor kitchen and Fire ring with cozy seating to eat and relax in the shade. The river park also includes horseshoe pits, fire pits, a riverside trail and plenty of picnic areas.

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We fell in love with the beautiful mountain views at The Coves as well as the river access for kayaking and fishing. We like the location and small town feel of Lenoir with close proximity to larger market areas. We would love to start building sometime in 2014. Looking forward to new friends, activities and expeditions.
Barb & Steve Russell