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Double-Haul Fly Fishing Techniques – The Coves NCWith over 5+ miles of Johns River frontage, The Coves is the perfect place to enjoy a lazy afternoon floating down the river in your canoe or kayak or to work on your curve cast and reel in that trophy trout.

Along the river you will find the Johns River Park. With a covered river front pavilion, which includes an outdoor kitchen and fire ring with cozy seating to eat and relax in the shade. The river park also includes horseshoe pits, fire pits, a riverside trail and plenty of picnic areas for your enjoyment.

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What drew us to the Coves were the spectacular mountains views, friendly community atmosphere and first class outdoor amenities. Of course, the friendly guidance and willingness to make us happy provided by Dan and Jennifer affirmed this was the place for us. From our first visit we were wowed by the beauty in every direction and the excitement of joining a young community that offers activities to keep us healthy and happy for years. We hope to build in the next 12 to 18 months. We are currentl…
Gary and Sarah Sheckells